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The Rifleman
"Welcome to the McCain Ranch"
"Mark's Memories"

You've heard Lucas' story, now hear Mark's Stories
by Michelle Palmer

Season 1
Mark’s Memories
— Synopsis

1. The Sharpshooter — Mark recounts their first two days in North Fork as he remembers the turkey shoot, meeting Miss Hattie, and watching his Pa sign his dream. There’s even a special surprise at the end about the signing of the papers.

2. Home Ranch — Mark is excited at first about moving in to their new home until tragedy strikes. But his father doesn’t allow him to drown in sorrow and quickly restores his faith. As their house is built, new friendships are also built, and in the end the tragedy becomes a blessing.

3. End of a Young Gun — Curiosity almost sends Mark to his death, but a young outlaw saves his life. After that, Lucas and Mark set out to save the outlaw from himself.

4. The Marshal — A special bond is formed between Micah and Mark at first sight. But Mark soon finds himself trying to understand the complexities of his newfound friend, and also faces a fearful time where he may loose both his friend and father when they try to stop outlaws from overtaking a town.

5. The Brother-in-Law —  When Mark meets the uncle he’s always idolized, he learns some hard truths. But Mark is proud of Johnny for who he is – not what he did. He just has to let his Pa discover this same truth on his own.

6. Eight Hours to Die — Mark starts school, but a stranger rides into his life one day. As he lovingly cares for this man after a fall, Lucas has to reveal the cold hard truth to him – that he wanted to kill him.

7. Duel of Honor — Mark meets a man that looks different then him and watches as those around them laugh at this man. As he struggles to understand why Freddie’s mistreated, he also must understand how different he is from the rest of the world.

8. The Safe Guard — Mark must learn how to let go of animals he raises as he sells his first pig. But a harder lesson comes when his father must stop a bank from being robbed.

9. The Sister — After his father’s been single for so many years, Mark decides it’s about time for him to remarry, and he sets out to find a new wife for him. But Mark doesn’t realize that his good deed will get his father into some hot water with the woman’s brothers!

10. New Orleans Menace — They hadn’t lived on their ranch for long when Mark watched a fat little man try to force his father to sell the land. But Mark knew his Pa had a plan!

11. The Apprentice Sheriff —  A fight at school and a bad grade on a test found Mark in some trouble. After a stern talk from his father, he promises to stay out of trouble the next day by minding his own business, but can his pa take his own advice?

12. The Angry Gun — At first, Mark is happy that he is able to talk his pa into letting him miss school and go with him to sell cattle. But when the stage is robbed on the way back, and Mark is left with a neighbor woman while his pa goes after the outlaws, Mark has regrets. He finds solace to help him through the next couple of days through an unlikely source.

13. The Young Englishman — When his father must face some cattle rustlers, Mark puts his own life in danger to help his pa. Both Mark and Lucas learn a valuable lesson about what it means to help each other out.

14. The Gaucho — After Mark makes fun of an Argentina cowboy because he dresses different, his pa disciplines him by making him spend time with the gaucho. But the lesson Mark has to learn is one that not even his father is ready to teach him.

15. The Pet — When tragedy strikes, leaving a horse without an owner, Mark takes the orphaned horse in as his own. But Mark soon faces having to not only fight for his own life, but also the life of his father. Can his pa help Mark through his heartache?

16. The Sheridan Story — Mark is upset when his pa hires a crippled ex-confederate soldier to teach him to respect those less fortunate then him, but he soon has to learn a tough lesson about life. Then he watches a miracle occur between a Union General and a confederate soldier and realizes there is hope.

17. The Retired Gun — Mark meets an old friend of his ma’s, but is disappointed that he has to go to school and miss out on one of the greatest gunfights ever!

18. The Photographer — Mark faces a big problem when a friend of his is accused of murder. He believes he is innocent, but his pa thinks he’s guilty. Mark knows there is only one thing he could do: go against what his father believes and solve the mystery before it’s too late!

19.  Shivaree — Mark and Lucas open their home to a young married couple. After his pa saves them from a horrible wedding night, Mark grows to love this couple. And when it’s time for them to leave, he knows there’s a special gift they must take with them.

