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Jan Stine

Jan Stine - The Rifleman
Jan Stine appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman Woman from Hog Ridge as Johnny, he was the son Ma Boyle turned away The High Country as Gorwin, he was the mountain boy who was shot by accident.

He was Eddie the ranch hand for one season of The Virginian.  Some of the other TV Series he was in are The Real McCoy's ― Lawman ― Wanted Dead or Alive ― Black Saddle ― Gunslinger ― The Americans ― Klondike ― The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis ― The Detectives ― Wichita Town ― The Dennis O'Keefe Show ― Zane Grey Theater ― Mackenzie's Raiders ― Hank ― The Lieutenant ― Munroe ― My Three Sons ― Temple Houston ― Hawaiian Eye ― Alcoa Premiere ― Target: The Corruptors ― Lawman ― Perry Mason.

Movies appeared in The Horse Soldiers The Meanest Men in the West ― Claudelle Inglish.

Jan became interested in acting during his high school years at Fort Wayne Central High School, appearing in a number of high school plays and becoming the leader of the local affiliate of The National Thespian Society.  He relocated to California and trained at the Pasadena Playhouse as an actor.

He was in over thirty movies and television programs and was known for The Donna Reed Show (1958), Wise Use of Credit (1960), Claudelle Inglish (1961) and Munroe (1963). His final acting appearances were as Timmy and Runt in two episodes of the television series Hank (1966). Following his acting career he completed a Master of Arts degree, became a school teacher followed by a change in career to become a nursing home and rehabilitation center administrator.

He lived in La Verne, California for 30 years. He worked as a TV and motion picture actor, school teacher, and convalescent hospital administrator.

On January 1, 1990 Jan Stine was the Head Administrator for a 148-bed facility for those requiring long term care in a home-like non-institutional setting. Mr. Stine's professional staff numbered over one hundred at the Ramona Care Center in El Monte, California,

In 1995 Jan R. Stine was also the head administrator for the Socal Post-Acute Care facility in Whittier, California.

Jan Russell Stine
Jan Stine was born April 29, 1938 in USA
He died November 13, 2010 (age 72) in La Verne, California

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