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Lonny Chapman

Lonny Chapman appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman The Long Trek as Stanley, the prisoner Micah was transporting to Santa Fe ― And the Devil Makes Five as Scully Potter, Michael was taking him back to North Fork to stand trial before the circuit judge, he shot and killed Ted Bennett, the sheriff of Marietta.

*I dedicate this episode And the Devil makes Five to Marshall.

Was this suppose to be the last episode? 

*And the Devil Makes Five the entry for the late great Arthur Browne Jr. says, “When asked about the final episode of The Rifleman, Browne said they came up with the plot of the snake in the bedroll because there was no money in the budget. The show was being canceled and they had one more show to do, so he wrote a plot in which Luke (Chuck Connors) and his son were out on the trail. They didn't have to hire any big name stars to appear in the episode and the scenery was cheap to put together.” 
The episode being referred to seems unmistakably to be And The Devil Makes Five, which, as you note on your site, was not the last episode shown, whatever order it was written in. It was shown eighth from last, on Feb 11, 1963. I wonder why it would have aired so far out of sequence. But that’s definitely the only episode that takes place on the trail and involves a snake in a sleeping bag, and was written by Mr. Browne.
Or could it be that after Mr. Browne wrote what he was told would be the show’s last episode, some producer was able to come up with enough money to write, shoot and show seven more episodes, to fill out the final season? If so, that could mean that this hypothetical producer was cherishing the hope that a successful conclusion to the season might prevent its cancellation after all. A tantalizing possibility, if so....but sadly, one that didn’t pay off. Thanks Woody Smith!

He appeared with Chuck in The Yellow Rose as Del Horton.

He also had starring roles in two TV series ~ The Investigator as Jeff Prior ― For the People as Frank Malloy.

He appeared in The Cowboys as the preacher with John Wayne.

His last movie role was in 2003's The Hunted.

The Lonny Chapman Theatre
"First to entertain, then to enlighten...and never to be boring!"

Although Lonny is known for his career in movies and television, he had a great love for the theatre. In May 1973,
Lonny Chapman became the Artistic Director of the Group Repertory Theatre, since renamed the Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre (LCGRT) in 1999. He was also a teacher, director, producer and actor. 

Lonny Chapman: The theatre is a place of sharing. At its best, it is audience, play and actor participating at the same given moment in an experience. The theatre is unique in that respect. All three of the elements above must be involved for this to come about. One of them, by itself, cannot exist. So we are dependent upon each other; we must share the experience.

This cowboy has done just about everything! I tip my cowgirl hat to you!

*Lonny sure does an excellent job in both of these episodes. Can't help but like this Cowboy!

Lonny Chapman was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on October 1, 1920
Birth Name: Lon Leonard Chapman
He died October 12, 1007 in Sherman Oaks, California of heart disease and pneumonia

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