The Rifleman
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Miss Bertie
Episode 90

Now, I’ll admit that there’s been some women in my life that made my life a bit…well, should I say exciting? But then there was Miss Bertie. Now wait until you hear about her! She wasn’t your normal, everyday bounty hunter!The Rifleman - Miss Bertie - Episode 90 Yep, you heard me right – a bounty hunter!

She wasn’t from North Fork either. She was just passing through. You see, she was riding the stage through the west, and she was here for a purpose. But we’ll get to that in a minute. You see, my problems started when the driver let her off the stage. The driver informed her that he would be picking up two passengers in Dobie Wells, and that would be company for her.

As this little old lady, Miss Bertie, stood by the stage horses, she suddenly saw a commotion going on. A man left the saloon, and another followed, obviously upset about something. He told the man who had come out first that the money from the poker game was his.

The man slowly turned around. “We’re not agreed on that, boy,” he challenged. The second man told him he owed him fifty dollars. “Well, let’s not argue about it,” the first man said calmly.

“Not as long as you pay me,” the second man said as he backed up and started to draw. But the first man was faster and he shot and killed him in one shot.

Miss Bertie saw that and squeezed her book to her chest in shock. “Oh my,” she whispered nervously. She watched the man get on his horse and ride away. Then she slowly opened her book and turned the page. There was a wanted poster for the surviving gunfighter – Duke Jennings.

The stage driver came up behind her. “I’ve never seen someone so fast on the draw,” he declared. Miss Bertie quickly closed her book, wanting to keep the man’s identity a secret. “Wonder who he is.” Miss Bertie only shrugged with a sigh.

Well, by now you’ve probably guess who those two passengers were that would be meeting the stage – me and Mark. And naturally, Mark chose to sit with the nice grandmotherly type lady instead of his old man. So while they talked about…well…stuff, I tried to nap.

But she was showing Mark her album of Wanted Posters, and you know Mark – he was awful excited about it. He figured she had ever outlaw in that book. You can imagine my surprise when she answered…”I don’t have wild Jack Malone’s. His posters are pretty difficult to find.” Mark, of course, had never heard of him because he was captured before he was even born! “The reward on him was nearly ten thousand dollars.”

I opened an eye and looked at this lady. She looked normal enough, but boy howdy if I haven’t ever met a woman like her! And the impression she was leaving on my son was…Well, just wait until you hear what happened next! My boy said, “Why he must be a dead eye like Billy the Kid!”

“Well, he was so fast that people claim that he couldn’t even see him draw,” Miss Bertie declared as she kept a secure arm around Mark’s shoulders. “His guns were like Billy’s, but they were a matched set with pearl handles.”

They may have thought I was asleep, but there was no way I’d sleep through a conversation like that! I never thought I’d have to stay awake to guard my son from a little ol’ lady’s bad influence! “Just as deadly as the regular kind,” I pointed out without even opening my eyes.

“Well, Jack was lonely, Mr. McCain, but there was good in them.” My eyes popped open at that and I lifted my hat from my eyes. Was I really hearing her right? “Did you know that he gave a proper burial to all of the people that he killed? Curved the wooden headboards himself.”

I had to stop her from going any further. First of all, this was no way for a woman to talk, and second of all, I had an impressionable young lad who was hanging on her every word – and her words were even more deadly seeing as how she was a little old lady! “You going to Santa Fe, Miss Bertie?” I finally was able to ask. She was visiting Elizabethtown, Santa Fe, and Tombstone. “Well, them mighty wild towns! Not the best place of a lady traveling alone!”

But she wasn’t a bit afraid. She said that people were very helpful and kind wherever she went. “Well, out here, mostly folks are fine but it’s still a pretty rough country. Edges haven’t been smoothed down like they were in Philadelphia,” I warned her.

"Is that why you carry that rifle?" She pointed to my rifle.

"A rifles a pretty good friend if it's used right," I answered her.

She asked if she could look at it. No sirree, no ordinary woman! I let her look at it, but held onto it since it was loaded. "You done something with that trigger, haven't cha'?"

"That's right. It fires automatically each time you cock the lever." That impressed her.

But Mark was more impressed with her Wanted Posters. He suddenly begged her, “Could you stay in town just one day so I can show the book to some of my friends?”

She laughed at that, but I told Mark so stop deviling her. “Although it would be a pleasure showing you around, ma’am!”

