The Rifleman
"Welcome to the McCain Ranch"

Lou Mallory
Episode 145

Don’t look now, but we’ve got trouble in North Fork and it starts with a capitol L! Whew boy, she was a feisty one!

Others met Lou before I did. You see, she was out at the Jackman’s place talking to them about buying
The Rifleman - Lou Mallory - Episode 145some of their land. Pa Jackman…he was speaking to her. “My pappy always said that the true value of land is measured by the sweat a man puts into it when he works until his hands is raw and his back pains him until he can’t stand it no more. Then it sort of becomes a part of him and he becomes a part of it and it goes…well, when that happens, he thinks twice before he lets go of any of it and…well, that’s what he said!”

Lou just stood silently and let him have his spill. She shook her head, not quite getting exactly what he said, but agreeing none the less. He got two of his sons to agree with him. Lou interrupted him before he could go on. “I understand what you said, Mr. Jackman,” she stated with a smirk on her face. Then she gave him a sincere look of concern. “But I’m not here to buy your hard-worked farmland!” She turned her head and nodded toward some land. “That land on the hill…that’s what I want…worthless as it is!”

Pa Jackman couldn’t quite believe it. After all, what could she possibly do with a big hill of land? But he wanted to get as much money as possible, so he played it up, assuring her that it was worth something to them. “Mr. Jackman,” Lou started as she held something up in her hand. “I have here a bank draft, made out in your favor as a deposit for the purchase of that land. Accept it now, meet me tomorrow morning at nine o’clock to sign the papers, and I’ll raise the price fifty dollars!”

Pa Jackman was over-excited, but he tried to keep his cool as he grabbed the check from her hand. The boys were excited. They hadn’t seen that much money before. Pa told them all to be quiet until they were sure she was gone. Then they all started hooting and hollering. Lou stopped on the road and turned in the buggy. She’d heard them yelling and was very pleased with herself! They thought they were getting a really good deal!

This is where I come in to meet the red headed, hot tempered Irish woman. You see, I’m ridding my horse into town when the Jackman’s come running by hollering like a bunch of wild Indians! They were on their way to the saloon to celebrate after closing the deal. I wondered what was going on, but rode on and parked my horse in front of the hotel. But as I started to tie Razor to the hitching post, I hear a bossy woman declare, “Hey Cowboy, you have to tie your horse someplace else!"

I looked up as she spoke to see the red-headed beauty as she started into the hotel. “Hm?” I was confused. I’d had no trouble hitching my horse up here before!

"Sorry, new rules! Once I get this place open I don't want anything blocking the entrance.” I just stared at her, flabbergasted! “I'm sure you'll understand!" She smiled at me, knowing darn well she could boss me and somehow get away with it. I turned and looked at Micah. He actually laughed at me! I looked back at the redhead. “Hm?”

I then turned, the confused expression still on my face, and walked my horse across the street to where Micah was standing. I didn’t say a word, but just leaned against the hitching post as I held firmly to my horse. “Lucas boy.”

I stared at the red head. “Would someone move these hitch racks around back, please?” Boy, she sure was bossy! I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. I wondered who she was.

“THAT is Lou Mallory, the little lady you came to see about selling Milly’s store. And from the looks of things, she’s buying up everything around North Fork she can get her hands on. I wondered why." “Don’t ask me! She made a deal on Tom Grey's farm the day she got here, bought the hotel and now just closed a deal for part of Jackman's place."

“Is she asking good prices?” I didn’t need an answer to that. Suddenly, we heard happy celebration coming from the saloon.

“You don’t hear the Jackman’s complaining.”

I decided to meet this woman for myself. Without saying another word, I started across the street ready to get to the bottom of things. The sign on the hotel said “closed.” But that didn’t stop me! I barged right inside. Not seeing anyone in the lobby, I started into the dining area. The curtains were drawn, so I just walked on through, not knowing that Miss Mallory was standing on a chair just on the other side of it. I caught her as she fell with a scream. "Do you always go charging about like that?" She yelled. Boy, she sure was angry!

Our faces were close together and my arms were still around her waist. “I didn’t see you,” I answered.

"Well the next where you're going!"

“Yeah, I will,” I answered. But I still didn’t move.

“Do you mind?” I suddenly realized I was still holding her in my arms. I immediately let go. She brushed her hair back. That sour look was still on her face. “What are you doing in here anyhow?” She walked toward the front and pointed. “The sign on that door says ‘closed!’ That means keep out!” She put her hands on her hips.

