The Rifleman
"Welcome to the McCain Ranch"

The Pitchman
Episode 80

There are just some people you meet that you can’t understand. This was one of them. I met him while he was crossing our land one day. You see, Mark and I were out riding the range side-by-side, as we often did when we suddenly
The Rifleman - The Pitchman - Episode 80 saw a man – a stranger – moving some planks from a waterhole I had covered. Any person should know that there’s a reason that hole was covered. As Mark and I stopped and I watched him, I couldn’t help but to say aloud, “What’s that fool doing?” Then we raced forward. But the man stuck his hand in the water attempting to get a drink of it. I had to do something fast so I fired a shot in the air.

My shot had the desired effect. The man jumped up away from the waterhole and his horse raced off.

When we finally got up there, the man started yelling at me. "Are you out of your mind spooking my horse and spoiling the first drink of cool water I've seen in miles?"

It was time that I told the man why I did it. “I’m sorry about your horse, mister; but you can thank me for spoiling your drink,” I stated clearly. “That water’s poison.”

That spooked him a little as he figured out how close he had come to drinking that water. "If this water is poison, why isn't there a sign saying so?" He asked, still a bit upset that I had gone to such measures.

“Well, since this is my property and nobody’s supposed to be on it but my cattle who can’t read, I covered it with those planks you took away,” I answered him.

“Oh,” the man knew he wasn’t going to win this battle no matter how much he tired. “What about my horse?”

I shifted a bit in my saddle and turned to Mark. “Mark, go get this man’s horse.” Then I turned back around. I wasn’t done with this man yet. “You better not do that again, Mister. Next time there might not be anybody around,” I warned him.

As soon as Mark left, he lit into me again. "Look there, your gun shot scared me so, I tore my trousers.” I tell you something, this man was indeed a piece of work!

“I saved you life,” I stated as I slid my rifle back into its boot. “But if an apology’s in order, you got it.” I reckon some people just didn’t want his life saved by those whose land he trespassed on!

Then he asked me if I lived around here. I had just told him he was on my property, but I went along with him and told him I lived over the hill. “Friend, I could use the lend of a needle and thread and a hot meal, all to be paid for, of course." I told him I wasn't running a general store but I guess I could manage a needle and thread. "You are a diamond of the first water. I'm Speed Sullivan, a friend of the ill, the infirmed and the endangered."

I almost hated to ask this question. “What category am I in?” I asked anyway.

“The third.”

“In danger?”

“Mortal danger,” he answered. "When the huge mallet of Thor strikes the mighty heavenly anvil, your life may well be forfeited."

“What are you talking about?” Again, I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. I asked him what he was talking about. “All in good time, friend,” he answered as he slid his jacket back on. “All in good time.”

I told him he had a lot more time then I did. “Here comes my son with your horse. We better get going,” I stated.

“We have to wait a bit,” he announced. He told me his son was coming with their wagon.

I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing, but I was beginning to understand him a bit better. He was a salesman, or a con man! I could just tell this was going to be a very interesting evening! His son, dressed in a suit much like his, asked if he’d found any water. “It ain’t fit to drink, son.” I waved to them and told them we needed to get started.

Well, I didn’t know it at the time, but Speed was having a talk with his son, Swifty that would later affect us – actually, it would affect all four of us. “Boy, in our profession, you gotta keep one eye on the horizon. And once in a while, it’s a good idea to look behind,” Speed gave his son some fatherly advice. He’d been watching. “Good, I’d hate to have that old man die on us! First on general principles, and second, I understand he’s got a couple pretty mean sons.”

Those mean sons were following behind them at a distance. They found his tracks and figured he’d passed by there less than two hours ago. “And that wagon along leaves a trail like a garter snake at a sewing bee,” one of the brothers stated. “Well, I wanta see him stretching work before sundown!”

“After what he’d done to our ol’ daddy, hangin’ is a shade and a half to good for him,” the other brother stated.

Well, I was the gracious host and gave them supper. Afterwards, Mark and Swifty worked together on washing the dishes while Speed was working on setting up a display to try and sell me something. Swifty resented having to help. When Mark told him he wasn't getting the dishes clean, he got arrogant with Mark and told him to wash them himself.

