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K.T. Stevens - The Rifleman
K.T. Stevens was in five episodes of The Rifleman ― Heller as Muriel Bechtol, she was married to that evil Andrew Bechtol ― The Fourflusher as Molly Fenway, she was married to a sharecropper who entered his colt in the horse race ― Face of Yesterday as Nancy Clay was the wife of the man he killed in the Civil War ― Honest Abe as Emma Lincoln, the sister to Able Lincoln who claims that he's the Great Emancipator Molly Fenway in End of the Hunt as Granny Mede, Reef Jackson was her nephew, Lucas knew them from when he lived in the Nations.

K.T. Stevens was a theater, film and television actress and a theatrical-union official.

K.T Stevens was born in Hollywood.  Her father was the film director Sam Wood.  She began acting in plays and films as a child, using the stage name Katherine Stevens.  After starring in the radio soap opera Mr. Pepper's Family, she made her Broadway debut in The Land Is Bright in 1941. She also appeared on Broadway in Nine Girls (1943) and Laura (1947).

In the 1940's and 50's Ms. Stevens played leading roles in such films as Address Unknown (1944) ― Port of New York ― (1949) Harriet Craig (1950) ― Vice Squad (1953).  More recently, she appeared in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969) ― Pets (1974).

Her television credits include appearances on I Love Lucy  ― The Patty Duke Show ― Mannix ― Days of Our Lives ― General Hospital ― Paradise Bay. For more than five years she played Vanessa on The Young and the Restless.

K.T. Stevens served on local and national boards of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists from 1978 until her death. She was president of the union's Los Angeles local from 1986 to 1989.

K.T. Stevens was the younger sister to Jeanne Wood.  Jeanne Wood was in The Vision as Mrs. Swenson

K. T. Stevens was born on July 20,1919 in Los Angeles, California
Birth Name: Gloria Wood
She died June 13, 1994 Los Angeles, California of lung cancer

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