The Rifleman
"Welcome to the McCain Ranch"

The Mind Reader
Episode 40

It was a dark and quiet night in North Fork.  Besides men coming into town to visit the Last Chance, no other action seemed to be happening.The Rifleman - The Mind Reader - Episode 40  It was the perfect night for Osborne to be in town.  No one would suspect a thing!  But suddenly, out of the darkness, a man came trampling down the sidewalk.  He was walking with a determined purpose.  As he walked right past the Last Chance, Osborne crouched behind a tree, out of view.

What happened next was haunting!  John Hallager was in town.  He went into the hardware store for one thing and one thing only:  a box of .44 caliber shells.  The storekeeper hadn’t picked up on the dark mood that had suddenly entered the town, so he joked about who Hallager was planning on shooting.  Hallager didn’t even crack a smile. His frown remained as the dark mood suddenly entered the store.  “Does it matter?” was Hallager’s only words.

They were his final words!  Because as soon as he entered out onto the street, a single shot was fired.  The shot met it’s intentional target and Hallager laid dead.  His darkest hour had come to past.

That’s how it happened.  I had to go to town to help solve this perplexing mystery, especially since the person being held for the murder was none other but…Billy Mathis – a mere boy, whom I could not believe was capable of committing such a horrific cold-blooded murder.

But more of that in a minute.  First of all I must report what Mark and I experienced while riding into town that day.  We were almost there when we suddenly saw a strange wagon with a sign on it.  Of course, Mark’s attention was aroused!  "Jumpin' catfish, I never seen anything like that before.  What do you suppose it is?"

I figured it was one of those weird medicine shows or something. I asked Mark if he could read the sign on the wagon.  "World's Greatest Ment--ta--list.  What does that mean?" Mark wondered.

"That's a fancy name for a mind reader.  It means he can tell what your thinking."

Naturally, that got Mark even more excited!  "Honest," said Mark.

“Well, that’s what he claims anyway,” I answered my young, impressionable son.

I greeted the man as he stopped the wagon.  He was a strange one!  He tipped his hat to me.  “A good day to you, sir!  And more of the same to the young lad!”  Then he asked, “Would you be so kind as to grant an indulgence to a wayfarer?”

His words were a bit strange, but I understood enough to answer his question.  I told him I may be able to if he could tell us how we could help.  As it turned out, he was on his way to North Fork.  When Mark heard this, he wanted to know if he was putting a show on there.  “That is me fancy!” he answered.  “An unforgettable performance!  Admission fifty cents, a quarter to sprouts!”

“Can you really tell what people are thinking?” Mark wanted to know.  I looked down at Mark, knowing that he was thinking he wanted to go to the performance.  But I wasn’t sure I wanted to.

“The thoughts hidden in men’s minds are not secrets to me.”  Suddenly he pointed at Mark and accused, “You young man, at this moment are thinking how you might extract a quarter from your partner to buy a ticket for the performance.”

I didn’t have to wonder about that!  I knew that’s what Mark was thinking.

Mark looked at me, unsure at what this strange man had just said.  "He's got a funny way of talkin', if you ask me," he stated.  I scratched my nose to keep from rolling my eyes at both of them.

I told the man to follow me.  As I pulled up in front of Micah’s office, Mark was wondering if the stranger got lost.  “Oh, no, he’ll be along son,” I assured him as I reached for my rifle.  I saw the curiosity written all over my son’s face.  “You wouldn’t wanna stay out here and wait for him, would ya?” I asked.

For once The Rifleman - The Mind Reader - Episode 40I didn’t have to make him stay in the wagon.  He was glad to wait.  That freed me up to do my talking with this young man my own way.

Okay, now here’s where I go in to talk to Billy.  As I opened the door to the Marshall’s office, I met a very irate Lucy!  She is Billy’s girlfriend and Hallager’s daughter, and she was none too pleased with the fact that Billy was being blamed for her father’s murder.  She’s pure spit-fire and she told Micah just what she thought of him!  Lucy was trying to convince Micah that Billy hadn’t been in town that night.  Micah was arguing that couldn’t be proven.