If only I had known then
The Rifleman - Miss Bertie - Episode 90 the problems she would cause! She thanked us, but stated that the other towns would be more suitable for her purpose.

Mark then asked her if she would be staying in town. He would like to show her scrapbook to some of his friends. She said she wasn't staying over, that she would be moving on. I couldn’t help but wonder what her business was in those wild towns!

We finally arrived in North Fork. I sure was happy to be home, but Mark wasn’t happy to see Miss Bertie go. He had enjoyed talking to her about his favorite subject – outlaws! Miss Bertie promised Mark she’d send him a present from Santa Fe. Mark sure was happy to hear that! I told Mark we needed to hurry if we wanted to get home before dark.

But we didn’t get very far. You remember that gunfight I mentioned earlier? Well Duke Jennings rode into town, though I didn’t know it yet. And Miss Bertie saw him. She suddenly called out to me, saying she decided to stay in North Fork for a few days after all. Mark and I were of course pleased, but I wouldn’t be for long!

Mark and I walked into the dining room a few minutes later. As soon as we walked in, I heard, “Well, Lucas McCain! Well, it's been a long time."

I was a bit surprised to see this man! “Yes it has, Jennings,” I answered as I slowly walked up to the table. “Last I heard, you were in Oklahoma Territory.”

He looked me up and down. “I’ve done some writing since then,” he stated as he frowned at me. “Still using that trick rifle, I see.” I told him only when I had to. “How about some supper?”

“No thanks,” I answered. “I’m eating with my boy and a friend.”

“Howdy boy,” Jennings greeted Mark.

“Howdy,” Mark answered. But I could tell he was curious. I suddenly wanted my boy away from this man. Mark needed no encouragement when it came to outlaws. I told him to go get us a table so I could have a little chit chat with Jennings without Mark’s hearing.

After Mark left, I banged the butt of my gun on his table and leaned on m rifle toward him. "We don't have any celebrities here Jennings. It's just a nice quiet town."

Jennings studied me quietly for a moment before answering me. "That's what I figured Luke. Not too many places a man can vacation with a price on his head." he said.

I nodded my head. "That's right. Be seeing you." I said. Then I left Jennings and walked over to the table where Mark was sitting.

When Miss Bertie walked in, Mark jumped up and pulled her chair out for her. I had stood to do it, but Mark was quicker then me. He sure was suddenly being a gentleman! She was happy to be dining with us. She didn’t think eating alone was any fun at all. Mark suddenly whispered, asking me who that man was I was talking to. I started to tell him, but Miss Bertie beat me to it! She was actually able to give him more information then I was!

"That's Duke Jennings. He's thirty-two years old. He was born in Kansas. He prefers poker to pharo and always works alone.” Mark and I stared at each other, not quiet believing what we were hearing! “He killed a man two days ago. Fair fight."

“How do you know?” Mark whispered.

“I saw him do it.” I started to get up to go get Micah, but she stopped me, assuring me he’s not wanted in this jurisdiction…fortunately.

“What do you mean fortunately?” I suddenly asked her.

“Well, if he were, your Marshal would arrest him and I wouldn’t be able to help Mr. Jennings at all!” She stated.

Boy, what a woman she was! Like I said, I’d never met a woman quite like this – especially a little old lady! “You mean you- I started in a loud voice. But I suddenly realized where I was. I looked at Jennings over my shoulder as I lowered my voice back to a whisper. “You mean you came here to help Mr. Jennings?”

“Well, I came out West to help some outlaw. Meeting Mr. Jennings is a stroke of luck.” She smiled, satisfied with herself. “For him and me.” She turned her head and looked at Jennings. He realized she was staring and stopped his fork in midair as he looked at her. She smiled and nodded at him.

Miss Bertie ran into Jennings later that day. “Pardon me, Mr. Jennings, but could I speak with you for a few minutes?” she asked.

Jennings was a bit surprised that a little old lady would be interested in talking to him, but he agreed to talk with her. “I’m Alberta Holcomb, I’m from Philadelphia. I’ve followed your career with a great deal of interest. You know, you’re a man with find possibilities?”

Jennings enjoyed the compliment. He suddenly removed his hat and smiled.
The Rifleman - Miss Bertie - Episode 90“Well, that’s very kind of you, ma’am.”