20. The Dead Eye Kid — When a new friend of his is accused of murder, Mark must hide him where no one can find him. But he forgets that his father taught him everything he knows!

21. The Indian — When an Indian Marshal rides into North Fork, Mark has to learn a cold, hard truth about what prejudices can do to people he thought he knew. Then he proudly watches his father restore the peace to North Fork once again.

22. The Boarding House — When they are at Miss Julia’s for supper one night, Mark meets a woman that does not like him, and in his annoyance, he says some things that gets him into a lot of trouble with his Pa.

23. The Second Witness — Mark finds two big events rocking his world like never before. His horse, Blue Boy may die from a terrible illness, and his father may be shot down when going to be a witness in a murder trial. While he struggles with these worries, his father works at restoring his faith that things will be okay.

24. The Trade — A woman asks Mark for help, and he is happy to be doing such an important task, but his father stops him before his task can be completed.

25. One Went to Denver — An old friend-turned outlaw comes to visit Mark and his Pa. Tom Birch’s mere presence bothers Mark, but what really upsets him is how his pa acts when they are together!

26. The Deadly Wait — Coming home from school one day, Mark discovers that his father has been shot up. As he struggles to get him to town, Mark realizes his pa’s life is in his hands.

27. The Wrong Man — Mark is happy to meet a famous law man and takes in everything he says and does. But when his pa hints that the law man may not be as great as Mark believes, he’s appalled!

28. The Challenge — When Hattie and Micah are taken hostage, Lucas must take over as acting Marshal. But Mark is forced to watch his father from the hotel window where his father has ordered him to stay. Then when he overhears his pa challenged, he is suddenly once again frightened of loosing his pa.

29. The Hawk — While out checking his rabbit snares one day, Mark meets a stranger and a hawk and brings them both home. He decides to stake the hawk and keep him as a pet for awhile, but he soon learns a hard lesson on the importance of freedom.

30. Three Legged Terror — When Johnny Clover hurts the teacher and tears up the school, Mark knows there is trouble. Mark soon begins to appreciate the father he has as he learns about Johnny’s sad home life. And he’s relieved when his pa takes Johnny under his wing and teaches him what life is really like.

31. The Angry Man — Mark meets a new friend who’s father is bitter over the death of his wife. When tragedy strikes, Mark and his pa must renew the father’s trust for mankind so they can save his son.

32. The Woman — Mark gets sick at school one day and learns he has the measles. At first, he is very ill, but as he begins recovering, he finds staying in bed is too much trouble!

33. The Money Gun — There is something very special Mark wants to buy at the auction. But when he learns a gunfighter is in town, and his pa may be involved in a gunfight, he leaves the auction to stay on top of the situation.

34. A Matter of Faith — When a severe drought hits North Fork, Mark is worried for their future. But when an old man arrives with an idea that is not accepted by the North Fork residents, including his own father, Mark must help the man restore the faith of the citizens.

35. Blood Brother — A stranger is found on the road one day and Mark watches his friend, Micah struggle with an unknown dilemma while his father donates some of his blood to save the stranger.

36. Stranger at Night — Mark stumbles upon a body on the range after school one day, then listens to a second cousin tell stories about pirates. But in the end, Mark must come to terms with a brand new truth, which puts his life in grave danger.

37. The Raid — Mark is kidnapped by Indians and soon discovers that one of them wants to make him his son. But Mark faces an inner struggle of cowardness as he tries to think of an escape plan.

38. Outlaw’s Inheritance — When his father inherits some money, Mark and Lucas try to understand why the outlaw was leaving them money.

39. Boomerang — Mark and Lucas take in a young man who just lost his father. As Mark watches his father teach him to shoot a rifle, they learn a bitter truth about his intentions.

40. The Mind Reader — A man is dead and a young man is blamed for the murder. Mark knows there’s one man in town who can reveal the truth.

Season 2

41. The Patsy — A boy at school is suddenly trying to force Mark into fighting, which gets him into bad graces with his father and Micah Torrance.

42. Bloodlines — Mark comes face to face with one of his scariest fears - finding his father dead.

43. The Blowout — A surprise awaits Mark in the city of Santa Fe when he is reunited with someone from his past. But upon their arrival back in North Fork, Mark and Lucas are faced with a long night in town instead of a restful night at home.