Suddenly, she turned around and saw me standing there.  She had desperation in her voice.  “Lucas, Lucas, you were Billy’s friend!”  I hoped I still was.  “Then do something!  Help him!”  I told Lucy to go home.

“All right, Lucas.  I’m counting on you to get him out!” she declared.  Before she left, she turned to Micah.  “I’m sorry, Micah.  It’s just that I know that Billy’s innocent!” I closed the door after Lucy walked out.  Micah certainly was happy that I showed up.

“She’s got a lot of faith in that boy!” I commented.

Before going in to talk to Billy I wanted to know the details.  Apparently Billy was claiming that his shotgun had been stolen.  Since his arrest, he had basically been sitting in his cell and staring at the ceiling!  That wasn’t much to go on, but I would try to use my methods to get more information from him

I went into the cell to ask Billy how he was.  Billy was lying on his cot and lifted his head to look at me.  “You expect an answer to that?” he asked.

“I didn’t ask to hear my head roar!” I stated.  That meant I wanted an answer immediately!

So he answered.  “I got free lodging and three meals a day!  What more can a man ask for?”  He was being sarcastic all right!

Micah walked off stating he’d heard all that before.

"Did you bushwhack John Hallager?"

"What difference does that make?" He asked bitterly.

He wasn’t showing me the respect I deserved.  After all, I did come down to help him as soon as I found out he was in trouble!  "Get on your feet when you talk to me."  I suddenly ordered in a very authoritative voice.

I’m guessing that Billy wasn’t expecting this sort of a response.  But he did as I told him to do.  He slowly stood up and came over to me.  “That’s better!” I stated.

“Not to me it isn’t!” Billy stated.  “I’m still looking out through the bars.”

I wasn’t in any mood to listen to his self-pity!  “They tell me Hallager was in the Hardware buying sells just before he was shot!” I reported to him.  I then asked him if it was because of him.  He stated that Hallager never made it a secret as to what he’d do if he caught him with Lucy.  “Were you seeing Lucy?” I demanded to know.

“Yeah,” was his only answer.

I next demanded to know where he had been Saturday night.  “I was sitting on a rock four miles out of town.  I was there sundown till near midnight.  So if it’s an alibi you’re looking for, you’re gonna have to get it from a couple prairie dogs!” That was Billy – a real smart eleck!

I asked Billy what Hallager had against him.  “You know what it was.  No daughter of his is gonna marry a $40 a month cowhand!  Oh, no!  No, you gotta own a thousand head of blooded stock before he’d even let you talk to her!” Billy was very bitter.  I didn’t blame him though.  I’d feel the same way if I’d been sitting in jail!

“What makes it so bad for you is that he was killed with a shotgun and yours is missing!” I commented.  “Now I’d like to hear you tell me you didn’t do it, Billy!”

Billy suddenly stared at me.  But he refused to sayThe Rifleman - The Mind Reader - Episode 40 anything else unless I could tell him how it would get him out of there.  I left Billy to his misery knowing I wouldn’t get anything out of him.

Micah handed me a cup of coffee as he asked me if I got anywhere with him.  “Not so far I couldn’t walk back,” I answered.  This whole thing had me upset.  “You know, Micah, he was always a hard-nosed kid.  Now, I can see him killing John Hallager all right, but not from ambush!  And I don’t think he’d use a shotgun.”

At that moment, my overly-excited boy raced into the office.  “Hey pa, he just rode in his minute!” he announced.

My mind was distracted.  I was thinking about Billy, not what had happened earlier.  Mark had to remind me when I asked who.  “Well, James Barrow McBride, who do you think?”

I really didn’t care at the moment.  I was deep in thought and hardly acknowledged his answer.  “Oh, good,” I simply stated.

Micah wasn’t interested in what Mark had to say either.  He was still thinking about our problem.  “What am I gonna do, Lucas?  I don’t have any real proof against the kid, maybe he didn’t do it.  And you’re supposed to arrest a man on evidence – not motives!  If I could just see into his mind!”

I didn’t know what to do either.  I was worried for Billy’s future.

Suddenly Mark broke into the conversation.  He was still on the same kick.  “Well, say, why don’t you get James Barrow McBride to do it.  He’s a mind reader.