“I’d like to do business with you,” Miss Bertie suddenly declared.

“Oh, you would?” he asked.

“Mm Hm.”

Jennings pulled out his gun. “Oh ma’am, you got a job for me?”

Miss Bertie waved her hand around desperately, not wanting him to pull his gun. ‘Oh, no no no no no no!” she declared suddenly. “Not a job, a chance. The opportunity to begin a new life and never be lonely again!”

“Oh, I see,” Jennings stated as he put his hat back on. “Well, I’m not lonely, ma’am. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some friends waiting.”

“Oh, that’s not true!” Miss Bertie stopped him. “That’s not true. You have no friends. But you could have. "Leavenworth is full of lonely men like you."

Jennings stared at her. “Leavenworth? Ma’am, you better get back to the hotel, uh-“ he started to walk away, but again she stopped him.

She followed him down the walkway. “Paying for your crimes is the only way that you’ll find happiness. Now, for your own sake, why don't you let me turn you in?"

"Oh, so that's what you are ma'am, a bounty hunter." He folded his arms with interest and stared at her.

"People should help each other and I need $2,000.00 very, very much."

"Well ma'am, if I ever decide to visit Leavenworth I shall let you turn me in." He tipped his hat to her. She thanked him and they parted ways. He gave her a strange look as she walked away. Now he’d seen everything!

Micah had been standing outside the saloon and saw them talking. He wasn’t too happy about the situation. Somehow, I found myself in his office as Micah gave Miss Bertie a good, hard lecture. Micah tried lecturing her on the dangers of talking to a man like Duke Jennings. “I have business with Mr. Jennings. I have to keep in touch with him,” she argued back, quite firmly.

“That’s no business for you, Miss Bertie,” I declared.

Then she turned on a sob story. “Do you know what it’s like to be lonely?” she asked. “Really lonely? In Philadelphia, I have a small room. It’s very near Independence Square. A small room can be very big and very empty. But all my friends live on the other side of town in a place with lovely lawns and a wonderful lake. It’s a home for ladies. It’s a real home, that’s very important you know.”

“Sure it is, Miss Bertie,” I suddenly said, breaking an uncomfortable silence. “But just the same-“

But she didn’t let me finish. “Well, it takes $2,000 to get into Happy Acres. And I wanta live there more then anything in the world.”

“Look, Miss Bertie…um…there must be some other way to get the money,” I tried then. She said she wouldn’t accept charity. She wanted to earn her money!

"I have to earn the money, and helping Mr. Jennings is the only way to do it. So you see, it benefits everybody, the community, Mr. Jennings and me. You see gentleman, I'm being completely realistic. Good day gentleman."

Then she left. She wouldn’t allow us to get another word in!

"Pestering Jennings is like grabbing the bull by the tail," Micah stated worriedly.

I put a fist to my mouth to keep from laughing in spite of the dangerous situation. “Yeah Micah, but there’s nothing that says a little old lady can’t be a bounty hunter.” I looked at Micah who gave me a disgusted look and then looked away from me. I laughed.

Well, wait until you hear what she does next! You see, Jennings was in the saloon playing poker – he loved to play poker. And he had just won a hand when suddenly guess who walks right into the saloon? Miss Bertie herself! Imagine Sweeny’s shock when he watched a little old lady walk right in there. Every head in that place turned in fact. She walked up to Jennings and wished him a good afternoon. “Well, good afternoon, ma’am,” he said.

She sat down at a table on the other side of the saloon near a window, but close enough to keep an eye on her bounty. Sweeny hurried up to her and told her she had made a mistake. She was perfectly aware of where she was, though. “Well uh…ladies don’t generally come in here,” Sweeny told her gently.

But Miss Bertie turned around and glared at him. “Oh, what a shame! It’s so nice and cool and pleasant in here! Don’t you agree, Mr. Jennings?”

Jennings continued playing poker, trying to ignore her. “Yes ma’am, I do!”

Miss Bertie asked Sweeney to bring her a sarsaparilla. But Sweeney didn’t have any. She told Sweeney to bring her something that was cool. “It’s so warm this afternoon!”

As Sweeney walked away,
The Rifleman - Miss Bertie - Episode 90she heard Jennings playing poker. He was raising the stakes when she turned and looked at his cards. “That’s a great deal of money Mr. Jennings,,” she commented. “Suppose you don’t fill it.” That made Jennings mad. She had given away his secret. He angrily slapped the cards down on the table.