“Yeah, I know what it means, ma’am, but uh…I thought you wanted to see me on business.” I sat down in front of her.

She never would smile at me, just kept that mean, tuff looking expression on her face. “And what business would I have with you?” she wondered.

“The General Store. I understand you
The Rifleman - Lou Mallory - Episode 145 want to buy it.” That realization changed her mean looking attitude for sure! When she realized I was Lucas McCain, she smiled at me and started straightening her hair. I told her Milly asked me to act for her before she left North Fork.

“And are you in the position to make a deal? I mean, right now?”

“Mm,” I nodded. “If I think it’s fair to Milly.”

“Milly?” She smiled. “She must have been a good friend.”

“And I intend to see that she…remains a good friend,” I answered sternly as I looked into her eyes.

Lou just stood there with this powerful-looking smile on her face. She informed me there was a great deal of work to be done like painting', new shelving, several broken windows, and even the roof leaks. She offered Six hundred dollars.

“Ohhh, Miss Mallory! You got a lot of help. I don’t think you’d have any trouble with a broken window…a leaking roof and a little painting…I tell you what. You’d be a lot closer to home if you upped your offer to…” I gave a long pause as I looked up at her. “1200 dollars.”

There was that sour look on her face again! “1200? Mr. McCain, that’s out of the question!” I told her it was nice talking to her, then got up and walked away. “Cowboy!” I stopped and turned. She had one hand planted on her hip. “Do you think you’re being fair?” She walked up to me. “To Miss Scott, I mean? I happen to know she hasn’t had a single offer.” I told her it was just a bad time of the year for selling. I could afford to sit and wait. She couldn’t believe that! The building was in need of repairs and there were no buyers in sight.

But I knew she needed that store pretty badly. I wasn’t going to budge until she did! I told her $600 was too little. “And $1200 is too much, Mr. McCain.” I started to turn away. “However,” she stopped me. “I am prepared to raise my offer to $1,000.00.” I studied her. Boy, she really did want the store! “Well?”

“You got yourself a deal.” She handed me a bank draft. She’d pay me the rest tomorrow morning. I looked at the bank draft. “Well, you were pretty sure of yourself…weren’t you, Miss Mallory?”

“Weren’t you?” She smiled. I smiled back. She sure was good! “If you’ll excuse me.”

I went over to tell Micah about my victory. Micah was busy washing his few dishes. I was gloating about getting $1,000.00 for the store. Micah thought that was pretty good since Milly would be happy with $800. “Yeah, except this Miss Mallory wasn’t aware of that.” Micah said she had an idea. He threw me a cup to dry as I asked him what he meant. “Oh, she kinda got it out of me when I let her see the place yesterday.” We didn’t know why she was so willing to give me $1,000.00. “You know…she makes out like she’s a smart business woman then winds up letting everybody get the best of her.”

Just then, we heard the Jackman’s celebration hollering coming from the saloon. I told him I’d buy him a beer. Everybody else was celebrating. “Best idea yet…cowboy!”

When we stepped outside,
The Rifleman - Lou Mallory - Episode 145I looked towards the hotel. That woman had men eating out of her hand! They were sweeping and cleaning…I just stared at the feisty female. “The beer is…this way,” Micah hinted. I followed him, but couldn’t help looking over my shoulder a few more times.

Inside, the Jackman’s were toasting to Lou Mallory. I couldn’t believe how happy everyone was. While we were inside talking, Mark rode into town looking for me. He looked in Micah’s office, but we weren’t there. He then headed over to the saloon. I saw him motioning for me to come out while Jackman was talking to me. I excused myself to see what he wanted.

I asked Mark why he was in town. “I saw something this morning I thought you ought to know about,” Mark explained. I asked him what. “I was back in Choctaw Canyon chasing out those strays like you told me to do and…Pa, there’s some surveyors out there.

Just then, Jackman came out with my beer. I told Mark to go on. He tried talking to them but they were too busy. He heard one of the men say that when they finished leveling Choctaw Canyon, they'd have a real natural grade right into North Fork. He asked if that was railroad talk. Neb hurried forward. “Am I hearing that boy right?”

“I don’t know yet,” I answered. I told Mark to wait there, then I hurried back into the saloon. Standing just inside the door, I called for Micah. “You have a map to this territory?” The room got quiet. Micah and I headed to his office to look at the map.

