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"Mark's Memories"
You've heard Lucas' story, now hear Mark's Story
written by Michelle Palmer

The Lonesome Bride Episode 108
Mark’s story

“Pa, you reckon you’ll ever get remarried?” I asked one night as we ate supper.

Pa suddenly looked up at me. He coughed as if he had just choked on his food. I hurried over to him and patted him on the back really hard. Pa took a long drink of his milk. “You alright, Pa?” I asked.

“I’m…fine, son,” Pa answered. He went back to eating.

“You didn’t answer my question, Pa.” I said as I sat back down.

Pa sat down his fork and covered his mouth. “No…I guess I didn’t, son.” I silently looked at him with raised eyebrows. “I think I’m…avoiding your question.”

“Well, you like Miss Milly, don’t ya?” I asked as I took a bite of my bread.

“She’s a good friend,” Pa nodded. He looked down at his plate and scooted his food back and fourth. I couldn’t help but grin at him. Anytime I mentioned Milly’s name as we discussed marriage or anything, Pa got all flustered. Pa realized I was grinning at something and suddenly looked up at me. “Mark, love is…well, it’s complicated.”

“How long did you and Ma court?” I asked.

“Well…” Pa coughed into his fist. “Well…” Pa let out his breath slowly. “Look Mark, it was different then. I was young and we had our whole lives in front of us. We didn’t have to court that long before we knew…” Pa brushed under his nose with a finger. “Look Mark, your Ma and I…we grew up together. Then when I came back from the war…well…it just happened.” He sighed and took another long drink. “Now, there’s some complications. I’ve been married once and my expectations are a bit higher…I suppose it’s hard for any woman to compete with your mother. Plus there’s you to think on.”

I studied Pa’s finger where his wedding ring was. “If you did get married again…What would happen to the ring?”

Pa looked down at the wedding ring he still wore on his finger. He touched it as he smiled. “This ring is a symbol of the love I still have for your mother.” Pa sighed. “Look son, what I feel for Milly isn’t something I can talk about – even with you. It’s private thoughts. Milly and I have talked about our feelings.” Pa stood and came to stand behind my chair. He put his hands on my shoulders and sighed. “If I were to take this ring off, how would that make you feel?”

I thought on that silently for several moments. During my silence, Pa bent down next to my chair and looked into my eyes. “Because I won’t take it off if it would upset you.” Pa again looked down at his ring finger. “I know this may not mean that much to you, but it’s everything to me. There’s lots of different emotions involved when I think on taking it off.”

I smiled. “Pa.” I waited until his eyes again met mine. “If you want to take it off, it’s okay with me. Ma’s been gone now for over six years. We can’t stand still forever. Eventually, you have to move on, and…well…Maybe it’s time.”

Pa smiled then. “Well then…I’ll think on it.”

I stood and gathered my dishes. After sitting them in the sink, I walked over to the window and peered out. “Pa, what’s love like?”

“It’s wonderful, Mark. It’s just…wonderful,” Pa answered as he walked up behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders.

“Well, I mean, when you see a girl and your heart beats faster, what’s that mean?”

Pa suddenly turned me around. He bent down in front of me again. “Your heart beats-“ he started. “Has that happened to you, son?” It had, but it wasn’t exactly something I wanted to admit to. For so long, I’d made a point to let Pa know just how gross I thought love was. Now I suddenly didn’t mind looking at the girls in my class. One in particular had caught my fancy. I found myself staring at her in class. She was older then me, but she was so pretty. She made my stomach feel like there were butterflies inside and my heart race like a freight train! “It’s alright, son. A man doesn’t like to talk about those sort of things much.”

Pa led me over to the chair. “The dishes can wait. I think you and I need to talk.”

By the time the conversation was over, my head was swirling. I can’t repeat some of the things Pa told me, but I’ll tell you that I was beginning to rethink this girl-boy thing. I figured that for the time being I’d just ignore those strange emotions I was feeling and stick to fishing with Billy and Kevin.

After I washed the dishes, Pa told me to sit down and get my homework finished. But I kept thinking on all Pa had to say. “Yuck!” I declared.

Pa looked up from the ledger where he was figuring his bills. “What’s wrong?”

“I was just thinking,” I answered.

“Yeah?” Pa asked as he continued writing in the ledger. “Well, if it’s not about arithmetic, I’d say you better just stop thinking.”

