Joan Taylor
aka Milly Scott  ~ Owner of the General Store
Milly bought the store from Hattie

Birth name: Rose Marie Emma
Date of birth - August 18, 1929 ~
Geneva, Illinois
Date of Death - March 4, 2012
Joan Taylor ―Find A Grave

Joan Taylor was born Rose Marie Emma, August 18, 1929, Geneva, Illinois; Joan Taylor's mother, Amelia Berky, was a vaudeville singing-dancing star in the 1920s; her father was a prop man in Hollywood during that same period, but after Joan's birth the family moved to Lake Forest, Illinois, where her father managed a movie theater; she developed a love of movies from watching so many at her father's theater, and she graduated from the Chicago National Association of Dancing Masters. 

Joan Taylor came to Hollywood in 1946 and appeared for four years in various plays at the Pasadena Playhouse, where she was spotted by Victor Jory playing the role of Regina in Another Part of the Forest.  Joan then joined Paramount as a member of that studio's "Golden Circle" of promising future stars, and was soon cast as an Indian girl in Fighting Man of the Plains with Randolph Scott and The Savage with Charlton Heston.  She then co-starred with Robert Stack in War Paint and with Ann Blyth and Howard Keel in Rose Marie, after which she played in Fort Yuma, and in all these pictures she portrayed and Indian girl.  She went on to do other movies and TV shows.  One of her most recognized movies was 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957). She joined The Rifleman cast in 1960.  After her two-year stint on "The Rifleman," in 1962 she left the show to raise her children and moved to Hawaii with her husband, producer Leonard Freeman who created and produced Hawaii Five-0.  After his death, she later married prolific TV director Walter Grauman.
 She later starred in 1998 movie as a Tourist in the movie Split.  Joan had wrote and directed a short 1990 drama called Redlands.  In 1997 she helped write a 1997 movie called Fools Rush In.  In 2002 she helped write & teleplay for a TV movie called Heart of a Stranger.  Rumor has it that Joan is living in Santa Monica, California.

Joan Taylor - The Rifleman

 Joan was first introduced in The Rifleman in Miss Milly.  Mark Asked Lucas if he thought Milly was pretty.  Lucas asked why.  "I saw the way you looked at her",  said Mark.  Loved this episode!  If Joan wouldn't have left the show in 1963, I wonder where the series would have take Milly and Lucas.  Even Mark knew Lucas thought of her like he did Margaret.  He said so in Millie's Brother.  (Atta boy Mark!)   I love Millie's Brother.   This is my favorite episode!  Especially the part where Lucas grabs Milly and kisses her, really kisses her!  He then ask, "Who is the better man?"  Well, we all know the answer to that, don't we?

In an article from The Modesto Bee from 1960 - Joan Taylor states that the producers had interviewed nearly a hundred actresses before picking her. She also states she was disappointed about an earlier role in The Rifleman that she was considered for but didn't get. She wasn't sure how she would have done the part of Nora. But that is what acting is all about.

Milly (Joan Taylor) was obviously the woman that fanned Lucas' flames.  Milly was definitely a welcome addition to the all-male cast of the series, a beautiful woman in her own right who fit in well with our heroes, Lucas, Mark and Micah. [this paragraph taken from Chuck Connors.....The Man Behind the Rifle! ~ David Fury

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Carol Daniels was Joan Taylor's stunt double. 
She is credit with all 18 episodes that Joan Taylor was in.

Joan Taylor - 20 Million Miles of Memories

Joan Taylor Brings Romantic Interest to 'The Rifleman' Series
by Pat Morrison
The Modesto Bee, Sunday December 25, 1960

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