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Peter Whitney - The Rifleman
Peter Whitney appeared in nine episodes of The Rifleman Eddie's Daughter as Tracey Blanch, he's the big dude who came looking for Lil ― Mail Order Groom as John Jupiter, he was the Mail Order Groom, the one that Jess Profit (John Anderson) kept picking on ― Heller as Andrew Bechtol, the mean stepfather ― Strange Town as Ott Droshek, he ran the Strange Town The Queue as Vince Fergus, again he was the bully, the instigator who picked on Wang Chi ― Long Gun From Tucson as John Holliver, he was the cowboy who came back for revenge ― Lou Mallory as Neb Jackman, the Pa of the Jackman clan ― Gun Shy as Vantine, he was the man who was holding Lou hostage ― Which Way'd They Go? as Neb Jackman, the Pa of the Jackman clan.

Peter Whitney (Nebeneezer Jackman) & Colan Carter (Haslim Jackman) both played the same character  in Lou MalloryWhich Way'd They Go?

This is an article from Look Magazine June 21, 1960. 
The Star Stands In from Heller

 Peter was of German ancestry and educated at Exeter Academy.  He eventually moved to the Los Angeles area and trained with the Pasadena Community Playhouse

In the 1958-1959 season, Whitney had a co-starring role as Buck Sinclair, a former sergeant of the Union Army, in all thirty-nine episodes of the ABC western series, The Rough Riders.

He made his acting debut in films 1941 ― Underground (1941) ― Nine Lives Are Not Enough (1941) ― Blues in the Night (1941) ― Action in the North Atlantic (1943) ― Mr. Skeffington (1944).

 Peter played two of his most notorious roles at war's end, that of murderous hillbilly twins Mert and Bert Fleagle in the riotous Fred MacMurray comedy Murder, He Says (1945) ― Three Strangers (1946) ― The Notorious Lone Wolf (1946) ― Blonde Alibi (1946) The Brute Man (1946).

In the mid-50s, TV took over the biggest part of Peter's career. He appeared in just about every popular western and crime drama there was including ― Colt .45 (1958) ― Maverick (1958-60) ― Lawman (1960-61) ― Cheyenne (1958-61) ― Perry Mason (1961-65) ― The Public Defender (1954) ― Gunsmoke (1955-65) ― The Adventures of Superman (1954) ― City Detective (1954) ― Fury (1959) ― My Friend Flicka (1955) ― The Californians (1957-58) ― Sheriff of Cochise (1957) ― Behind Closed Doors (1958) ― Northwest Passage (1959) ― Tate (1960) ― Tombstone Territory (1957) ― Johnny Ringo (1959) ― Riverboat (1959) ― Bourbon Street Beat (1959) ― The Alaskans (1960) ― Overland Trail (1960) ― The Rebel (1961) ― The Islanders (1960) ― Adventures in Paradise (1960-61) ― Straightaway (1961) ― Wagon Train (1958-65) ― The Untouchables (1960-63) ― Bonanza (1960-71) ― The Monkees (1967) ― The Beverly Hillbillies (1964) ― Rawhide (1960) ― Hawaii Five-O (1970).

His final role was as a grave robber in writer Rod Serling's Night Gallery (1972) / Deliveries in the Rear.

Whitney died of a heart attack shortly afterwards at the age of fifty-five in Santa Barbara, California.

Birth Name: Peter King Engle
Born May 24, 1916 in Long Branch, New Jersey
Died March 30, 1972 in Santa Barbara, California of a heart attack

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