I turned in my chair and looked toward Pa’s desk. “No. Pa?” Pa looked up at me. “Why does love and women and such have to be so…complicated?” I shook my head. “All that kissing…and stuff…and women and all…”

Pa sat his pencil down and leaned his elbows on the table. “Son, that’s something I forgot to mention in our coming of age talk.”

“You mean there’s more?” I asked. “What you told me was enough!”

“Oh no. This is something every man needs to be warned about really early in life.” I looked at Pa and waited. “No matter how early you start on trying to learn about them, no man ever really understands a woman!”

I rolled my eyes and started working on my math. “I’d rather work on arithmetic!” I muttered.

“Now, that’s a right smart thing to say, son.” I quietly worked on my math for awhile. When I was done, I stood up and stretched. Pa told me it was time to go to bed. “Oh, by the way son, Milly’s coming over for supper tomorrow night.”

“Again?” I asked. Seemed she came over for supper a lot. “Oh good, that means she’ll be doing the cooking tomorrow night!” She was the best cook in the world!

“No, I’m doing the cooking.”

My smile disappeared. “Oh,” I groaned.


“Oh, I mean, great! Can’t wait to taste it!” Pa poked a thumb over his back. I decided bed was the best place for me!

The next morning, Pa chased me out the door. I ran out and mounted while Pa quickly jotted something down on a piece of paper. He hurried outside with it and handed me the list, telling me I was to bring the groceries back right after school. I couldn’t help myself. I leaned forward in my saddle, looked straight into my father’s eyes, and said, “Say Pa, do you think it’s a coincidence that Miss Milly liked chocolate cake as much as we do?”

“Why don’t you figure that out on your way to school,” he answered. Then he gave me money for a haircut. He suggested I get one, but when he “suggests” something, and I choose not to take him up on his suggestion, I seem to get into trouble. So I figured I best save myself a lot of trouble and get the haircut after school.

When I got to school, I saw Lucille walking inside. I hurried up the steps just behind her and smiled as she walked in and slid into her seat. I just stood in the back and stared at her as she flipped her long, golden hair over her shoulder. I wondered what it would be like to reach out and touch her hair.

“Mark McCain,” Mr. Griswald suddenly called.

Everyone turned and looked at me – including Lucille! She batted her eyelashes at me and smiled as she curled her golden hair around a finger. I smiled back at her, then blushed when I realized I was staring. I suddenly looked up at Mr. Griswald. “Sorry,” I mumbled.

Kevin stared at me. “You ain’t sweet on her, are ya?”

I turned and stared at him. “No!” I answered. “Are you crazy? Why, she’s just a girl!”

“But she’s pretty,” Kevin stated.

I turned and looked at her. “Yeah.”

At recess, I normally went and played marbles or just talked with the boys, but today, many of them had other plans. I saw Lucille and some of the other girls sitting under a tree giggling. I started towards them to say hello when Billy ran up to me and asked me about going to catch bullfrogs after school. “Oh Billy, we’re too old for such games!” I declared.

“Well, you’ve been acting strange the last few days!” Billy declared.

“Oh, go away!” Recess was over and I hurried back inside.

At lunch, I noticed that Pa had packed me two cookies. I looked at one, then noticed Lucille sitting on a bench all by herself. I looked around to make sure no one was watching me. Then I slowly made my way up to her and held out the cookie. “Miss Milly made these for Pa and me. You want it? It’s oatmeal.”

“Oh, my favorite!” Lucille smiled at me and took the cookie.

I smiled at her. “I know.” She looked at me strangely, wondering how I knew. “I mean, they are my favorite, so I figured they’d be your favorite too.” She raised an eyebrow at that. “Well, I mean-“ I swallowed. Boy oh boy, there was no way out gracefully!

She smiled as she took a bite. “Would you like to sit down, Mark?”

“Oh, yes ma’am,” I answered. I took my hat off and sat down.

“How’d you do on the math test?” She asked suddenly.

I smiled. “Oh, I did fine.” Actually, I had made a D on it, and Pa had done some yelling and lecturing with me on it, but I wasn’t about to tell a smart, pretty girl like this something like that!

She took her last bite of cookie. “Whatcha doing this weekend?” She took a lock of her golden hair and twirled it around her finger. I grinned as I stared at her hair.

