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Marc Lawrence
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Marc Lawrence appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman ― The Safe Guard as Gavin, one of the crooks
 ― Trail of Hate as Cougar, he was the third member of the gang and the one who shot Noley.

He also appeared with Chuck in Arrest and Trial (1964).

 He has appeared in The Untouchables several times.  Columbia Pictures chief Harry Cohn once told Lawrence that Johnny Roselli, a notorious gangster, had said that he was the best hood in films. Lawrence himself was often told by Italian hoods in his native New York that he played them better than anyone else; ironically, Lawrence is Jewish.

Was a victim of the Hollywood blacklist in 1950 and, as a result, was forced to leave the US to continue working as an actor.

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Birth Name: Max Goldsmith Marc Lawrence was born February 17, 1910 in New York, New York
He died November 27, 2005 in Palm Springs, California due to natural causes

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