44. Obituary — Using some wrong words gets Mark in a little hot water with his Pa. Meanwhile, Mark tries to figure out why his Pa is giving the visiting lady from the East such interesting looks.

45. Tension — Mark is faced with several adult situations when his Pa invites him to help out a friend on a cattle drive. These situations test Mark's faith and understanding to the core.

46. Eddie's Daughter — Leaving for school and going to bed are two of Mark's worst moments in his day, and he often pushes his father to the limit. But today, a strange woman mixes into the formula, causing the young lad to see his father's patience pushed even further

47. Panic — When Mark is sent to town to stay while his father takes care of a couple with sickness, the town turns against him. But Mark has some strong adults that make this challenging time a bit easier.

48. Ordeal — When a series of events leaves Mark's father unable to travel across the waterless desert, Mark must make it for both of them. A mixture of his father's strength, as well as his own, helps Mark as he starts on his mission. He also quickly discovers that faith and love will carry them both a long way.

49. Spiked Rifle — Mark has his heart set on a rod and reel Freddie tells him about in Hattie's store and wonders how he can get his Pa to say "Yes" to him buying it. Meanwhile, Mark realizes that his father's riding gunshot did not go as smoothly as it could have, and his worries of getting the new fishing pole are forgotten as they are replaced by new and more valuable worries.

50. Letter of the Law — Mark thought a two week vacation from school was something to look forward to, but when he got some bad news at the close the day, he realized he was going to dread telling his father. But when one of their friends turn up missing, Mark forgets all about his petty little problem and begins worrying about the bigger one - the safety of their friend. Will Mark and Lucas be able to restore peace to both North Fork and the McCain household?

51. Legacy — When Mark finds himself in some hot water, an old man helps him out. That starts a friendship that would soon come to an end. But through him, Mark learns some surprising lessons on becoming a man.

52. The Baby Sitter — When a baby unexpectedly enters Mark's life, Mark finds himself wishing for something he never dreamed of before.

53. The Coward — When a new "boy" starts at school, Mark must join the McCain's new hand as they together learn what the real meaning of "courage" and "coward" is all about.

54. The Surveyors — Mark takes it hard when his own father won't believe him.

55. Day of the Hunter — Mark is disappointed when his father turns down a shooting match to prove who's best, but in the end he learns what's important when an unexpected tragic even occurs.

56. Mail Order Groom — Mark learns a lesson about the sticks and stones proverb when the kids in school begin cruel jokes about some of North Fork's Old Maids.

57. A Case of Identity — When men ride into North Fork threatening to take Mark away from his father, he discovers that disobeying one of his father's rules may be at the root of their problem. Mark must stand by and watch his father struggle with a solution to this problem while Lucas teaches him that there's only one way to deal with mistakes.

58. The Visitor — When Mark meets his mother's best friend, he has a sudden desire to get to know his mother better, while wondering exactly what his father thinks of this Mrs. Ann Dodd.

59. The Hero — After listening to the school gossip, Mark becomes convinced that Collie Vain is not a hero, but a back-shooter and gets himself into a pretty nasty situation at home. How will Lucas ever convince his young son that the truth lies in the one person Mark won't allow to tell it?

60. The Horse Traders — Mark decides to convince his Pa he needs his own cow pony, but Pa thinks Mark still has a few lessons to learn.

61. The Spoiler — When Mark's friend's life ends in tragedy he has trouble coping with the senseless act of violence; but Lucas helps Mark feel better. When Mark arrives home from an errand later that night, Lucas suddenly becomes very concerned that the tragedy is going to stay between them. Will Lucas be able to restore their relationship?

62. Heller — Mark tries to come to terms with the fact that some children are mistreated when a friend of his shows signs of abuse. Not only must he understand their mistreatment, but he also tries to understand why his father loves and punishes him the way he does.

63. The Grasshopper — A letter suddenly changes Lucas's mood and Mark forces the truth from his father. The truth provides an opportunity for Mark to go meet some of his mother's relatives, but more challenges are met on the way!

64. A Time for Singing — When a new preacher and his wife come into town, Mark is a bit surprised at how pretty she is, but he soon finds himself in a mess of trouble. Not only is his father angry with him for interrupting his talk with Micah, but he's discovered a truth that puts him in danger. Will his father be able to save him, and will Mark have a chance to explain his innocence to his father before sentence is passed?

