Enid Janes leads Chuck Connors into a different danger in a scene from "Wyoming Story", a two-part ABC-TV Series concluding on Tuesday night's 'Rifleman'.

Lightening the burden Chuck Connors bears in the two-parter "Rifleman" story titled "Wyoming Story" ― which will be concluded Tuesday on ABC-TV― is a brush with lovely Enid Jaynes.

As the series hero, Lucas McCain, Connors has need of a little luck, romantic or otherwise. His cattle herd has been all but destroyed by the hoof and mouth disease.

He is talked out of becoming a "sodbuster"., but needing money desperately to replace his decimated stock., he accepts a dangerous government mission as an undercover agent in the Wyoming territory, leaving his young son, Mark, behind in the disease racked country.

It is while pursuing "wanted" desperados that Connors encounters a flashy town girl, played by Miss Janes, who almost makes him forget that modest Joan Taylor is back in North Fork N M., minding the store.

This is from a September 10-16 1961 weekly TV Magazine.
The kind that's inserted in the Sunday papers. Thanks TV Fan!

 She was married to Jules V. Levy, he was one of the producers for The Rifleman.
  He also produced Geronimo.

Perils of a Producer's wife.....

The so-called "advantages" of being a producer' s wife can have very definite disadvantages.

Enid Jaynes / Enid Janes

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