As we looked at it, we began to realize what Miss Mallory was up to. While the men over in the saloon used whisky glasses to figure it out, Mark, Micah, and I figured it out on the map. We were able to trace a line of all the property Miss Mallory purchased and came up with a disturbing conclusion. “A straight line of properties leading right into town! All bought by Lou Mallory in the last two days where she now owns the hotel…” Another realization hit me. “…and Milly’s store!” I couldn’t believe this! How was I going to explain this to Milly! “How am I gonna tell her that I was taken by a-“

“-Smart business woman?” Micah finished for me.

“Smart!” I threw down the map. “Smart or crooked?” I went to stand inside the door. I was mad! I couldn’t believe she took me like that!

"Now there's no law that says she had to tell anyone about the railroad, is there Mark?" Micah pointed out.

Mark looked at Micah and smiled. "That's right Micah! And uh…like Pa always says...never let on if you've got a winning hand," said Mark. I turned and looked at Mark. I couldn’t keep the smirk off my face. I knew he was right – he’d made me eat my words again.

But I turned back when I heard the noise out on the street. The men in the saloon had also figured it out and they were none too happy about it! They all started toward the hotel. Lou saw them coming and came out, just as cool as could be. She tidied up her hair as she stood calmly in front of the angry mob. Jackman greeted her. “We figure on this railroad is coming to this here town.”

Lou planted her hands on her hips. “I wouldn’t be at all surprised,” she answered smugly. She admitted she knew about it the whole time. Jackman wondered why she knew it before we did.

“I’m a woman, Mr. Jackman,” she answered as if they explained everything. Jackman didn’t like that answer. He wondered what that meant. Lou continued smiling the whole time with that smug little victory smile on her face. “The Gold Slipper Saloon I owned in Denver was right across from the railroad office. Their men used to come into drink…to talk…to be friendly. One day when their talk became interesting I made it a point to be friendly too. Does that answer your question?”

The Jackman’s started accusing
The Rifleman - Lou Mallory - Episode 145 her of stealing their property. That made her mad. There’s nothing worse then a angry red headed Irish woman! “I stole nothing! I paid very well for everything I have, and everyone of you was glad to sell!” Jackman told her she was just letting us think we were getting a good deal. “That, Mr. Jackman, is exactly what you thought you were doing to me!”

Jackman was mad. “Now let me tell you something. Ain’t no female ever got the advantage of me. And ain’t ever outsmarted Neb Jackman and his son! And I’m gonna-“

Micah stepped out then. "You're gonna do nothing!" Neb asked Micah if we were siding with her. Micah said he was

As much as I didn't want to agree with Micah I had no choice. “A deals a deal!” Micah told them there was nothing they could do about it. Micah told everyone to go about their business. I stepped forward as the men walked away.

Miss Mallory turned to us, still looking. She still had those hands on her hips. "You dear departed father use to say, there's no sorrier sight on this whole earth then that of grown people acting like a small child who got the stick instead of the lollipop." She turned to walk away.

I just couldn’t hold my tongue! "You blame them? These people worked hard for what they had." I said.

She turned back to me. “They don’t know what a hard days work really is!”

“And you do?” I had my doubts!

She said she did. “Ever since I was 14 years old and left alone in this world to make out as best I could.” She started to turn away, but decided to say more. “Do you know what it is like to work in a potato field…from sunup to sunset digging…digging until your hands can’t feel the pain that’s in them. Then standing on feet that have no feeling left in them…Serving up beer in a pub half the night – a penny here and a penny there, hoping someday you’ll have enough money saved to come to this country – even if it means working the whole way on the boat! I’ve got where I am by work and more work and without asking for any favors. And in return, I don’t give any.”

That was a nice little speech she made there! “Miss Mallory, I think most of us can live through being outsmarted, but there’s something else. If you want to make friends in North Fork, you oughta get that chip off your shoulder.” She informed me she never had time for friends. She’s been too busy taking care of herself because nobody else would. Well, I guess that was the end of that!

The Jackman’s were in the saloon talking. They wanted to do something to get back at Lou for what she did. He thought about Haslam. He wasn’t like most men – he would need help – a nice girl to take care of him. They were going to find a nice girl for Haslam to bring home as his wife. “Now, whatever she brings with her…Whatever she owns…That becomes a part of the family, don’t it?” They liked that idea!