I didn’t want to crush Mark’s excitement, but we didn’t have the time or the desire to listen to his exciting nonsense either.  “I’m afraid he couldn’t help much, son,” I stated a bit absent-mindly.

“Well, he is a mind reader!” Mark insisted.

That was it!  I couldn’t take anymore of his mouth at the moment.  I snapped at him, “Mark, will you wait outside, please?”

Mark wasn’t happy to be put off, but I didn’t care.  I had more important things on my mind, besides he knew better than to interrupt Micah and me when we were having a serious talk!

“Yes sir,” he said obviously put-off.  He walked outside, a bit miffed and slowly started to get back into the wagon.  But Mark saw McBride go into the hotel across the street, so he rushed over to see what he was doing.

As Mr. McBride was signing up for a room, two men playing poker tried to get him into a game.  McBride refused stating that “the element of chance does not enter in any game which I engage.”

Suddenly, the one of the men realized just why he said what he said.  “A mind reader!”

About this time McBride saw Mark lingering in the doorway.  He told him to come inside.  “You strike me as a lad who would recognize a business opportunity should he hear of one.  Would you consider a free admission to the performance as adequate compensation for posting these show cards about the town?”

Mark said no, which really surprised McBride.  But then Mark explained that he’d do it for two tickets.  He knew he wouldn‘t have been able to stay by himself, so the only way he’d get to go was if he conned me into going.  “You’re not a road agent in disguise, are you my boy?” he suddenly asked.  Mark smiled, knowing that he had gotten his way.

Mark was very happy with his task.  He ran out of the hotel and hurried over to me.  I was getting the wagon ready to travel back home when my son rushed up to me.  He was full of excitement as usual.  “Pa!  Hey pa, look what I got!  Two tickets to the show.  Now all I’ve gotta do is hang these posters.”

Now, I must admit that I did hear the “two tickets” part, but I wasn’t too excited to go.  But I supposed I didn’t come up with too good of an excuse not to go either.  “Well son, that show’s not till tonight.  I was planning on being back at the ranch long before that,” I answered.

I was expecting his next comment.  “Oh.  Well, if you could see your way clearly to staying in town, why I would be glad to give you one of the tickets,” he answered.

Mark’s begging was always so cute!  I just couldn’t say no to such an offer like that.  “Well, I don’t see how a man can turn down an invite like that,” I stated.  “All right.”

“Yahoo!” Mark shouted as he started to rush off.

“Mark!” I hollered after him.  He suddenly turned around and looked at me.  I drew my finger inward, motioning for him to return to me.  I then grabbed one of the tickets from his hand.  “My ticket,” I stated.  I wanted to make sure I got my part in the deal before he gave it away on some other con job!

I shook my head in fatherly love as I watched him walk off.  That boy!

Mark and I went to the meeting later that night.  McBride gave everyone a slip of paper to write down a question, problem, or riddle.  Then they were to be folded up and placed in the basket.  McBride was going to press the slips of paper to his forehead and know what the question is without looking at it.   He states it’s drawn in by vibration… He was even so kind as to allow the person who asked the question to reveal themselves if they wanted to after he gave the answer.

A basket was passed around.  The Rifleman - The Mind Reader - Episode 40I had no question to put in.  I was mostly there because my son wanted to be.  As I tried to hand Mark the basket, he was busy writing.  I had to tap him to hurry him up.  Mark seemed awfully curious about his question.

When the man gave him back the basket, McBride said, “And to answer your question that is uppermost in your mind, for you kind assistance, yes, you will receive your reward.”  He sat the basked on the table.  Then finished, “in the next world!”  Even I laughed at that.

The first question that he claimed was on the piece of paper was:  “A lady wants to know if her husband’s trips to Amarillo are entirely business.”

His answer:  “Yes madam, of one kind or another.”  This got us all to laughing as well, of course Mark just looked at me, not exactly understanding what was so funny.

The second question he claimed was “Who has been stealing liquor from the back of my saloon?”  Now before I tell you what his answer was, I must tell you that my boy was getting really anxious about his question.  I noticed him lean forward as the question was read, then slump back against the back of the chair when he realized it wasn’t his question.

