John Harmon
aka Eddie Halstead Hotel Clerk
Hotel Madera aka California House

Birth Name: Johann Hermann Legler
Date of birth - June 30, 1905
Date of death - August 6, 1985

John Harmon in his later years became a used book dealer. His shop was located and took up half of the space of Shirley's Antique on Topanga Canyon Boulevard just south of Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills, California. He suffered a stroke, then died about a year later from heart failure. He collected first editions of Mark Twain.

John Harmon started in films in 1935 and remained before the cameras until the 1983.  He has starred in everything imaginable.....Drama, Crime, Comedy, Film-Noir, War, Adventure, Thrillers, Action, Romance, Westerns, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Horror, Musicals and Family.  He played everything from a Professor, Taxi Driver, Telegrapher, Reporter, Guard, Headwaiter, Fingerprint Man, Deputy, Bartender, Air Controller, Assassin and a Doctor and of course, Eddie Halstead, the owner of the North Fork's hotel, the Madera House.
I found it rather strange out of all the things John Harmon did, he never starred with Chuck before or after
The Rifleman.

John Harmon - The Rifleman
Eddie Halstead, the hotel clerk/owner, of the Hotel Madera. 

John Harmon has been in a total of twelve episodes. 
Eddie was first introduced on The Rifleman in the episode
Duel of Honor.  
He also starred in
The Trade One Went to Denver The Deadly Wait The Minder Reader Eddie's Daughter The Spiked Rifle The Legacy The Visitor Shotgun Man The Shattered Idol Long Gun from Tucson

When I saw Eddie's Daughter,
I couldn't help but feel sorry for him.  I didn't like the way Lil treated him.  It's nice when they show the regular town folks in full character verses just their regular routine.

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