65. The Deserter —When Mark hears about his friend's lucky catch at the Valley Lake, he's determined to go fishing there, but he has to wait until his punishment for disobeying his father ends. Will he be able to catch the big one on Saturday, or will something else stand in his way?

66. The Vision — An innocent essay assignment suddenly turns Mark's world upside down, and he won't open up to his father about this problem until damage to their relationship is already done. Then when Mark suddenly becomes deathly ill, he learns that he had the answers to his problem right inside him the whole time.

67. Lariat — Mark meets a friend of his father's and becomes fascinated with his card tricks.

68. Smokescreen — Like any boy, Mark is curious about things adults are allowed today, and tobacco is no different! But how far will he go to satisfy his curiosity?

69. Shotgun Man — Threatening letters don't seem to bother his father, but Mark is suddenly very worried, wanting to get to the bottom of they mystery. Who wants to kill his Pa?

70. Sins of the Father — Mark learns why it's important for families to avoid "keeping things" from each other when two strangers ride into their lives.

71. The Prodigal — Mark gets the opportunity to adopt a grandma and soon finds that love takes hold of their relationship. He soon learns what a mother's love is all about.

72. The Fourflushers — Mark is super-excited about a horserace his father permitted him to enter. But his excitement ends when Lucas has to make a tough decision - a decision that would break Mark's heart.

73. The Jailbird — Mark has big plans for his break from school, but he soon discovers that his Pa has even bigger plans for him, and he must learn what it means to be the son of Lucas McCain.

74. Meeting at Midnight — Mark is determined to learn a whole poem over the weekend, much to his father's surprise.

75. Nora — When Mark firmly believes that his Pa is lonely, he sets out to play matchmaker for his Pa.

76. The Hangman — When a man is arrested for murder, the whole town has him convicted before a trial. Mark must contend with the gossip at school, especially with one very annoying loud mouth!

Season 3

77. Trail of Hate — When Mark awakes from a bad injury, he frets for his father’s state of mind; and must restore his father’s faith in himself.

78. Woman From Hog Ridge — Mark tells a lie to avoid punishment and disappointment, but later confesses to the truth. But when a bigger lie threatens the one he loves the most, he learns a hard lesson about the damage a lie can cause.

79. Seven — Father and son must help each other deal with deep emotions when they face perhaps one of the greatest battles yet.
The '7' Prisoners

80. The Pitchman — Mark has to deal with a teenage boy who thinks he knows everything; and what's worse, his father orders him to be nothing but polite to his guest. Will Mark survive this latest trial?

81. Strange Town — When Micah is assaulted and left for dead, Mark's father must go after the murderer, leaving Mark alone with Milly for the first time. But Mark is worried about Micah and won't leave his grandpa's side.

82. Baranca — Mark refuses to take his father's advise and go to the doctor when he gets a toothache. When the pain becomes unbearable, Milly takes the lad under her wing, much to his father's disapproval.

83. The Martinet — When Mark is punished for disobeying his father's rules, Mark learns a valuable lesson: he has the best father in the whole world!

84. Miss Milly — Mark has to come to terms with Hattie's leaving, but at the same time put up with his father's growing anger toward the new store keeper. But Mark thinks there's more to Pa's emotions then meets the eye.

85. Dead Cold Cash — An announcement that a good friend is leaving, death threats against his father, and a D+ on a history test isn't necessarily what Mark calls having a good week; but he must deal with each of these issues by the end of the week.

86. The Schoolmaster — A new teacher comes to North Fork and he wastes no time in coming between Mark and his father. Can their relationship be restored before it's too late?

87. The Promoter — Mark learns for himself that he's not ready for the responsibility of a rifle.

88. The Illustrator — Mark thinks being in town for a week will be lots of fun, but obstacles keep getting in his way of being a town kid. But when Micah returns, Mark witnesses a confrontation between Micah and his father that makes it all worthwhile!

89. The Silent Knife — When Mark meets a stranger in town, he's faced with yet another growing up time; and must face a hard reality of what having free will is all about while helping his friend deal with his own inner struggle.