Now, again, McBride had a funny answer to the question.  “The saloon in question is the Last Chance.  And the only answer I can honestly give to the proprietor is this:  when a man has the biggest thirst and the smallest purse in North Fork, what else can he do but steal his liquor?”  Again, the audience cackled at the answer.

He did some more questions before getting to the final one:  “The next question asks who killed John Hallager?”

When I heard that question asked, I automatically gave Mark a disapproving look.  By his avoidance to look at me, I knew that had been the question he wrote down.  McBride’s answer stirred up the audience.

“The shotgun that killed John Hallager was fired from the alley next to the Last Chance.  After the foul deed, the murderer ran to a horse that was waiting at the rear of the saloon and fled.  But this is a matter for the authorities.  It would be proper to say more then this, for murder though it has no tongue, will speak.”

If McBride was looking for attention, he certainly got it on this one!  The room was suddenly eerily quiet as he spoke the words I just mentioned.  I rubbed my chin, deep in thought.  How could he know all this?

When he was done, everyone stood up and began talking excitedly.  Micah came over to me and tapped me on my shoulder.  He wanted me to follow him.  Mark stayed put, which was probably a very good idea at the time!

After everyone left for home, the town seemed quite eerie!  The room that had just been alive with excited chatter now lay empty except for one man who sat in a chair quietly in his thoughts.  Mr. McBride, the man who had given me more questions than answers was about to be approached by me and Micah.

Micah and I walked inside and sat down.  We didn’t make a sound, but Mr. McBride greeted us.  “I trust you enjoyed the performance?” he asked.

Well, enjoyed wasn’t the word I’d use…But I just stated, “It was pretty good.”

“We’d just like to know where you got all that stuff,” Micah stated.

He answered that he couldn’t explain his unique ability.  While he was feeding us this line, I had reached down to get the paper with the perplexing question.  I handed that question to Micah.  Someone had indeed written that question down!

“The Marshal would like to know more about the Hallager murder,” I stated.

“Gentlemen, I can add nothing to what I said in the performance,” McBride stated.  “I was picking up vibrations from someone in the audience.  Abruptly they grew weak and faded off.”

This surprised me.  He was saying the murderer had been in this very room tonight.  It was really hard for me to believe this man was truly a mind reader.  I had to question him on this further.  “Tell me something, Mr. McBride.  If you were to come face-to-face with a man suspected of killing Hallager, would you…uh…pick up any vibrations?”

McBride could tell I was a nonbeliever of his talent.  “I hear the science of telepathy has not yet received universal acceptance.  My testimony would have no standing in a court of law.”

We didn’t want to hear anymore excuses.  We strongly advised him to cooperate in full.  He didn’t want to do it that night.  He stated that his mind was too weary.  We told him he’d be there in the morning to help us.  I would come into town around 9AM, as soon as I got Mark off to school.

I had sent Mark to the wagon to wait for me earlier.  When I got out there, he was fast asleep in the back.  I couldn’t wake him – there was something sweet about a sleeping child that’s so precious!  So I gently laid a jacket over him and softly drove off for the ranch, using the silence of the dark night to think about the events of the afternoon.

As promised, I arrived in town the next morning just as Lucy was going to give Billy his breakfast.  I commented that it looked like he was eating well.  Lucy was still very bitter about the fact that Billy was in jail.  “I want him to know that he still has one friend left,” she commented.

I looked at her for a few moments before speaking.  In the most reassuring voice I could muster, I stated, “Now Lucy, we’re doing the best we can!”

Suddenly, Micah rushed up to me to announce that Mr. McBride skipped out during the night.  I must say that didn’t come as a surprise to me!  I never believed he was a mind reader to begin with.  In fact, I had a chance to do a lot of thinking about it.  “Micah, McBride couldn’t have done us any good anyway,” I told him.  Micah was perplexed as to how he knew all those facts.  I had come up with an answer for that.  “He was in town six hours, right?  Well, you keep your eyes open and your ears cleaned out, your bound to pick up some gossip in that time.”

Micah was still a bit leery.  “The man who killed John Hallager ain’t likely to be telling it around.”

