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 These are pictures of what use to be Chuck's real ranch. I was fortunate to be able to tour this ranch in March of 2004.
Here are some of the pictures from that day. A special thanks to John & Evelyn Sammis & the now owners of this ranch, the Fisher's, for making this possible!
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When Chuck wasn't working at acting, he was tending his 8 acre ranch at Bear Valley Springs, in the Tehachapi Mountains in Kern County, California.  The Ranch was then called.

 Medicine Hat Oaks this is a gated Community. Thanks to Evelyn Eccleston Sammis and John Sammis we got to tour this ranch. The Fisher's owned it back then and it was called Glory Ranch.

The picture on the left is the front of the house and the picture on the right is the back.

Did you wonder how Chuck came up with the name Medicine Hat Oaks? Now you can hear it from the horses mouth OOOPS! From Chuck's mouth. I got this from a personal interview that was done at Chuck's ranch, Medicine Hat Oaks.

Medicine Hat in horse parlance is a painted horse who is born. There is no connection between the marking brown or sorrel on the top down to the body. Somewhere along the line it will be totally separated, not even, which is called a necklace. They consider that part above the marking on the whole head, a hat. And the Indians were superstitious, but it was part of their religion. They would give horses to the medicine man.

Evelyn & John Sammis outside of the Errea House in Tehachapi in 2004.
Thanks for the memories!

Evelyn and John were an advocate for civic projects in Tehachapi. Evelyn was a past president of the Tehachapi Heritage League - Tehachapi Museum and Evelyn and John was heavily involved with the restoration of the Errea House.

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of both John Sammis and Evelyn Eccleston Sammis, may you rest in peace.

Medicine Hat Oaks 2
I was fortunate to be able to tour this ranch in March of 2004.

Pictures of Chuck Connors at home at his ranch
Do you know who Shepherd was?

Medicine Hat Oaks For Sale

The house where Chuck Connors stayed while his ranch, Medicine Hat Oaks was being built.
(summer 1976)

Sakura Killers 1987 Movie
Not sure how many of you know that Sakura Killers was filmed on location at Medicine Hat Oaks!  (Chuck's ranch)
These pictures were taken from the movie.

Tony Haig at Medicine Hat Oaks

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