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Johnny on the set of The Rifleman with his mother

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The picture on the right is on the set of The Rifleman - episode #37 - The Raid

Here is some information that was sent to me by Johnny sister, Nance Crawford:

Born "Female" Megerlin (it took a couple of days for them to settle on Elizabeth Ann) in NYC on Dec. 10, 1917.

Child prodigy on the piano. Contract player at Warner Bros., 1939 - ?40.

Married by Norman Vincent Peale to Robert Crawford in NYC, July 9, 1943.

Passed away of breast cancer on September 10, 1971.

 Best N

Chuck on The Set of The Rifleman with his family - page 5

Tension on the set

Tension episodes #45

The Schoolmaster episode #86

Kids who were on The Schoolmaster

First Wages episode #112

This was taken on the set of The Deadeyed Kid in 1959

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