“Oh, well…” I swallowed. I didn’t want to tell her me and Billy were going fishing all day. It sounded so…well, so immature! “Well…you know, I…I help my Pa a lot on the ranch. We stay pretty busy.”

“Oh,” she smiled again.

Mr. Griswald announced the end of lunch just then. I can’t say that I wasn’t happy because my heart was pumping really hard and I felt beads of sweat break out on my forehead. “Well, bye!” I shouted hastly before making a fast retreat back into the classroom.

I looked around. Some of the boys were smiling at me. Yep, I better stick to fishing in the pond – it seems to be much safer – and much less painful that way!

After school, I again caught myself watching Lucille walk down the street. I climbed on Blue Boy and started towards her. I wanted to offer to give her a ride home, but after all Pa had told me last night about kissing and such, the mere thought of asking her made my face red-hot! I smiled at her and waved, then I quickly rode into town.

I hurried into the General Store. Milly was just wrapping up a sale with one of the local ranchers. I hurried up to the counter, took a lid off the sourballs, and stuffed three or four into my mouth. After the day I had, I needed them. As I sucked on them, I looked around the store. Finally, I made my way up to the counter and handed Milly the list. She smiled at me. “Milly, can I…ask you a question?”

“Sure Mark.” She smiled at me. “What is it?”

“Well…” I swallowed the last piece of candy with a big gulp. “Have you ever…been in love?”

Milly suddenly looked up from the ledger. “What?” I started to repeat my question, but she held up a hand and shook her head. “I heard you. Why do you ask?” I shrugged. She cocked her head to one side and studied me. Suddenly, a smile broke out on her face and her eyes became all moist. She nodded proudly. “Oh Mark!”

I didn’t know what she was so proud about. Did she think I was getting married or something? Pa’s look last night was a nervous look - Milly looked like she was proud of me for accomplishing some big task! She walked around the counter and put a hand on my shoulder. “As a matter of fact, Mark, I was engaged just before I came here.”


She nodded. “It didn’t work out.”

“I’m sorry.” I looked behind the door as if Pa would walk in and catch me. Then I asked, “You like my Pa?”

Her reaction was pretty much the same as Pa’s. “I do like your Pa very much, Mark. He’s a good friend.”

I decided to say what was on my mind. Pa said I never was one to hold my tongue. “I’m not a kid anymore, Milly. I don’t see many “only friends” kissing.”

Milly’s face turned pink. She narrowed her eyes and suddenly looked down at the list. “Uh…um…well…I’ll get this list filled right away.” I grinned at her. She suddenly put her hands on her hips. “You have someplace to go?”

“Oh yeah. Pa said I have to get my hair cut.” I continued grinning at her. She sure was flustered!”

“Well get to it then. You can stop by and get the supplies afterwards.” I nodded and started out the door. “And Mark!” I stopped and turned back. “The next time you decide to do some eaves dropping, I’ll personally take you to the barn and skin you!”

I tipped my hat to her. “Yes ma’am!”

I slowly walked across the street to the barber. Mr. Barrows had several customers waiting. I took one look and turned to leave. “Need a haircut, Mark?”

I turned back to Mr. Barrows. “Oh…yeah, Pa thinks so. But I’m in a hurry so…”

Mr. Barrow’s shook out the sheet. “No son, you get on over here and sit down. The last time I let you leave here without a haircut, your father gave me what for.”

I looked around. “Oh, but you have a lot of-“

“Don’t you want to look handsome for all those girls you’ll soon be noticing?” Billy Lehigh asked with a grin. I slowly made my way to the chair and got my haircut.

When I was leaving, I saw Micah walking across the street with a lady. I said hello to Micah, but suddenly the lady came up to me and greeted me as if I was a long, lost relative! I can honestly say that I had never ever seen this lady before in my whole life! I was suddenly confused, wondering who she was. Micah introduced us, but I was still clueless as to who she was.

“Well, you sound like you never heard from me before. Your father did tell you, didn’t he?” I politely apologized for not knowing who she was. “Well,” she laughed it off. “I’m sure Lucas just wanted to keep it a secret – even from Mark!”

Micah said the lady was claiming my Pa had sent for her all the way from St. Louis. “Sent for her? Why?” At my young age, I didn’t understand what that meant.

“To marry me, that’s why,” she answered.