I decided it was time to do some detective work.  I want to the hotel to talk to the folks over there while Micah went to send Lucy home.  When I walked into the motel, I went up to the desk.  Eddie was the first person I wanted to talk to.  As I rang the bell, Joe Hyatt suggested I put my rifle down and try my luck in a game.  “Now Joe, you know that luck’s got nothing to do with any game you deal!” I stated.

Mr. Fogarty stated he was about to feel that way himself.  He wasn’t having very much luck playing against Hyatt. He asked me why I was in town so early, and I told him I had come in to talk to the mind reading fella.  Hyatt wanted my opinion on rather there was some truth in what McBride had said the night before.

“Could be.  Or he could have talked to someone,” I stated.  “Did he try to pump you for any gossip, Joe?”

Joe said no.  “Don’t figure he pumped anybody else.  I saw him go up to his room shortly after he registered.  He didn’t come down again until it was time for the show.”  I suggested that McBride could have left while he wasn’t looking but Joe firmly stated, “Lucas, nobody gets past me!”

I then go to look at the hotel register to see if it holds any clues.

While I’m investigating things at the hotel, Micah is having himself quite an adventure over at the jail.  That wasn’t all breakfast Lucy had in that basket!  She pulls a gun on Micah and demanded him to let Billy go.  He tried to tell Lucy she’s making a mistake, but Lucy was mad and fed up with Billy’s being in jail.  Micah unlocked the cell and Lucy told Billy that my horse was right outside.  Billy hesitated, not wanting Lucy to get in trouble on his account, but Lucy wouldn’t listen.  She screamed for Billy to get out of there.

Micah started to yell at Billy, which caused Lucy to fire her gun   Having heard the gunshot, I rushed out onto the street in time to see Billy jump on my horse.  He was escaping from jail, and it was in my rights to shoot him.  I held my rifle up and pointed it at his retreating figure, but I couldn’t pull the trigger!  It just wasn’t in me to shoot someone who may very well be innocent.

As Micah ran off with some other men to go after Billy, Lucy walked out of his office.  I grabbed her by the arm.  “Lucy, you’re a fool!” I scolded her.

“Well what did you want me to do?  Leave him in there to hang?” she shouted back at me.  There was a desperate, frightened look in her eyes.

“Even if he killed your own father?”  But she was insistent that Billy did not kill her father.  I just looked at her and stated in a firm voice, “An innocent man doesn’t run, Lucy.”  That’s all I had left to say.  I walked off, leaving her to think on that.

I walked back into the hotel and walked up to the two men at the table.  I wanted to talk to Mr. Fogarty about something.  He acted like he didn’t want to talk to me.  “I was just wondering if you were at the show last night,” I stated.  He stated he hadn’t been.  “That’s too bad.  You should have been there.  It was mighty interesting.  This James Barrow McBride seems to know all the secrets in town,” I stated as I casually walked around

Mr. Fogarty nervously asked me if I believed in mind reading. “No,” I answered.  Then I turned around and pointed my rifle at him.  “Do you?”

“Well, I’ve heard stories about horses and dogs that were taken hundreds of miles away from their homes and managed to find their way back by themselves.  I can’t explain that.  Can you?”

I found his nervousness and talking around my questioning quite amusing and…interesting.  But I humored him.  “Well, if a horse could talk, I might find out.”  Again, Mr. Fogarty laughed nervously.  “You know people are much more interested in finding out where McBride gets all his information.  Now, I’ve got an explanation.  Oh, I couldn’t prove it of course  but Mr.The Rifleman - The Mind Reader - Episode 40 Fogarty, would you like to hear it?  You see, I think that every town that McBride performs in has already been visited by someone else who got there maybe a day or so in advance.”  I place my hand on the register.  “Like a salesman, for instance.  Now, if this salesman did a little bit of talking and a lot of listening, he could pick up some mighty interesting gossip.  He might even learn about John Hallager’s murder.

My words were really getting to Mr. Fogarty.  He asked me if I was accusing him.  “Oh no, Mr. Fogarty.  I’m just trying to keep you out of jail as a witness.”  I bend down to be eye-level with him.  “Now, do you want to tell me…or the Marshall?”

