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Mark Goddard
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Mark Goddard appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman The Raid as Walt, one of the cowboys who went to help look for Mark ― Mark's Rifle as Marty Blair the fancy shooter with the circus.

Mark Goddard - The Rifleman
After only three weeks in Hollywood, he signed a contract with Aaron Spelling to play the continuing role of Cully in the series Johnny Ringo. He also appeared in Lost in Space as Major Don West and he played Sgt. Chris Ballard in The Detectives. He also appeared in two soaps - One Life To Live & General Hospital. 

  He finished college after an absence of thirty years and went on to receive his Masters Degree in Education.

He is currently a special education teacher for "at risk" youths at the F. L. Chamberlain School in Middleboro, Massachusetts.

Born in Lowell, Massachusetts (July 24, 1936), the actor (real name: Charles Goddard) grew up in Scituate, Massachusetts.

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