“Why you, I-“ he started. But I had taught him to always be polite, and he knew that if he wasn’t, bit trouble would occur between me and him. So he stopped himself. “Well, since you’re the guest, I will.”

But Mark slammed the dishtowel in his hand. “You just keep doing as I tell you and we won’t have any trouble!” Swifty stated. Mark rolled his eyes at him, but kept washing. “I suppose you know how to sew too,” Swifty teased.
The Rifleman - The Pitchman - Episode 80
Mark was still not giving into his teasing. He answered the question honestly. “Well, enough to stretch a shirt an extra six months!” Mark answered him proudly.

Then Swifty went just a little too far. “Someday you’ll make somebody a fine wife.” He teased Mark sarcastically.

Mark took a deep, impatient breath and turned to Swifty. "Listen, I'm trying to be friendly to you, but you just won't let me. Now if my Pa hadn't invited you here - well I'd just punch you right in the nose."

Swifty just laughed. He was bigger and older than Mark. “Suit yourself, boy,” he answered. He was a little too big for his britches. He threw the dishtowel down. He was all finished with the dishwashing nonsense. “I’ve got some things to get out of the wagon. If you wanta tangle, come on down to the barn when you’re through,” he challenged Mark.

“I’ll be there!” Mark answered, throwing the challenge right back at him.

Speed was ready to show me his lightening rod demonstration. He had a sample house and a small lightening rod like the original ones. "Bet you've never see a demonstration like this before?" Speed stated.

"No I haven't." I was a bit leery of him, but I was also curious. He started turning a wheel as he held a rod in his hand. “Now, we turn this wheel and the spark will jump from the end of this rod.” I saw it happen. “Now, this is your house,” he pointed at the little house. “The wheel is your storm cloud and this-“ He held up the small rod. “-is a lightening rod. He stuck it on top of the house. “And once again we turn the wheel and the storm is slowly approaching the house. It’s approaching and the lightning strikes the house – and it strikes it again!” He demonstrated the lightning striking. “But it is harmlessly carried away.”

I could tell he was full of it, but I continued to watch him. “But, watch this!” He took the rod off the house. “We now have a house with no lightning rod and just to expedite the demonstration, we will place a little kerosene on here.” I watched him do that with raised eyebrows. “And we have our storm approaching again. It’s approaching and approaching and lightning strikes the house and look at that flame sir! Did you see that?” He suddenly threw a cloth over it, putting the fire out. “You now have your home confined to the flames. Sir, only a month ago I saw a home that had been struck by lightening. There was one casualty, a lad, about the same age as your boy.”

Up to this point, Mark had been watching with interest, but he quickly turned away and hurriedly finished up the dishes.

“If I'd only been there a week earlier or even a cannot afford to deny your son this protection." He finished.

I wasn’t falling for it. "Well I don't often douse my house with kerosene during a lightening storm."

“That was merely a demonstration devise," he stated.

"Why did the little house burn?" I asked.

"That was merely a demonstration devise, the little house is made out of asbestos, it was the kerosene that burned," he answered, a bit annoyed with my questioning him.

"It seems to me I'd be better off putting asbestos on then your lightening rod."

"Sir, your levity pains me," Speed stated.

Mark suddenly tried to sneak past us, but I saw him. “Uh, dishes finished son?” I asked.

“Yep,” Mark stated

I could tell he was up to something. “Where you off to?” I asked.

“Well, I’ve gotta finish a job in the barn,” he answered. I think he was telling the truth, but it was his not telling me what the job was that made me look at him suspiciously as he walked out. There was more to his story and I knew it!

“Splendid lad,” Speed stated. I just looked at him. Boy, he would say anything to make a sell! "Only thirty-five dollars can protect the life of that fine young lad.” He held the miniature rod up for me to see. I took the rod and looked at it, still leery. Then I gave him a doubtful look as he smiled at me hopefully.

Mark hurried out to the barn as fast as he could. As he entered, he was already rolling up his sleeves ready to fight Swifty, but he immediately went into his sales pitch mode and said, “Let’s deal.”

“I came down here to whip you,” Mark reminded him angrily. Swifty acted all innocent and asked what for. “You take back what you said!” Mark warned him.

“If I said anything to get you mad, consider it taken back!” Swifty talked smoothly. Then he told Mark to step over to the table where he had all kinds of things to trade. He showed Mark a genuine Swedish hunting knife.