My plan worked!  He was willing to confess.  “I got it from an old character that hangs around the saloon cadging drinks.”  It was Ed Osborne.  He was explaining how the town drunk was usually a good source for gossip.  But I didn’t stick around to listen.  Things were suddenly beginning to fall into place.  I had to go talk to Osborne immediately!

I immediately went to Osborne’s house.  He was standing outside as I came onto the porch.  He said good morning to him, but I was in no mood for chit chat!  I walked past him into his house and planted a foot onto a chair.  Putting the butt of my rifle on the table, I leaned in to it and said, “Ed, I want you to tell me all you know about John Hallager’s murder,” I stated without turning around.

That made Osborne really nervous. He wanted to deny it but couldn’t.  So he accused me of joking.  “You talked too much to that salesman, Ed.  Did you kill Hallager?”

I was having to force answers out of him.  I asked him if he was in the alley that night.  “Yeah.  I was there.  He never seen me in the dark though.  I never seen him neither till the shotgun went off.  It scared me!  Have you ever had a shotgun go off back of you?”

I wanted to know why he didn’t tell Micah.  He couldn’t tell Micah since he was the one stealing the liquor from the saloon.  “Who fired the gun?” I asked.  I didn’t have time for lousy excuses.  I just had to have answers now!  “Was it Billy Mathis?”

“All I seen is someone run out to a horse and ride out of there.”

He was about to swear to me he knew nothing else when suddenly memories of that night crept into his memory.  He remembered the murderer clinking like he had a pocketful of silver dollars.

“Nobody carries that much,” I started.  The suddenly I thought of Joe Hyatt.  Reality sat in.  I knew who it could be.  “…unless he just won a pot in a poker game!”

Suddenly, I heard the cock of a gun.  I stood frozen in my spot knowing there was a gun trained on me, waiting for me to make a move.  "Don't move around Lucas, I'll kill you if you do," said Joe. “You were just about to come with my name now, weren’t you Lucas?”

I asked him why he did it.  “A little argument over some marked cards.  I heard he was gunning for me,” he answered.  I thought that was a pretty poor reason to ambush a man, but he thought it was a good enough reason.  He had a bitter sounding voice.  I was sure his face held a mean look.

“And you were going to let Billy Mathis swing for it, huh?” I stated.  That’s the part that made me the maddest.

“I thought that was a real good idea of mine, using his gun!  He don’t mean nothing to me.  Neither do you.  Or that slack-mouthed drunkard there!  I think I better take that rifle, Lucas.  And do it slow and easy” he stated.

I always enjoy it when people tell me to hand my rifle over slow and easy!  It really gives me lots of opportunities!  I turned around as slowly as I could.  Osborne knew me very well, and he quickly fell out of my way…literally.  I waited until Joe asked for my rifle one more time, then I flipped it and shot him all within a second.  The rifle met his target and as he did to Hallager, I did to him.  Except mine was legal and not in the back!

Well, it was over and Billy could now be free.

Oh by the way, one more thing before I go.  You remember those posters that Mark hung up?  Well, he also took some of them down.  As I was chopping wood one day, I heard Mark hammering in the barn.  There is never any telling what that boy is up to!  So I stopped my chopping to find out.  “Mark, what are you hammering?”

“I’m hanging up my posThe Rifleman - The Mind Reader - Episode 40ter,” he stated.  I wondered what poster, then he told me.  Did I have to be reminded of that con artist?  I didn’t necessarily want that thing hanging in my barn where I had to look at it everyday, so I gently suggested to Mark that he give it to Billy and Lucy as a wedding present.  He was happy to inform me that he had another one for them.

Then he told me about an idea he had.  "You know, I might just be a mind reader when I grow up."

I wasn’t going to even let him think along those lines!  "Oh, now you listen to me boy,” I stated as a lecture came on.  I just couldn’t help myself!  “Men who learn to see, hear and think will be a mind reader six ways to Tuesday.  So while your waiting to grow up you just learn to be a book reader,"  I said.  "And that means, “ I started.

Mark interrupted me with a disgusted look.  “Get in the house and do my homework.  A man don't need to be a mind reader around here," he complained.

I just gave him one of my looks.  He handed me the hammer and started into the house.  I turned and finished hanging the sign up for him.  Hey, he’d already started it!  Honest!