One day Mark was in the General Store desperately trying to figure out what kind of candy he wanted. He kept asking Milly how much the different candies were as he tried to decide. Milly wasn’t too happy with him, and I’m sure Mark probably had all the candy and prices memorized by now! He finally decided, but Miss Bertie walked in and told him to take four of each – her treat. Mark and Milly both were happy to see the nice lady.

Milly had Miss Bertie’s daily order of jelly beans all ready for her. Then she held up some rusty, old handcuffs. “Oh, I’ll need some oil,” she stated.

Milly took the handcuffs from her. “You’re gonna need more then oil to get the ruse off of these!” she stated as she stared at them. She tried to think of a tactful way to get Miss Bertie not to worry about the handcuffs. “Uh…Why don’t you just go and talk to the Marshal about it?” she finally asked.

But Miss Bertie was insistent. After she paid Milly, Milly asked her if she would stay and visit with her for awhile, but that idea didn’t work either. Miss Bertie only had one thing on her mind.

Mark and Milly watched her leave. "What she want with handcuffs," Mark wondered.

Milly knew, and she didn’t like it. "Mark.....where's Lucas?"

"At the counsel meeting. Anything wrong?"

She didn’t answer him. " run over and tell him that Miss Bertie has gone into the saloon again. Only this time she has a pair of handcuffs with her." He obeyed her, but not until after he got his money’s worth of candy!

Miss Bertie did walk back into the saloon where Jennings was involved in another poker game. She walked up to Jennings and greeted him, asking him how he was today, but he ignored her. She offered him some candy, but he held up a hand and said no. He poker playing opponent gladly took a piece of candy though. As she sat down at her table by the window, Sweeney brought her over a sarsaparilla.

Micah and I walked in as she began watching the poker game. Suddenly, Miss Bertie gasped. Jennings turned to stare at her and she apologized. "Oh, I'm sorry, very sorry. It's such an unlucky hand," said Miss Bertie. "Poor Bill Hickok was holding a hand just like that when he was shot."

That did it. Her words angered Duke. "Ma'am, you have done it again. Everybody knows that hand." He angrily threw the cards on the table and walked over to Micah. I must admit that I was a little proud of her. I shook my head and smiled.

"Sheriff, you tell that woman to stay away from me. I am losing my patients."

Even Micah couldn’t help to be a bit amused. "What is it now Jennings?"

"She won't leave me alone, she's always pestering me at my elbow, it's gettin' just tell her.....leave me alone."

I couldn’t help myself. “One way to keep her from pestering you is to leave North Fork.” I gave him a wicked smile.

Micah noticed the look Jennings was flashing me, and knew I was about to get myself into trouble. So quickly, he stated, "I'll see what I can do.” Jennings gave me one more look, then walked away.

Micah and I went over to talk to Miss Bertie. She greeted us as if nothing was wrong, and even offered us a glass of sarsaparilla. I took a jellybean she offered to me as Micah began his stern lecture. "Miss Bertie, Duke Jennings claims you've been bothering him. He's quite upset about it."

"Oh, it’s his consciences that’s bothering him," she argued.

I picked up the handcuffs that were lying on the table. "Miss Bertie, are these part of his consciences?"

"I'm just oiling them," she said as she took them away from me and set them back on the table.

 "If you keep nudging Jennings conscience, well then he's liable to start trouble,"
The Rifleman - Miss Bertie - Episode 90 said Micah.

"Well, isn't that what you want? An opportunity to arrest him?" She asked.

"Well, yes, if he breaks the law." said Micah.

"Well I'm helping you marshal."

Micah was getting a little fed up with Miss Bertie. "I don't want your help," he argued sternly.

But Miss Bertie wasn’t an easy one to convince. “Well, that’s not the point!” She was getting frustrated too! “I’ve checked all the legal details, and I know-“ she started.

But I interrupted her, trying to explain the dangers to her. “Look Miss Bertie, trouble starts easier in a saloon then anywhere else. It’s no place for a lady. “

“He’s right, Miss Bertie,” Micah stated. “For now on, you oughta just stay out of here!”

“Well, it’s open to the public, isn’t it?” she argued.

“It’s open to anybody, providing they behave themselves.”