You can only imagine the look on my face when she said that! “What?” I choked out. I could hardly even think on what to say. What I wanted to say would have gotten me in trouble for sure! Finally, I was able to stutter out. “Marry you?” I wasn’t quite sure what to think at the moment!

“That’s right. I’m gonna be your new mother!”

Again, I just stared at her. My new mother... Thoughts of Milly popped into my head. I had began to think of Milly as my mother. I definitely didn’t want some stranger moving in on her turf. I was so very confused! Micah suddenly broke through my thoughts and asked me if Pa was at the ranch. “Oh sure, he’s cleaning up. We’re gonna have…company.” I continued staring at her.

But as soon as I said we were having company, she jumped to conclusion that she was that company. I had to that train of thought right there! "Oh no! Miss Millie's comin' over for dinner!"

“Who’s Miss Milly?”

I continued staring at her as I tried to figure out what was going on here. Why would Pa send for someone to marry when he had Miss Milly right here? There had to be some explanation! Micah told me to go fetch my Pa. That was something he didn’t have to tell me twice! I jumped on my horse and rode like the wind all the way home. All the way home, I kept thinking: Pa better have a darn good explanation for this!

When I got to the ranch, I called Pa’s name as I ran into the ranch. But to my horror, I discovered he wasn’t home! I immediately looked all around the house – nope, he wasn’t here! I began thinking on this new piece of information as I waited impatiently for Pa to get back. Pa and I had just had that father/son talk last night and he had said nothing…absolutely nothing…to me about having sent for another woman!

I heard Pa racing back up to the house. I stepped out onto the porch and watched him dismount his horse. “So there you are!” I declared. I couldn’t wait to get his explanation on this one!

Pa didn’t even notice. He must have been preoccupied about Miss Milly coming over tonight. He was always pretty excited and nervous as he got ready for her visits. Pa grabbed his rifle and started inside, asking me how school was today. I only stared at him, trying to figure out what was going on in that brain of his!

Pa said something about trying to get a shot at an animal that was bothering our cattle. I barely heard him, though, as I stared at him. He sure looked like my Pa! But my Pa would never double cross Milly! Again, I couldn’t talk. I just stood there staring at him as if he had two heads – but which one had he been thinking with when he sent for that strange woman? “Did you get your hair cut? I hope so. It was getting so long, I’ve thinking on tying a piece of string to it to keep it back.”

Again, I simply stared. And I continued to stare as he complained about his rifle being broken. Suddenly, Pa turned and looked at me. He turned back around, but then suddenly turned toward me. “Is something wrong?”

I looked at him – first this way, then that as I tried to figure out how a way to tell him what was happening in town. “Something is wrong,” Pa declared then as he waited for me to speak.

I stammered around a bit, trying to figure out just how to say it. Finally, I said, “Well…I-I-I know it…must be…a…mistake?” That’s all I could think of at the time to say!

“What’s a mistake, son?” Pa asked as if he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. Maybe he didn’t!

“Well, that woman who…who you sent for…” Oh boy, I hope he didn’t get too mad when I told him!

“What woman?” Pa was still clueless.

I had to just spit it out. I wanted to get this announcement over with as fast as possible. ““Well, Miss Woodson! The woman who just came into town and said…and…and…and said you were gonna marry her?”

“WHAT???????” I closed my eyes, waiting for the explosion. “Mark, what the-“ He stood up and walked towards me. I backed out the door. “If this is some sort of joke, son, you’re gonna get-“

I hurried out the door. “Pa, I swear it’s no joke! There’s a woman in town claiming she’s gonna be my new mother!”

“Over my dead body!” Pa declared. “Let’s get to town!”

We jumped on our horses. I was sure glad Pa was just as clueless as I was! There for a minute, I thought I was going to have to send for Doc Burrage! Especially after Milly found out what he’d done.

Suddenly, my thoughts raced to Miss Milly. How was she going to take this news? We were on the outskirts of town when Mr. Hansen stopped us. “Lucas, congratulations!” He greeted us with a smile.

“For what?” Pa grunted out.

“I heard you sent for a mail order bride! Of course I can’t say I’m not surprised…everyone in the town figured you and Milly Scott would get hitched up before too long, what with you courtin’ her and-“

Pa turned and looked at me. I could tell this was stuff he didn’t want me to hear, even thought we had had “the talk” just the night before. “I appreciate it, Mr. Hanson, if you men wouldn’t make me the topic of your barroom conversation on Saturday night!”