90. Miss Bertie — Mark is dismayed when his father desperately searches for a babysitter while he goes out of town and doesn't understand why he can't take care of himself. When Lucas is unsuccessful in his search, Mark goes with him; and is excited when he meets a little ol' lady who has a surprising occupation at the moment.

91. Six Years and a Day — When a stranger rides onto the ranch with his sick wife, Mark finds himself in a world of worry. How will they save the woman before it's too late?

92. Flowers by the Door — Mark learns another hard lesson about growing up. He's very hurt when he puts his trust in a stranger only to find out that this man is pure evil.

93. The Long Trek — When a beloved family is murdered, Mark's father helps Micah escort the prisoner back to Santa Fe for trial. Mark learns that his father and Micah are making a trek across Dead Man's Crossing and suddenly is very worried as he remembers what happened to them the year before.

94. The Actress — When five head of prime beef turn up missing on the McCain Ranch, Mark must make a decision on how to find the rustlers; but soon finds that he and Freddie are in a lot of trouble.

95. Face of Yesterday — Mark must come to terms when his father must face an inner struggle without him. Mark is surprised when his best friend holds the answer to his deepest question.

96. The Wyoming Story - part 1 — A chain of tragic events sends Mark's world spinning out of control, with each even worse then the one before. But things go from dark to darker when one final event takes place. When Mark be able to see the sunshine in the end?

97. The Wyoming Story - part 2 — Micah and Millie worry while Mark tries the cope with being separated from his father.

98. Closer than a Brother — While Mark's father was in Wyoming, a strong grandfather-grandson bond formed between Mark and Micah. But when Micah suddenly encounters a struggle within himself, the love Mark has for him is tested to the max.

99. Lost Treasure of Canyon Town — A surprise trip sends Mark on adventures and a chance to solve two mysteries - one involving an elephant and the other involving gold!

100. Dark Day at North Fork — After a freak accident with TNT, Mark faces the longest week of his life as he tries to cope with the tragedy and he and his father try to deal with it together as a family.

101. The Prisoner — Candy, shirts, and a secret prisoner in Micah's jail: those seem to be the things to get Mark in trouble this time. But Mark put his worries aside when he discovers that something horrible has happened to his father.

102. Assault — Mark finds himself in big trouble when he breaks one of his father's rules and takes a slingshot to school. A series of events escalates until he finds himself in more trouble then he ever expected he could be in!

103. Short Rope for a Tall Man — Mark's sudden desire to become a man could cost his father's life!

104. The Clarence Bibs Story — Bobby agrees to help Mark make better grades in math. But it may not be the kind of help Mark's father approves of.

105. The Score is Even — When Mark's father is shot, Mark has to race against time to get him the help he needs before time runs out!

106. The Mescalero Curse — After hearing ghost stories, Mark discovers that the stories may actually be facts. But Mark's father gets pretty irate with his overactive imagination.

107. Stopover — After a not-so-good event occurs at school, Mark is in for a night of adventure when a snowstorm blows a mess of strangers at his doorstep.

108. The Lonesome Bride — Mark gets a lesson in women and love as he begins to notice girls for the first time. But twenty-four hours later, after hearing "The Talk," witnessing the complications of girls first-hand, and watching his father struggle on the subject, Mark decides to stick with fishing.

109. Death Trap — Mark learns a hard lesson in love!

110. The Queue — When Mark's beloved horse hurts his leg, Mark suddenly realizes just how much he loves Blue Boy - and begins to understand why his love runs so deep.

Season 4

111. Vaqueros — Mark faces the greatest challenge of his life when some Mexican bandits kidnap him and forces him to work for them after they tell him that his father is dead.

112. First Wages — Mark is excited about his father's approaching birthday surprise - but the road getting to that day gets rough and Mark begins to wonder if he'll survive long enough to see it as his father's anger and confusion toward him grows.

113. Sheer Terror — Mark is in the middle of a month-long restriction due to endangering his life while working at the livery, and he cannot wait for it to end! But soon, he forgets all about that when he's held hostage inside Milly's store.

114. The Stand-In — In a hot Sunday in August, a prison wagon shows up at the McCain Ranch. Mark feels uneasy about it and soon discovers that he has a reason to when his father goes missing and Mark must help Micah locate him.