That night, the Jackman’s snuck into the hotel. Lou heard noises but didn’t see anything. She was grabbed from behind, gagged and tied up. Then the Jackman’s drove her to their farm. When they got her down, she started fighting and kicking. Jackman then informed her that she’s there to get to know them better. She was going to marry Haslam! Lou informed them that they were out of their minds. They knew they couldn't force her to do anything like that, so Halsam would have to bide his time until she gets used to the idea. Neb told her she could fix them some supper, feed the chickens and slop down the hogs. Then she could wash and mend the clothes before bedtime. Neb felt this would help her make up her mind about Halsam.

The next day, I went into town to get the rest of Milly’s money. I walked right into the hotel and called out for Miss Mallory, but got no response. I looked everywhere, but she was nowhere in sight!

Meanwhile, Miss Mallory was being forced to pitch hay.

I walked into Micah’s office and asked if he’d seen “the Mallory woman.” We both found it strange that she wouldn't be there for this appointment. She wasn’t the kind of woman who would forget. I agreed with Micah and hurried over to the hotel to take a closer look.

Lou was told to slop the hogs. Instead of giving the contents of the bucket to the hogs, though, she threw it
The Rifleman - Lou Mallory - Episode 145 on one of the Jackman brothers.

At the hotel, I called Miss Mallory’s name. I looked in the dining room and started upstairs when Micah called to me. He found a shoe outside the back door. He also saw fresh buckboard tracks. I thought on it and came to a startling discovery – the Jackman’s were the only one she had done business with who used a buckboard! We hurried out the door.

Miss Mallory was then put to work on the laundry. After that, they told her she could clean out the chicken coop. They wanted her to make a good impression on Haslam. Suddenly, Moss rode up and announced that they had company coming. Neb told Bo to take Lou into the barn and told the others not to say anything, just let him do the talking. Haslam didn’t know why he couldn’t talk. It was only the Marshal and “that McCain feller.”

When we rode up, Neb was washing laundry. He gave us a friendly greeting. Neb said they were just doing some washing. Moss said that was right, but when Neb asked Haslam, he didn’t say anything. When Neb got onto him, he said, “You want me to talk, Pa? You said for me not to!” I wondered why. Neb said Haslam just didn’t know what he was talking about.

Just then, we heard a noise coming from the barn. "What's going on it there?" Asked Micah. Neb told us it was the Bo in the barn taking care of a sick cow.

"What's wrong with the cow?" I asked. They stuttered around a bit, then finally told us the cow got into some loco weed out in the pasture. I didn’t believe them!

“And you got her in the barn?” Micah asked.

They sure were nervous! I watched them as they nervously tried to pretend nothing was going on. They had so much guilt on their faces! I heard the noise again. I told them they better turn her loose before she broke the place off. I even offered to help them. But as I started for the barn, Neb grabbed a bucket. “Dog gone you, I said don’t bother!” He tried to hit me with the bucket, but I ducked. I belted him with my rifle and he fell to the ground. I again started toward the barn. Moss started to me. He jumped on my back and I rolled him right off. He fell to the ground.

Micah pulled his gun and held it on Neb and Moss while I walked to the barn. “Come on, Bo! Bring her out!” I ordered. He didn’t come out. “You hear me?” I still got nothing so I fired a warning shot up in the air. I fired a second shot. The door opened and Bo and Miss Mallory came out. I ordered Bo to get over by his Pa.

“You alright, Miss Mallory?” Micah called. I turned and looked at her. She sure did look mad! My, my, she couldn’t even speak, she was so mad! She just stood there and fumed!

"You didn't make such a good deal this time, did you Miss Mallory?" I said. Then I smiled! I couldn’t help myself – it was so funny to see her fuming like that…and speechless!

Lou didn't press charges on the
The Rifleman - Lou Mallory - Episode 145 Jackman's. They admitted they were wrong and they said they'd never do anything like that again. Halsam took his hat off and turned to Lou and said, "If you ever change your mind, I'll be waitin'!" Then they drove off.

Lou turned and looked sideways at me. “Well…”

I was waiting for a thank you. “Well what?” I asked.

She hesitated. “Excuse me, I’ve gotta get back to work.” I couldn’t believe this woman! She started across the street, but then turned around and looked at me. “I suppose I should thank ya'."

"Not if it's too much trouble," I answered, trying to keep from smiling.