With that, Pa kicked his heels into Razor’s flank and took off. When we got into town, we saw several people staring at us. “You getting married, Lucas?” Nels asked.

“No!” Pa answered.

We rode a little further. John walked out of the bank. “Hey Lucas, what’s this I hear about-“

“It’s not true!” Pa declared angrily.

“Hey Pa, if they know, then I bet that Miss Milly knows.”

Pa’s head suddenly whirled around. He stared straight at me and narrowed his eyes. “I hope not! I’m in no mood for tarring and feathering today!”

“She’d skin you first,” I teased.

Pa glared at me. I swallowed and climbed down from my horse. Pa started toward Micha’s office. Kevin Connors hurried up to me. “Hey Mark, what’s this I hear about your Pa getting married?”

I turned to answer, but Pa stomped over to me and grabbed me roughly by the arm. “Goodbye, Kevin!” Pa declared as he pulled me inside Micah’s office with him.

Things went from bad to worse as far as Pa was concerned. We had no sooner walked into the door when Milly walked in. She had just heard the news. She wasted no time in questioning Pa about it. She seemed calm enough, but I’m sure she wasn’t going to stay that way for long!

Miss Woodson jumped on her and practically told her this was none of her business. Now, being a boy, I can tell you that I’ve made Miss Milly mad a few times, and it’s not a pretty sight! She’s one of very few people – man or woman – who would stand up to my Pa and yell right back at him. I know – I’ve seen her do it! She gave my Pa a run for his money when it came to speaking her mind!

Well, Pa went up to start explaining to her there was some sort of mistake – he had no idea who she was. He was quite nervous about the whole thing too. But suddenly, she – Miss Woodson, that is – grabbed my Pa and landed a great big kiss right on his lips! Let me tell you – it was a doozy! I couldn’t help but smile at that. I turned and looked at Milly – yep…she wasn’t happy for sure now. Boy oh boy, but pa had himself in a pickle! I couldn’t wait to see how he got himself out of this one!

I stood there silently and listened as Pa tried to explain to her that he had no intentions to marry her. She fainted! I couldn’t believe this woman fainted! “Pa, she…wow! This woman is something!”

Milly ran to get some smelling salts while Pa sat her down in a chair. Pa turned and glared at me. “Mark, I’ll thank you to keep quiet. And don’t you dare think of smirking again!” His voice was really annoyed. He lightly started slapping her cheeks.

I turned and looked at Micah. “Just keep quiet, boy. Don’t rile your Pa. I think he’s riled enough!”

Milly hurried back in the door and Pa once again looked up and glared at me and Micah. I decided I’d stand there quietly and keep any form of a smile off my face. Pa’d probably whip me if I caused him any trouble! I must admit, though, that it was kind of amusing to watch Pa struggle with this.

When the woman came to, you can only imagine the look on her face. You want to talk about an angry woman – she was angry! She let into my Pa and my Pa was being backed up and turned around by her. She finally pushed him down in the very chair she had been sitting in. I stared as she grabbed a bottle and started to break it over Pa’s head. I gasped as I watched.

But suddenly, Pa grabbed the bottle from her and told her she wasn’t going to do it. Milly tried to step in, but she lit into Milly. Boy, but this woman was mad! I couldn’t wait to see how Pa was going to get himself out of this mess!

Then she started talking about Pa writing her letters. She started being really rude to Miss Milly. Now, I know Pa had told me to be quiet, but I had to help him out of this mess – after all, I was his partner! “Well, Pa didn’t write you any letters!” I would have known. I was always with Pa. He hardly had time to write letters to our families and friends back in Oklahoma, much less sappy old love letters! Besides, I knew how much trouble he was in with Miss Milly, and I felt the sooner all this was over with, the sooner I could have a nice, relaxing supper!

Then she showed Pa the letters. Pa wanted proof he didn’t write them and showed them to Miss Milly and Micah. I looked at the handwriting – it was too neat to be my Pa’s chicken scratches that sometimes even I couldn’t read! We all knew that wasn’t Pa’s writing. Miss Woodson explained about how that marriage business place did the writing to whoever wrote these letters. She’d been jipped, and I was sorry for her. “I’d sure give them a piece of my mind when I got back!” I declared suddenly. I was hoping she’d take the next stage out of here!