“Well then, I’m gonna sit here and drink sarsaparilla!” Miss Bertie declared. “Just like I have been doing. Surely nobody can complain about that.”

I had to agree with her there! She had me defeated. “Yeah Micah, no law against…uh…sittin’ and sippin’, huh Miss Bertie?”

The next day, Mark and I were working on chores. Mark seemed preoccupied as he cleaned the harness. I asked him if something was bothering him as I cleaned Blue Boy’s shoes. He was worried about Miss Bertie. “Marshal Torrance says she’s like a fly tormenting a horse. Horse switches it’s tail and the fly gets hurt.”

“Well, this fly won’t get hurt. She knows the horse too well,” I explained to him. I told him that Miss Bertie see’s Jennings clearer then any of us. “She’s driving him to take a good look at himself. A man like Jennings isn’t used to doing that.”

“Yeah, but what happens if he does?” Mark asked. I told him that was a good question as I went in to get cleaned up. I had to help Micah protect Miss Bertie from Jennings. Mark suddenly realized that I was getting ready to leave. He asked if he could go to town with me, but there was no reason for him to go. I told him to stay home and do his chores. “Yeah,” he said. He wasn’t too happy with me, but he’d obey my orders.

That day, Miss Bertie got into the saloon before Jennings did. She smiled at him as he went up to the bar and took a drink of whisky. One of them men who had been gambling with Jennings walked up to him and said he wanted to play two handed poker. Jennings wanted to sit someplace different, but he liked Miss Bertie keeping an eye on him. It worked in his favor.

Micah knew there would be trouble. He motioned for a cowboy to go get the Marshal.

The gambler was winning. Now it was Jennings deal. Micah watched Jennings from the bar. Miss Bertie watched him closely also. The other gambler opened at $100. Jennings raised him $100. But when Miss Bertie saw his cards, she had to speak up. She just had to! "Why, Mr. Jennings, how could you have the Ace of clubs in your hand? I saw the bottom of the deck when the cards were cut.”

“She doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” Jennings complained, but Miss Bertie stated her eyesight was excellent. Micah walked over to the table to deal with this latest problem.

The gambler asked Jennings if he had the Ace of clubs. “Are you accusing me of bottom dealing?” Jennings asked suddenly.

Micah suddenly cam forward. He demanded they show him their hands and split the pot. “We are not gonna split anything, sheriff!” Jennings declared. Micah again ordered for them to fold their hands. Jennings suddenly drew his gun on Micah. “Why don’t you raise yours, Sheriff and stand back by that window!”

Micah did as he said and the gambler showed Jennings he wasn’t armed. But Jennings pointed the gun at him and told him to pick up the cards. "I've got a hunch I'm gonna have myself a killin' on this hand," he stated as he continued pointing the gun at the gambler.

Miss Bertie grabbed her handcuffs and walked up to Jennings. “Now, you step back there!” he ordered her.

“Mr. Jennings, this has gone too far,” she started.

But Jennings wasn’t playing games. “I said step back,” he yelled.

“Well, I…uh-“ she stepped back, realizing he meant business!

As I walked by, I saw what was going on through the window. I hurried in the swinging doors, but stood there for a moment while Mr. Jennings turned his attention back to the gambler. He told the gambler that it would cost him a hundred dollars more to see his hand.

“Drop it!” I ordered. Jennings turned and shot, but I was faster and fired my rifle at him He turned to shoot me again. I grabbed my rifle by the barrel and ran toward him. “Go on, try it!” I threatened him as I held the butt of my rifle up in the air. “Go on. Go for it.” But he stared at me, knowing he’d been beat.

I grabbed his gun as I asked Micah if he was alright. I handed Micah Jennings’ gun. Micah arrested Jennings. Miss Bertie walked up to Micah. “Marshal, use these,” she suggested as she handed him the rusty handcuffs. Micah looked uneasy about it, but took them from her and led Jennings off.

It had been quite an even for Miss Bertie. I don’t think she had expected for it to be like this. I helped her sit down. She suddenly felt the need for a…sarsaparilla. I called to Sweeney to bring her one.

We were all there to see Miss Bertie off on the stage the next day. Micah reminded her to go to the Marshal’s office when she got to Santa Fe. He’d have her reward money there. “And no more bounty hunting!” Micah declared.

