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Milton Parsons has appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman Letter of the Law as A. Parker- Gunsmith. He's the one who notified Micah when Brett Stocker brought his fancy guns in to be fixed ― Strange Town as the old man who gave Lucas directions.

Bald, skeletal character actor with a sepulchral speaking voice who specialized in playing creepy undertakers and other eccentrics.

Later in his career he sported a goatee which further accentuated his menacing appearance.

American character actor of film and television. The bald, tall and skinny Parsons is best remembered for playing the roles of morticians or butlers. He appeared in the films, A Love Affair: The Eleanor And Lou Gehrig Story ― The Dead Don't Die ―The Cat Creature ― The Haunted Palace ― Elmer Gantry ― How To Be Very, Very Popular ― Dancing In The Dark ― The Shanghai Chest" ― "The Mighty McGurk ―Dick Tracy ― Who Done It ― Behind The News ― Another Thin Man ― The Untouchables

Besides his many films, he also appeared in many classic television programs including, McMillan & Wife ― Kolchak: The Night Stalker ― Kung Fu ― The F.B.I. ― The Brady Bunch ― Night Gallery ― Love, American Style ― Mayberry R.F.D. ― The Ghost & Mrs. Muir ― Bonanza ― That Girl ― The Wild Wild West ― The Man from U.N.C.L.E. ― The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. ― My Brother the Angel ― The Patty Duke Show ― The Jack Benny Program ― The Dick Van Dyke Show ― The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters ― The Twilight Zone ― Lawman ― Adventures in Paradise ― National Velvet ― Mister Ed ― Thriller ― The Law and Mr. Jones ― Little House On The Prairie ― The Brady Bunch ― Burke's Law ― I Love Lucy ― The Dakotas.

Milton Parsons was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, on May 19, 1904
Birth Name: Ernest Milton Parsons
He died May 15, 1980 in Los Angles, California

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