Mark was suddenly curious. He started over for the table. “Well, as long as you’ve apologized, let me take a look.”

But Swifty wouldn’t let Mark touch anything until he showed him what he had to trade. Mark looked outside to make sure no one was coming then pulled out a pouch from inside his shirt. Swifty poured everything out and looked. He started to tell Mark that all he had was old arrowheads when something suddenly picked it up. He examined it closely. He thought it was a genuine gold nugget, but didn’t let on to Mark about it. “Oh say, those look like real genuine Indian arrow heads! Where’d you find ‘em?”

“Oh, up the canyon a ways,” Mark answered.

“Do you know exactly where?”

“Sure,” Mark answered. “Why?”

Swifty was really interested in that nugget! He brushed it off, pretending not to be that impressed and said the arrow heads had caught his fancy. He suddenly tried to trade Mark all he had for a “real, genuine
The Rifleman - The Pitchman - Episode 80Gela monster.

. “Ah, that’s nothing but a rusty ol’ lizard!” Mark declared. Then Mark looked at all Swifty had to offer. “But uh…how bout this vest, the knife and the belt?”

“Are you loco?” Swifty answered.

Mark started picking up his stuff. “I didn’t want to trade anyhow,” he answered.

But Swifty wasn’t going to give up that easily and Mark knew it. “Wait a minute, sonny. If we trade, will you tell me where you got this stuff?”

“Well, uh…” Mark thought on that, because he knew there was a really big reason why Swifty wanted to know. Suddenly, he got himself a really good idea. “If you promise to do all my chores and cleaning up while I’m staying around here.”

“I think we understand each other well enough to keep on talking,” Swifty answered with a laugh. He really thought he was getting the better deal. But boy, was he in for a surprise!

Meanwhile, I decided to give in and buy one of Speed’s lightning rods. He was a cong man, I knew that. But I liked him in spite of all his faults. He told me to give him $35.00 and his men would be around to install it in a couple weeks. “I’ll give you two dollars now and the rest on installation,” I answered.

“Two doll-Why, I’d be cut to the quick if I though you didn’t trust me,” Speed tried.

But my mind was made up. “Oh, it’s not a matter of trust, it’s a way of doing business,” I stated. But he kept on complaining. I held up the two coins, letting him know that was all he was going to get. He finally took them in agreement that I’d pay the rest when I got my lightning rod.

He wasn’t done yet. “Now, about yourself personally, Lucas. Do you ever have a ringing sensation in the ears, a heavy feeling, aches and pains when the clouds hang black over the hills?”

I sighed. I could not believe this man! “No, I usually feel pretty good,” I answered. “Unless of course I’m thrown by a horse or shot or snakebit,” I answered. He said that was the first symptom – a false sense of well-being.

He suddenly tried to sell me some of Sullivan’s Universal Panacea. “I would hate to upset my false sense of well-being,” I told him.

“An ounce of prevention at only $18.00 a case. It’s got an alcoholic content,” he tried.

“Whisky sells for $12.00 a case,” I shot back.

But then he started on some bull about having numerous letters that he could show me proclaiming it was all he said it was. “Oh, well I’d like to see those letters,” I stated.

“You would,” Speed said. “You would?” he suddenly asked.

But he was saved by the boys as they came back in from outside. We both stared at our sons. “What is he doing wearing all your gear?” Speed asked his son.

Mark smiled. “We’ve been trading,” he answered proudly.

I decided to give Mark a gently reminder about slopping the hogs. He told me he hadn’t done it yet. “Coming, Swifty?” Mark suddenly asked.

Swifty gave Mark a strange look at first, but then suddenly agreed. I found the whole thing a bit suspicious and knew I would ask Mark about what went on in the barn later. We watched the two boys leave for the barn.

“I’ve never seen a boy so eager to learn about everything,” Swifty commented. But the look on my face told me everything I needed to know – his son was acting strange, and Speed had some questions of his own to ask. As I watched him, he suddenly got that conman’s glint in his eye and he sat down to try to “sell” me on something else. He commented, ever so pleasantly, mind you, on those mattresses that Mark and I had to sleep on. “You know how long it’s been since I hit a bet like that? Six weeks.”

Boy, did he sound pitiful! “That long?” I said this in mock disbelief, but he was too busy trying to con me to realize it.

