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Joe Higgins

Joe Higgins - The Rifleman

Joe Higgins played Nils Swenson.  Is it Nils or is it Nels/Niles?  What is his last name.....Swenson/Svenson aka The Blacksmith?  Joe Higgins holds the record for playing Nils or was it Niles or Nels?  There were four episodes that Joe did not play Nils or was it Niles or Nels? 
He played the bartender in Strange Town Rafe the blacksmith in The Wyoming Story part 2 Short Rope for a Tall Man as Henry Schneider the horse thief Stopover as Scotty the Stagecoach Driver.
Stopover was the only episode to run one day over schedule.


Here is a list of episodes that you can see Joe in.....

81.   Strange Town as the Bartender  
97.   The Wyoming Story - part 2 as Rafe the blacksmith
100. Dark Day at North Fork as Nils Swenson
103. Short Rope for a Tall Man as Henry Schneider
107. Stopover as Scotty the Stagecoach Driver
112. First Wages as Nils Swenson
118. Honest Abe as Nils Swenson
121. Long Gun from Tucson as Nils Swenson
126. Gunfire as Nils Swenson
130. The Man from Salinas as Nils Swenson
139. The Day a Town Slept as Nils Swenson
146. Quiet Night, Deadly Night as Nils Swenson
147. Death Never Rides Alone as Nils Swenson
148. I Take This Woman as Nils Swenson
149. The Assailants as Nils Swenson
154. The Anvil Chorus as Nils Swenson
157. Suspicion as Nils Swenson
158. The Sidewinder as Nils Swenson
162. End of the Hunt as Nils Swenson
168. Old Man Running as Nils Swenson


Joe Higgins was born on July 12, 1925 in Logansport, Indiana
He died June 18, 1998 in Los Angeles, California of a heart attack

American character actor most prominent playing the character of a sheriff in commercials and public service announcements. An actor from the age of nine, he attended the University of Dayton (Ohio) and worked in radio while a student. He entered television and played recurring roles on such television series as The Rifleman and Arrest and Trial.  He also appeared with Chuck in Flipper and Geronimo.

His 1969 automobile commercial as a gravel-voiced sheriff became enormously popular, and Higgins played the character in scores of commercials, print ads, and public appearances, twice winning the CLIO award for commercial actors. In addition to his acting, he earned a Ph.D. in Aviation Education from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 
Noted for the tag line "Your in a heap of trouble boy" while appearing in ads as the sheriff character.

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