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These are pictures of what use to be Chuck's real ranch

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I was fortunate to be able to tour this ranch in March of 2004.

Here are some of the pictures from that day.
A special thanks to John & Evelyn Sammis & the now owners, the Fisher's for making this possible!
(Click on the pictures to view larger ones)

Tom and I in front of Glory Ranch (no larger size on this one).

This is part of the telephone pole fence that Chuck and two of his boys, Steve & Jeff had worked on. This telephone fence was Chuck's pride & joy. Chuck's dream before he died was to finish this fence.
They did finish it three months before Chuck passed away.

Replica of The McCain Ranch
Chuck had this built special It was his guest house.
Look familiar? (click on the picture for a larger size)

He also kept his memorabilia in his guest house.
Taken from
Chuck Connors..... The Man Behind the Rifle written by David Fury
His western-style ranch house fit Chuck like a glove, and was furnished entirely with beautiful antiques, including: a 5-cent Coca-Cola machine; a brass cash register; a 1910 cook stove; an antique brass scale; the requisite pool table; and a whole house full of fabulous collectibles. 

Medicine Hat Oaks 3
I was fortunate to be able to tour this ranch in March of 2004.

Pictures of Chuck Connors at home at his ranch
Do you know who Shepherd was?

Medicine Hat Oaks For Sale

The house where Chuck Connors stayed while his ranch, Medicine Hat Oaks was being built. (summer 1976)

Sakura Killers 1987 Movie
Not sure how many of you know that Sakura Killers was filmed on location at Medicine Hat Oaks!  (Chuck's ranch)
These pictures were taken from the movie.

Tony Haig at Medicine Hat Oaks

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