"It's not that it's too much trouble, it's just's a hard thing for me to say! I've never had to say it before." I just looked at her and waited. "Thank you.” We stood there looking at each other for a moment. Finally, she turned around and hurried to the hotel.

Maybe we’d become friends yet! She had some interesting possibilities!

"Welcome to the McCain Ranch..... Lou!"

piddlin' stuff.....Patricia Blair as Lou Mallory.  Patricia was first introduced to The Rifleman in Lou Mallory.  She played a hot-tempered Irish lass who was a razor-sharp businesswoman.  She joined the cast in the fifth and final season and appeared in seventeen episodes.  Patricia replaced Joan Taylor who played Milly Scott owner of The General Store.

To quote Patricia Blair....."Chuck was a great big wild Irishman, who was brimming with life and life-force – he was just fantastic!"  She goes on to say....."Chuck was very exciting to work with – he was a very exciting man. When he was wearing those tight jeans, and those rolled-up sleeves, he was one SEXY man! He was a walking sex machine. He was really quite bright, and well-read. but he could be extremely
 volatile – and that made him exciting."
Take from Chuck Connors....."The Man Behind the Rifle" ~ written by David Fury

Peter Whitney appeared in nine episodes ― Eddie's Daughter as Tracey Blanch, he's the big dude who came looking for Lil ― Mail Order Groom as John Jupiter, he was the Mail Order Groom, the one that Jess Profit (John Anderson) kept picking on ― Heller as Andrew Bechtol, the mean stepfather ― Strange Town as Ott Droshek, he ran the Strange TownThe Queue as Vince Fergus, again he was the bully, the instigator who picked on Wang Chi ― Long Gun From Tucson as John Holliver, he was the cowboy who came back for revenge ― Lou Mallory as Neb Jackman, the Pa of the Jackman clan ― Gun Shy as Vantine, he was the man who was holding Lou hostage ― Which Way'd They Go? as Neb Jackman, the Pa of the Jackman clan.

Conlan Carter appeared in two episodes as Halsam Jackman Lou Mallory as the one who was suppose to wed Lou ― Which Way'd They Go? as the one who was suppose to do the plantin'.

Thomas Carney played Moss Jackman.  He was the shorter of the brothers and a little pudgy. 

Mel Carter appeared in eight episodes  End of a Young Gun as an outlaw, he rode with Hank Fulton ― The Safe Guard as Walkerman, one of the guys who help rob the bank ― The Challenge as a cowhand in the saloon ― The Woman as Jed Healy, the one who shot his Pa ― The Journey Back as Arnie Grady as one of the brothers that Will Temple threw off his ranch ―  Outlaw's Shoes as Jeems, he was George Vale's partner and the one who shot Lucas and grazed him in the head ― Lou Mallory as Bo Jackman ― Death Never Rides Alone as Mark Jones.  Gee.....does this set any records?

Bill Quinn appeared in thirty-eight episodes as Sweeney the owner/bartender of The North Fork Saloon.  Sweeney was first introduced to The Rifleman in The Marshal.

Charlie La Franchise played Eddie Halstead, the owner of the Hotel Madera. 

Michael Jeffers appeared in five episodesThe Blowout as the diner proprietor The Coward as a barfly ― Mail Order Groom as the hotel clerk ― A Case of Identity as one of the townsmen ― Lou Mallory as one of the cowboys helping Lou get her hotel in order.

Archie Butler — Stuntman — Stunt coordinator — Actor - Archie has been in more episodes then anybody with the exception of the regular cast and he probably was in more episode then some of them.  ~Arnold Laven 
 Remember him in The Sharpshooter?  Remember when Lucas shot the whiskey bottle and it shattered into pieces?  Archie was the cowboy who slid the whiskey bottle to Lucas.
 Sometimes Archie was a stand-in for Paul Fix.

This script for Lou Mallory was originally named 'Ellen O'Toole'

Patricia Blair

AP Wire Press release for Lou Mallory
(Another) - New Romantic Interest for 'The Rifleman' Connors By Cynthia Lowry

The kiss that never happened or did it?

New Girl Joins "Rifleman" Show For This Season
Star News - September 27, 1962
*Although this article was to introduce Lou to the fans she does mention their first kiss. I wasn't quite sure if I should put this in Lou Mallory - press release or Mark's Rifle - The kiss that never happened or did it?
I decide to put this in both pages.

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