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Mort Mills

Mort Mills
appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman The Sister as Joshua Snipe, one of Rebecca's brother ― The Jealous Man as Jake Owens, he was the jealous husband.

Mills was in over 200 movies and television episodes. He was often the town lawman or the local bad guy in many popular westerns of the 1950s and 1960s.

He also appeared in his own series Man without a Gun as Marshal Frank Tallman. Other recurring roles were as Sergeant Ben Landro in the Perry Mason series and Sheriff Fred Madden in The Big Valley

An excellent character actor! I don't think there was a show in the 50's - 60's & 70's he wasn't in.

Birth Name: Mortimer Morris Kaplan
Mort Mills was born in New York, New York on January 11, 1919
He died June 6, 1993 in Ventura, California

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