But she had no money. She couldn’t leave. She started talking about going back to nothing. I reckon the man who had done this to her had something coming to her. I thought it was pretty sad. I watched her walk out the door. Pa wanted to go after her, but Milly stopped him.

Milly and Pa just stood silently over by Micah’s desk. I looked up at Micah who only shook his head slightly. I reckon he was warning me not to cause any trouble. “Well, I best go get those supplies so we can get home and fix dinner, Pa!” I declared suddenly.

Milly suddenly walked away from Pa. “I don’t think I care much for dinner tonight.” She turned toward me. “Mark, if you come on over to the store, I’ll give you those supplies.”

“Milly, I-“ Pa stood and looked at her.

“I’ll see you later,” she grumbled out.

We walked silently over to the General Store. “Milly!” I hurried up to her and grabbed her arm. “That kiss – it upset you.”

“Of course not,” Milly answered.

She hurried over to the store and started quickly gathering things up for Pa. “I know you really care for my Pa. Pa didn’t ask her to kiss him.”

“He sure didn’t stop it either,” Miss Milly grumbled.

“Well, he-“ I started.

But she turned to me. “Mark, this isn’t something I want to discuss with you. I-“ She stopped.

Pa was standing in the doorway with his hat in his hand. He was looking really nervous and sheepish. He put a hand to my back and pushed me toward the door. “You take those supplies and get on home, boy.”

I looked from Milly to Pa, then back at Milly. “Oh, but Pa! I wanta stay!”

Pa turned on me. The icy glare he sent me made me suddenly not want to stay here with him. I turned and walked out the door. “Boy oh boy, I miss out on all the fun! How old does a kid have to be before he gets to stay and watch the fun stuff!”

“Old enough to shave at least,” Pa hollered after me. “Now get on home, boy! And get supper started. Enough for three!”

I turned and looked at Pa. He was staring at Milly.

I got home and started supper, but it was a long time before Pa finally arrived home. But when he got there, he had Milly. I spied out the window as they rode up. As he helped Milly from the buggy, there was a sparkle in her eye and she smiled lovingly at Pa. I shook my head. Pa was indeed amazing! He had managed to get back into her good graces. I sort of wished I had been there to see how he could have done it!

They came inside. Milly smiled, mentioning that something smelled good. Pa hung his hat and put his rifle in it’s holder by the door. “Um Mark, can I talk to you…outside?”

Milly hurried into the kitchen stating she’d take over the remainder of the meal. Pa smiled a relieved smile and put his arm around my shoulders. When we were outside, Pa led me towards the barn. He stopped outside and sat down on the chopping block. “Now, I’ve managed to calm her down, son. I don’t want you to mention Miss Woodson’s name or this entire incident around her. Understand?”

“Well, but Pa, is she-“ I started.

“It’s over, son. We figured out who it was and why they did it.” I opened my mouth to ask. “Never mind, Mark. Knowing won’t benefit you in the least. Now, I’ll tell you right now that it took some sweet talking on my part to get back into her good graces. I don’t want you go blabbing anything about Miss Woodson. You understand?”

“So, you do…like her a lot,” I declared.

Pa looked up at me and raised an eyebrow. “Son, like I said, it’s-“

“I know…I know…it’s complicated!” I sighed. “But I’m not a little kid anymore, Pa. I know that you like her a whole lot, and she you. Else that kiss and Miss Woodson wouldn’t have bothered both of you so much…and you wouldn’t have worked so hard to-“

Pa held up a hand. “Like I said, son, this doesn’t get mentioned again…EVER!”

I knew Pa was walking on broken glass right now. It wouldn’t take much to get Milly riled up again. “You seem to understand women just fine!” I declared.

As we started toward the house, Pa put his arm around me. “No son, I don’t! That’s why this incident can never…ever be mentioned again!” Pa stopped at the door. He turned to make sure the door was still firmly closed. “Oh son, why don’t you pick some of these flowers and put them in a vase? We’ll make the table really pretty for her.”

“That’s necessary?” I asked.

Pa nodded. “Son, with a woman like that, everything’s necessary!” Pa patted me on the back and hurried inside.

I shook my head. Yep, I reckon I’ll stick with fishing!

*A special thanks goes out to Michelle Palmer for her insight on how Mark had seen these episodes.

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