“Oh no! No…I promise!” She said goodbye to Mark. She put an arm around him and handed him her wanted poster album. She wanted Mark to have it – to remember her by.

But I turned her toward me.
The Rifleman - Miss Bertie - Episode 90I had something to say. "You know Miss Bertie, $2,000.00 is a mighty big stake to put in someone else's place. The west needs folks. Why cowboys would ride fifty miles just to taste your apple pie and to see your smile.”

"You think I'm needed here?"

I smiled at her. “I’d be going to Santa Fe, Miss Bertie. You've got enough to buy your own home and with that apple pie of yours and that smile, you'd never be lonely." She patted my hand as she thought on that. I helped her board the stage.

"You really think I could?" She asked, sticking her head out the window.

"If you want to," I answered sincerely.

The stage then took off with Miss Bertie waving and yelling, "I'll be seein' ya'!"

We watched the stage ride away. "Gosh, I wished she lived here, don't you Pa?"

I looked down at my son. I didn’t even want to think about that prospect! I’d never get any peace! "Well to be honest son, I love Miss Bertie too, but she could be kinda hard on the nerves."

We looked at each other and laughed as we watched the stage ride out of sight.

piddlin' stuff.....Agnes Moorehead played Bertie Hoakam. Alberta 'Bertie' Hoakam from Philadelphia. She's the old lady who arrives in town hot on the trail of a notorious bandit—and the reward money for capturing him.

Richard Anderson appeared in six episodes ― One Went to Denver as Tom Birch an old friend of Lucas' ― Lariat as Lariat Jones, an old friend of Lucas', he too was in love with Margaret ― Miss Bertie as Duke Jennings, the cowboy that Miss Bertie had a wanted poster on ― Flowers by the Door as Jason Gowdy, the lady killer ― Millie's Brother as Harry Chase, the man who claimed he was with Millie's Brother when he died ― The Bullet as Griff, the owner of The Lucky Chance Casino in Los Cruces.

Glenn Strange appeared in six episodes ― The Dead-eye Kid as shotgun guard on the stagecoach, he's the one that shoved Mahoney off of the back of the stage ― Duel of Honor as Cole, stagecoach driver he was the one who did the counting for the duel ― The Woman as Joey, stagecoach driver ― The Blowout as a stagecoach driver ― The Spiked Rifle as a stagecoach driver ― Miss Bertie as a stagecoach driver.

Leonard Stone appeared in two episodes ― Miss Bertie as the nervous gambler in the saloon ― Deadly Image as K. C. Peters, Bantry's sidekick.

Joan Taylor played Milly Scott. Milly bought The General Store from Hattie Denton. Hattie had to leave to go and help her sister in Denver. Joan Taylor appeared in eighteen episodes as Milly Scott and was introduced to The Rifleman in Miss Milly.

Bill Quinn appeared in thirty-eight episodes as Sweeney the owner/bartender of The North Fork Saloon. Sweeney was first introduced to The Rifleman in The Marshal.

George Bruggeman appeared five episodes of The RiflemanThe Coward as one of Ben Smith's cowhand ― Seven as one of the seven prisoners ― The Promoter as a spectator at the shooting match ― Miss Bertie as a Barfly ― The Mescalero Curse as the Hangman.
The '7' Prisoners

Melvin F. Allen as a wrangler.

John Rice appeared in a total of eight episodes, seven episodes as a Townsman and one as a barfly. Day of the HunterA Case of IdentityThe FourflusherThe PromoterMiss Bertie as a barfly ― The Wyoming StoryFace of Yesterday - Anvil Chorus.

Archie Butler — Stuntman — Stunt coordinator — Actor - Archie has been in more episodes then anybody with the exception of the regular cast and he probably was in more episode then some of them. ~Arnold Laven
Remember him in The Sharpshooter? Remember when Lucas shot the whiskey bottle and it shattered into pieces? Archie was the cowboy who slid the whiskey bottle to Lucas.  Sometimes Archie was a stand-in for Paul Fix.

Joe E. Benson appeared in The Rifleman many times, probably more times than listed. Sometimes credited & sometimes not.
*Please note: In Dark Day at North Fork he appeared as two different characters - as one of the townsmen & the bartender.
Joe was a good friend & a neighbor of Chuck's. He helped Chuck build a tree house for the boys and also help build the addition onto the house which was later called the den. (One of the several
tree house pictures)

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