“Yeah, I guess it’s for the best though. You shouldn’t get used to it, not even for one night. Nah, Swifty and I, we’re used to the wagon. It’s hard but it makes you hard.” He let out a gigantic sigh as if all the weight of the world was on those shoulders of his.

Now mind you, I didn’t fall for his trick. The fact is I’m a hospitable man. Without hesitation, I said, “I tell you what, Mr. Sullivan. If you and Swifty would like to have a bed to remember, why don’t you use ours tonight?” As if that’s not what he was waiting to hear!

“Now I truly feel like a guest,” he answered sincerely. “I have heard of western hospitality, but you are an oil painting of it, sir.” He was laying it on a little thick! But then he suddenly acted all concerned about Mark and me. I assured him that we could sit up a couple cots in here. “You are a diamond in the rough, sir!” Swifty went outside before he turned in.

He ran into the boys when he went outside, and after Mark came inside he turned to Swifty and grabbed him by the shirt. In an irate voice, he asked, “What’s the big idea letting that boy take all your gear? Didn’t I teach you better then that?”

But Swifty gave his father a coy smile and stated, “Only one reason.”

Speed suddenly eyed his son. “Swifty, you got something?”

Swifty held the gold nugget out to his father and Speed let out a loud whistle as he looked at it. “Does the kid know he struck gold?” Swifty stated that Mark didn’t have a clue.

Speed and Swifty got to talkin' and Swifty showed his Dad the fools gold. He asked if Mark was aware of the gold. He told his Pa that he left Mark under the impression he was interested in the arrow heads. They thought they had one over on us and that they would be rich. He assured Speed that Mark was planning on showing him tomorrow where he found it. “Man oh man,” Speed commented as he stared at the nugget. He could hardly believe their luck. “Man oh man! Oh, your mother would’ve been proud of you, Swifty!” They didn’t think me or Mark knew anything about it.

Swifty assured Speed he could handle Mark. “Yeah,” Swifty stated as he continued to look at the nugget. “And I can handle and I can handle a clod buster like Lucas McCain!”

I didn’t know it, but the Watson brothers were camping on my property for the night. They knew it was my property, but that didn’t scare them off – they figured that they could take care of me if I got in the way of their plans.

While Mark and I were getting our cots ready, Speed decided to start in on me again. He started asking me about oil. I told him I knew enough about it to keep my wheel from squeaking. Then he really went wild. He tried to tell me that he thought there might me a little oil on my land. Mark and I looked at each other, and then I stood up to my full height and put my hands on my hips. I just stared at him as he spoke, not wanting to believing what I was hearing now. This man was just too much!
The Rifleman - The Pitchman - Episode 80
“Now it probably won’t come to a thing, but if you would like to sell me your mineral rights for a nominal sum, I’d chance it.”

I continued to stare at him. “How nominal?” I asked.

“I’m not a wealthy man,” he pointed out.

“Well, neither am I, but if the mineral rights are worth something to you, they’re worth something to me,” I stated.

He quoted me a hundred dollars. I gave him a big, challenging smile. “Well, for a hundred dollars I don’t need a partner.” He tried to assure me that he wouldn’t bother me any. I crossed my arms as I continued to tower over him. “Just what do you get for your hundred dollars?”

“Ten square feet,” he answered.

“Ten square feet,” I mumbled. I was trying to figure out what he was up to. This is something I was going to have to figure out, and the first place I was going to start was with my young son. “I’ll have to sleep on it.”

“Can you give me your answer now?” He was impatient!

“There answer now is no!”

“Why don’t you sleep on it?” I laughed. He sure did think I had something – and he was trying to con me!

Mark took our sleeping on the cots as an adventure. It was time for me to find out what was going on around here. “Mark, you got a lot of good stuff from Swifty today,” I commented casually. “What’d you trade him?” When Mark told me, I suddenly turned to him. “From that gold mine of yours?”

Mark was confused. He didn’t know what was going on, but I sure did now. I laid down on my pillow as I started forming a plan in my head. “Well Mark, tomorrow morning, Mister Speed Sullivan is gonna buy himself some mineral rights and a lesson.” I laughed to myself. This was going to be fun!