115. The Journey Back — Mark is happy that his father is allowing him to become a man, but he soon learns that being a man is full of hurts and disappointments - but even through it all, there's one thing that remains solid.

116. The Decision — When Mark's father witnesses a murder, Mark is threatened, which forces Lucas to send him away for safe keeping. What sort of trouble can a thirteen year old boy and eleven year old twins get into - especially after Lucas leaves strict instructions for him to be good?

117. Knight Errant — Mark has trouble with pigs and Knights. The pig wants to get him in trouble, and the knight wants to chop off his head! Will Mark survive this day?

118. Honest Abe — Mark must come to terms with the hard truths of war.

119. The Long Goodbye — Mark learns a valuable lesson about the ol' saying, 'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.'

120. The Shattered Idol — Mark learns another life lesson when he learns his idol is only human.

121. Long Gun From Tucson — One can imagine how a young 13 year old boy felt when he heard the news that his father would face four gun slingers...alone!

122. The High Country — When a man lies about the facts surrounding a recent death, Mark must come to terms with truth and forgiveness and why those things are important.

123. A Friend in Need — Mark is kidnapped and held for ransom, locked in a dark closet for hours on end when the kidnapper is away.
123.a. Between — A bridge between A Friend in Need and Skull  — This is told from Lucas's point of view.
In the aftermath of the kidnapping, Lucas watches a hopeless struggle of his son while trying to cope with his on fear of letting go.

124. Skull — Just when Mark learns not to be afraid, he sent out into the darkness again - but this time, his father's life depends on his success.

125. The Princess — Mark gets excited when he makes a big discovery about the guests at the McCain Ranch. But will he ever find out the truth?

126. Gun Fire — Mark feels his first taste of love when he falls for the prettiest girl in school. In the past he went fishing instead, but to his horror, this time he'd rather have the girl than the fish. A runt from a litter of pigs helps bring them closer together.

127. The Quiet Fear — Mark takes another big step into manhood.

128. The Sporting Chance — Though Mark is growing up and attending school less, he still learns that he has a long way to go.
Thirteen — A Mark’s Memory Production — Mark is about to step into manhood as he faces his thirteenth birthday. But when tragedy strikes, the step may be more of a "giant" then he's ready to face.

129. A Young Man's Fancy — Mark falls in love with a special visitor, but is it a love to last?

130. Man from Salinas — A family returns to North Fork after trouble in California. Mark must deal with yet another harsh reality.

131. Two Ounces of Tin — When Mark meets a fast gun, he feels an instant connection to the man. But soon his heart is struggling between right and wrong. Can Lucas help his boy face the latest growing up reality of Mark's teenage life?

132. The Deadly Image — A man barges into the McCain house when Mark is home alone. Mark finds himself trapped in a night of terror.

133. The Debt — Mark learns a man who saved his life is being executed and decides to take the law into his own hands.

134. Tin Horn — Mark's having a bad week! His grades are slipping, he doesn't understand all the old-fashionedness of his father, and he learns his father has taken up a new hobby.

135. None So Blind — Mark's revenge almost cost his father his life. Now Mark must come to terms with the horrible thing that he did.

136. The Jealous Man — Mark tries to figure out a way of washing dishes - and worries about his father being challenged to a gunfight.

137. Guilty Conscience — After Mark finally convinces his father to let him stay at the ranch while he's out of town, Mark finds himself in an adventure that may end his independence.

138. Day of Reckoning — Mark helps the preacher's son when he is ridiculed his very first Sunday in North Fork - even by Mark's own father!

139. The Day the Town Slept — When robbers attach a stage coach and kill two good friends, Lucas and Mark are anxious to see the robbers behind bars. They soon discover that the culprits are closer than they every believed was possible!

140. Millie's Brother — Someone very special to Mark suddenly leaves North Fork.

141. Outlaw's Shoes — Hoping that it would help them get over Milly's leaving, Mark and Lucas take a trip away from North Fork, but the trip could cost Lucas his life.

142. The Executioner — Mark hates the thought of working that dreadful rock pile!

Season 5

143. & 144. Waste - Part 1 & 2— Mark, Lucas, and Micah travel down south for a murder trial that will bring much-needed closure to Mark's fears; but just when they think things are in the clear, another disaster occurs. How will they get themselves out of this mess???"
The Escape: Prequel to Waste — Eleven year old Mark witnesses a murder.

