A Tribute to the Ladies of the Night

This is a tribute to the Ladies of the Night that appeared on The Rifleman. These ladies were not quite as colorful as most of the "Ladies of the Night," but I felt they deserved recognition.

The Boarding House
Peggy Maley as Liz

The Boarding House
Kay Cousins (Johnson) as Flo



The Actress
Diana Millay as Elizabeth Garrett-Black

Beverly Englander as Miss Carlisle



The Wyoming Story
Enid Jaynes as Aggie
Perils of a Producer's wife.....

The Wyoming Story
Coco Morris as dance hall girl


The Deadly Image
Gloria Moreland was the dance hall girl

Tin Horn
Grace Lee Whitney as Rose


The Bullet
Asa Maynor as Molly, Griff's girlfriend

The Baby Sitter
Phyllis Avery as  Leona Pickford Bartell

Eddie's Daughter
Gloria DeHaven as Lillian Halstead

I wasn't quite sure about the ladies on Quiet Night, Deadly Night & and Julia from The Boarding House - What say you? Should they be on this list?

She was married to Jules V. Levy, he was one of the producers for The Rifleman.
  He also produced Geronimo.
Perils of a Producer's wife.....

Enid Janes leads Chuck Connors into a different danger in a scene from "Wyoming Story", a two-part ABC-TV Series concluding on Tuesday night's 'Rifleman'.

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