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Joe E. Benson
On the set of The Rifleman

Baranca - Episode #82

Joe Benson - The Rifleman

Joe Benson - The Rifleman - on the set of Baranca
Baranca as one of Baranca's Angels

Randy, Joe's son, Chuck Connors & Joe E. Benson on the set while filming
- episode #82

Joe Benson - The Rifleman - on the set
Joe here with Glen 'Skipper' Ryle on the set of First Wages - episode #112
Although Joe is not credited in this episodes nor can I find him anywhere, he is here with Glen Ryle behind the scenes.

Glen Ryle played Ed/townsman. Here's a bit of trivia from Glenn Gilbert about the episode First Wages.....
"You may not know unless you're from Cincinnati. The walk-on appearance of 'Ed' , (or 'townsman' in the credits), who delivers 'wanted' posters to Micah in his office as Lucas leaves in a huff, was Cincinnati-local television personality Glen 'Skipper' Ryle, who hosted a children's show, among other duties, at WKRC-TV. The moniker 'Skipper' stuck because, on the kids show, he attired himself as an Ohio riverboat captain.
I remember as a kid growing up here back in the '60's the story that Chuck Connors came to town to catch the Dodgers vs. the Reds, and that he invited Glen Ryle to appear on The Rifleman. That was his 15 seconds of fame!

Thanks Glenn Gilbert for the piddlin' stuff..... on Glen 'Skipper' Ryle! ~ I tip my cowgirl hat to ya'!

*A special thank you to Eric & Rita, Joe's children for all their help in bringing these pictures & information to
The McCain Ranch!

Stuntmen for Baranca

Joe Benson

Joe Benson on the set of The Rifleman - part 2

On Trail with the cast of The Rifleman

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