Little did I know that Mark was onto me and was grinning like a possum up on the porch!

piddlin' stuff.....John Carradine appeared in two episodes ― The Photographer as Abel Goss, the photographer and friend of Lucas' who was charged for murder.  James Barrow McBride in The Mind Reader as the mind reader.

Sue Randall played Lucy Hallager, she was the one in love with Billy Mathis.

Charles Seel played Willard the storekeeper in The Boarding House  The Mind Reader.

Steve Ritch as Joe Hyatt.  He was the one who killed John Hallager.

Vic Perrin as Ed Osborne, as the one who was stealing the booze in back of the Last Chance and also witnessed the murder.

William Schallert appeared in three episodes ― The Mind Reader as Fogarty - the knife salesman ― Strange Town as Marshal Truce, he was the Marshal of  Droshek Town Short Rope for a Tall Man as Mr. Lovering, he was the man that Lucas sold his cattle to.
Robert Bice appeared in four episodes ― The Mind Reader as John Hallager, he was the man killed that Billy Mathis (Michael Landon) was accused of killing ― The Coward as Ben Smith, the Trail Boss of the cattle drive ― Seven as the warden of the New Mexico Territorial Prison - The '7' Prisoners Deadly Image as Len Richards, he was the one who accused Lucas of killing his brother.

James Chandler appeared in two episodes ― The Mind Reader as a rancher in the crowd ― The Silent Knife as Harvey Andrews, the stagecoach driver.

Michael Landon who appeared in End of a Young Gun as Will Fulton and The Mind Reader as Billy Mathis.
In which three episodes do we see two of the 'Cartwright boys?' There were five actors who appeared on The Rifleman that were regulars on Bonanza  — do you know who they are?

John Harmon appeared in twelve episodes as Eddie Halstead owner/hotel clerk of the Hotel Madera.  He was first introduced to The Rifleman in Duel of Honor.  

 Whitey Hughes was a well known and respected stuntman, he appeared in twenty-seven episodes of The Rifleman and still counting.  Whitey had over a 50-year career as a stuntman and stunt coordinator, he has been praised as one of the top stuntman in Hollywood.  Whitey was the best of the best!

 Archie Butler — Stuntman — Stunt coordinator — Actor - Archie has been in more episodes then anybody with the exception of the regular cast and he probably was in more episode then some of them.  ~Arnold Laven 
Remember him in The Sharpshooter?  Remember when Lucas shot the whiskey bottle and it shattered into pieces?  Archie was the cowboy who slid the whiskey bottle to Lucas.
Sometimes Archie was a stand-in for Paul Fix.

Ethan Laidlaw appeared in The Rifleman quite a few times unaccredited ― The Indian as a townsfolk — The Mind Reader as a townsman in the audience — Legacy as the man at the funeral — The Coward as a Diner Patron — Heller as a townsfolk — The Grasshopper as a passenger on the train — Strange Town as a townsfolk at Droshek Town — The Silent Knife as a townsfolk — Short Rope for a Tall Man as one of Crown's Henchmen — Honest Abe as a townsman —  Two Ounces of Tin as a townsfolk ― The Day the Town Slept as a townsman.

Leonard P. "Lenny" Geer appeared in four episodes ― The Indian as Todd Ullman, he was the man Lucas threw his rifle to and told him to put a hole threw Micah The Mind Reader as Townsmen in the audience Boomerang as the cowboy on horse The Woman as a Barfly.

Robert H. Robinson has appeared in thirteen episodes The Safe GuardDuel of HonorNew Orleans MenaceThe GauchoThe PetThe PhotographerThe Mind ReaderThe PatsyLegacyShotgun ManDay of ReckoningSuspicionHostage to Fortune.  He played a townsmen in all these episodes except one and that is Duel of Honor as as John Bradley, a passenger on the stage.

Albert Cavens  as one of the jurors.

Did you realize there are three actors who played a cinematic werewolf in the episode The Mind Reader?  Steven Ritch - The Werewolf 1956 ― Michael Landon - I Was a Teenage Werewolf-1957
Chuck Connors - Werewolf -TV series -1987

  Thanks Glenn Gilbert for this neat piddlin' stuff.....Cowgirl!

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