Patricia Blair 

aka Lou Mallory ~ owner of the General Store, Madera House,
 a farm and several parcels of land

Patricia Blair - Lou Mallory - The Rifleman

Patricia Blair started modeling at the age of 13.  She also did summer stock.  She did an unsold pilot, Tramp Ship, opposite Neville Brand. 

  She starred in several movies Jump into Hell Crime against Joe The Black Sheep City of Fear Cage of Evil The Ladies' Man Left Hand of Gemini and The Electric Horseman. 

TV appearances were Telephone Time Daniel Boone The Bob Cummings Show Yancy Derringer Richard Diamond Private Detective Letter to Loretta The Case of the Dangerous Robin The Virginian Perry Mason Bonanza Temple Houston Petrocelli

Patricia Blair was first introduced to The Rifleman in Lou Mallory as a hot-tempered Irish lass who was a razor-sharp businesswoman.  She joined the cast in the fifth and final season and appeared in seventeen episodes.  Patricia replaced Joan Taylor who played Milly Scott owner of The General Store.

By the end of this episode Lou was owner of The General Store, Madera House, a farm and several parcels of land.

She has appeared in the following episodes.....Lou Mallory Quiet Night, Deadly Night Death Never Rides Alone I Take This Woman The Assailants Mark's Rifle The Most Amazing Man Squeeze Play Gun Shy Conflict Incident at Line Shack Six Suspicion The Sidewinder The Sixteenth Cousin End of the Hunt Requiem at Mission Springs Old Man Running.

"What's my favorite episode that Lou was in?"  It's a toss up between two episodes for me.  I Take This Woman and Requiem at Mission Springs.  In I Take This Woman, she was willing to sacrifice herself to protect others from her so called future husband.  Can't you just see those two together (Lou & Dennis O'Flarrety)?  I like Requiem at Missions Springs because there is some good tender moments in this episode.  From Lucas and Mark, to Lucas and Lou. 

 After her one season as Lucas' gal pal on The Rifleman, she was ready to move to New York when screenwriter Gordon Chase suggested her for the female lead in Daniel Boone.  Patricia moved on to the highly successful Daniel Boone series, and portrayed Fess Parker's "missus" for six seasons from 1964 through 1970.  In an interview with David Fury, she said that she had the good fortune of working with two of the tallest and handsomest men in Hollywood (Connors and Parker).  She starred with Ed Ames in an episode of The Rifleman ~ Quiet Night, Deadly Night, and later with him in Daniel Boone.  

The Rifleman series has a new girl friend, Lou Mallory
(Another) - New Romantic Interest for 'The Rifleman' Connors By Cynthia Lowry

Happy Valentine's Day

The kiss that never happened or did it?

New Girl Joins "Rifleman" Show For This Season
Star News - September 27, 1962
*Although this article was to introduce Lou to the fans she does mention their first kiss. I wasn't quite sure if I should put this in Lou Mallory - press release or Mark's Rifle - The kiss that never happened or did it?
I decide to put this in both pages.

Date of birth January 15, 1931 Fort Worth, Texas
September 9, 2013
at her home in North Wildwood, New Jersey ― Breast Cancer

Patricia Blair ― Find A Grave

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