145. Lou Mallory — Pa seems to be a lot more gripey lately, and Mark decides he needs a woman. But Mark is surprised when a "woman" suddenly helps him out of a messy situation.

146. Quiet Night, Deadly Night — After Lucas is exposed to small pox, Mark remembers back to his mother's death.

147. Death Never Rides Alone — What starts out as exciting sometimes ends in humbling awareness.

148. I Take This Woman — Mark is growing up, and realizes how much when he finds himself in hot water with three young girls who long for his attention; but his father doesn't like it and tells Mark to put a stop to it before he does it for him.

149. The Assailants — Mark is proud of the increasing partnership with his father, but Lucas has trouble with some of the aspects he encounters.

150. Mark's Rifle — Mark finally gets the one thing he's always wanted, but when somebody comes between him and his father, he loses something much more precious.

151. The Most Amazing Man — When Mark discovers a new idol, Lucas knows the man isn't what he appears to be but wants to keep Mark's boyhood alive for just a little longer.

152. Squeeze Play — A man buying land for the railroad goes to extremes to try to push Lucas into selling. Nobody understands why Lucas continues to hold off – including his own son.

153. Gun Shy — Mark is involved in the accidental shooting of a child and seeks into despair so deeply, that not even Lucas may be able to help him.

154. The Anvil Chorus — After witnessing a senseless gunfight, Mark wonders if ridding the town of guns would solve problems.

155. Conflict — So much has happened to Mark during the last few months. Lucas is afraid Mark isn't adjusting to accepting all that has happened and decides they should talk more. But when Lucas comes face-to-face with his own destiny, he grows fearful of the one thing he's trying to help Mark to face.

156. Incident at Line Shack Six — Mark is excited that the railroad is coming, so much so, that he forgets the rules his father had set in place for his own protection and finds himself in more trouble. Mark also decides to take on his own business, but Lucas isn't so sure it's a good idea.

157. Suspicion — During a break from school, Mark rides to Santa Fe and has a memorable adventure; but before school comes back into session, Mark learns yet another hard lesson in life.

158. The Sidewinder — Mark helps a orphan kid gunfighter come to terms with his past.

159. The Sixteenth Cousin — When Mark plays hooky from school to see the ground breaking ceremony for the railroad, he finds himself in a lot of trouble; but this is ONLY the first of several adventures for Mark he faces before riding on the first railroad into North Fork. Before all's said in done, Mark and Lou both find themselves deserving of punishment, which is carried out by Lucas McCain.

160. Hostages to Fortune — After a confrontation with a girl's father, Mark goes off with the boys and finds himself in trouble. But then the punishment has just begun as he learns the high cost of growing up.

161. And the Devil Makes Five — While coming back from a fishing trip, Mark and Lucas run into Micah...and trouble.

162. End of the Hunt — It's a race against time as Mark tries to stop his father from doing something he'd regret, but Mark can't let his father know he knows anything.

163. The Bullet — There's a dance in North Fork and Mark is allowed to go - with his first sweetheart.

164. Requiem at Mission Springs — An accident cripples Mark, and he must come to terms with his condition and regain the faith he needs to get better.

165. The Guest — When a man rides into town, Mark befriends him. But people aren't always what they seem.

166. Old Man Running — Mark learns a truth about his mother's death and finds his emotions in conflict with his Pa's.

167. Which Way'd They Go? — When Lucas asks Mark to stay in town and watch over Lou while he and Micah are gone, Mark discovers the job is more than his father ever wanted him to have. But how will Mark get the town out of this mess? And how will he EVER explain this to his father?

168. Old Tony — Mark turns 15, but discovers that he still not ready to leave his childhood behind.

*A special thanks goes out to Michelle Palmer for her insight on how Mark had seen these episodes.

*The picture above is from a press release — PHOTO DIVISION — Press Information — abc television network


Chuck Connors, as widower Lucas McCain on ABC'S-TV's new frontier dramatic series The Rifleman (Tuesday, 9-9:30 PM), is faced with bring up his young son, Mark, portrayed by Johnny Crawford, in the rugged days of the Old West.

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