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The kiss that never happened or did it?

The Rifleman - The kiss that never happened or did it?

"He was a great big wild Irishman." said Miss Blair," who was brimming with life and life-force - he was just fantastic!  And when you did a scene with him it was really exciting, because we'd go moment-to-moment and the scene would build. And whatever happened in the scene, you just went with it.

"One time we were walking in, and we knew we'd been out in the wagon - so Chuck sprinkled hay all over me, and he was picking hay out of my hair as we came in! And we were carrying our shoes, which sort of told everyone what we were out doing!  And that was the way Chuck was, he would do things on the spur of the moment - and it was always with the moment, and the interplay in the scene.  He was just wonderful to work with."

It was very obvious that she was quite attracted to Chuck, and thought he was a very special man. 
"Chuck was very exciting to work with - he is a very exciting man.  When he was wearing those tight jeans, and those rolled-up sleeves, he was one SEXY man!  He was a walking sex machine"
This was taken from Chuck Connors..... The Man Behind the Rifle by David Fury

The kiss that never happened or did it?
(Is this were the kiss happened?)

1965 TV Guide article She slaves all day over a hot stove..... Then Pat Blair goes home to her maid and yacht. There is a section about a kiss between Lucas & Lou even after "cut".

It reads that she made TV history.

Patricia tells of "a wonderful scene." She talks about riding in a wagon with Lucas. (This is the episode - Mark's Rifle. There was definitely something going on here, whether on the set on behind the scenes)

He put his arms around her and they kissed and when they call "cut" the kiss went on. 

In the article she does mention that the kids would rather see Lucas kiss his horse then her.


(Another) - New Romantic Interest for 'The Rifleman' Connors
By Cynthia Lowry

The Montreal Gazette Monday August 6, 1962

Hollywood - Chuck Connors will deny it furiously, but the truth is that Lucas McCain is fickle.

For the last year, television stalwart, right-thinking, fast-shooting Rifleman has been seriously romancing a girl names Millie. Lucas soon will put her out of sight and mind. And, at the same time, a new girl will enter his life.

The ABC program soon will start its fifth season. Earlier this week Connors threw a party to introduce the pretty red-head. Patricia Blair, who in the third new program if the fall will catch our hero's unexpectedly roving eye.

Originally, The Rifleman added a dark-hard Joan Taylor to the cast of regulars, partly to inject some romance into the adventure-filled life of widower McCain and his young son and partly to satisfy feminine fans of the program who wrote worriedly about the lack of gentle, motherly influences on the young boy.

But a popular television series run into certain serious problems as it grows older, there is need for change and variety, but there are limit actions. Obviously, they couldn't change the characters played by tall, good humored Chuck or by Johnny Crawford, playing his son. One answer was a new romantic interest. So Pat, a Dallas girl who moved on to acting after a modeling career, got her chance.

In order to tie up all the loose ends and to stop a flood of fan letters demanding to know what happened to Millie, the program explained she suddenly was "called back East." The Pat, playing a lady called Lou, will come to town and take over the local hotel.

Connors heatedly defends Lucas' switch of affections.

"He's not fickle," he insisted. "He doesn't change girls like automobile tires. After all, he couldn't help it if she had to go east."

*Although this article was to introduce Lou to the fans she does mention their first kiss. I wasn't quite sure if I should put this in Lou Mallory - press release or Mark's Rifle - The kiss that never happened or did it?
I decide to put this in both pages.

New Girl Joins "Rifleman" Show For This Season
Star News - September 27, 1962

     HOLLYWOOD (PI) --  Chuck Connors, star of ABC TVs " Rifleman" has gotten another girlfriend, after having failed to marry the last one is producers hired one for the job.
Chuck used to play opposite pretty Joan Taylor and viewers thought, aha, they'd be married before the year is out. But like most nosy matchmakers they were wrong. Connors, who portrays Lucas McCain, never cottoned to his supposed love interest. So, she went "back east", leaving Connors to find another gal.
And that's what Chuck did. This season he'll be holding hat in hand and shuffling his feet in the best Western tradition when he calls on newcomer Patricia Blair.

Plays Irish Immigrant

Miss. Blair, a pretty redhead, plays the role of "Lou Mallory", a girl who emigrates from Ireland and ends up in Chuck's hometown of North Fork. First thing she does is hoodwink the townsfolk, buying up real estate at inflated prices because she knows the railroad builders plan to invade North Fork.
That's not the recommended method for making friends in a community, and Connors rushes to her defense, staunch Western hero that he is. "Lou is very proud, independent and completely self-sufficient". Miss. Blair said. "She's not the gingham dress type of girl". Patricia might have added that "Miss. Lou" has the makings of a mercenary.

Runs Grocery Store

Connors' video girl friend runs a hotel and grocery store, occupations which are bound to compare her with "Gunsmokes" lady saloon keeper "Kitty". "Lou has more warmth", says Pat, who will make her debut on the show October 15. "And I'm not running a saloon. There are more situations that I can get into because I am an integral part of the town."
When Connors isn't fighting bad guys, he'll be battling Miss. Blair and chances of his winning are slight. Instead of a fast draw, Pat has a quick temper. "And Chuck is usually on the receiving end," she said, threateningly. "But he has a temper of his own, so the sparks will fly."
As 'Lucas McCain', Connors portrays a widower with a young son. During the four years "Rifleman" has been telecast, Chuck's romantic life was restricted to Miss. Taylor, now gone. His producers hope he'll take a fancy to Pat.

 "We've had our first kiss", said the anxious Miss. Blair. "I sure hope the public likes the love interest". The pretty actress has a big job. She's got to lasso a fickle public into rangy Connors, both at the same time.

Patricia Blair

AP Wire Press release for 'Lou Mallory'

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