Now that I was aware of everything that had gone on behind my back last night I felt better. I asked Mark to clear the table and was no longer surprised when Swifty insisted on doing the dishes for Mark. “That is an exceptional boy!” I commented. “You know, often I gotta ask Mark several times.” That wasn’t far from the truth either! I decided to get right down to business.

I was curious to find out which ten square feet of my property Speed was interested in buying. He said he wasn’t sure yet, which didn’t describe me a bit since he had no idea where that “gold” had come from! “Well now, you might want the part my house is on or my well. If you don’t say, the price goes up to $500.00.”

By the look on his face, I’d say my words hurt him just a bit. “500? Well, that’s highway robbery!” Speed declared. But I remained firm. "Look, suppose I guarantee not to harm any existing structures. Would you sell me the mineral rights to your entire holdings and guarantee me a ten foot of entry at the place of my choosing?" Asked Speed. I asked him if he had five hundred dollars. He said that was all the money he had in they world. I told him to take it or leave it. He got his money out and we started looking over the contract he had written out the night before.

I looked the contract over and made a few changes to it to name the terms we had agreed on: I changed the 100 to a 500 and added the phrase, “Existing structures remain the same.”

He wanted to look around the property and asked me if Mark could ride with him. I told him Mark was more familiar with this property then me since he loved to explore and had the time to do it. I remained serious through the entire ordeal, but was happy that he was playing right into my hand!

If I had known what was about to happen on my land, I would have never let my son leave the house! The Watson brothers were riding across the range when they suddenly spotted them. Marsh knew it was Speed and his kid even though they weren’t in their wagon. “There ain’t another man who rides a horse like that in the territory!” he declared with a laugh.

As soon as Speed spotted them, he ordered Mark to get out of here. They raced off across the range, but the Watson’s were a little faster and caught up with them. They pulled them off the horses and held on tight to them.

Mark tried to fight Marsh but Marsh immediately started tying him up. Cleek and Speed argued over the effects his medicine had on their father. They looked at Mark, thinking he was Swifty. They decided he was just as guilty since he’s the one who delivered it.

Mark was shocked that they thought he was Swifty. "This ain't my Pa. I'm Mark McCain and you better let me alone before my Pa hears about this,” he warned them.

But they wouldn’t believe him. Marsh started tying Mark up to a fallen tree. Then the two men worked at tying Speed up to a tree. “Gentlemen, when I heard about the unfortunate illness of your dear old pappy, I said if that precious liquid could harm the hair on one of the Lord’s creatures, it can’t be good.” Cleek just stood there listening as he nodded his head, obviously not believing him. “Pour it out! Gentlemen, Sullivan’s panacea no longer exists!”

Marsh pulled out a bottle from his coat pocket. “With that possible exception. What are you gonna do with us?”

“What size collar you wear?” Marsh asked. He told them then asked why. “Cleek, scout around and see if we happened to bring a size sixteen noose!”
The Rifleman - The Pitchman - Episode 80
Cleek started to go, but Speed sopped him. “Wait a minute! What’s gonna happen to my boy?”

Mark was appalled at being thought of his boy. “I’m not his boy!” he declared. “And you’d better leave me alone!” Speed finally admitted that Mark wasn’t his boy.

“What are you gonna do with the boy, Marsh?” Cleek asked.

Marsh looked at the bottle still in his hand. “I’m gonna drink some of this here Panacea and study on it!” he answered.

I was getting worried. It was already past noon and they weren’t back yet. I was worried they had hit trouble. “Nothing my Pa can’t handle,” Swifty stated.

That was funny! “Your father doesn’t wear a gun,” I reminded him.

“My Pop’s the fastest mouth in the West! He can’t talk his way out of anything he gets into.” Swifty acted like he really believes that.

“Can he talk a horse into stepping into a gopher hole or a rattlesnake out of biting him?” I had this feeling…”Tell me something, Swifty. Somebody after the two of you?” From the way he avoided answering, I’d say that was a yes. I ordered him to tell me.

“Maybe its two men,” he finally admitted. “I think their name is Watson.”

That news worried me even more. “The Watson brothers from Elmwood City?” I suddenly asked. Swifty nodded. “And I was worried about rattlesnakes and gopher holes,” I stated as I hurried to my horse.

It was them all right! I saw them from a distance. One of the brothers was throwing a rope over a tree branch, getting a noose ready to hang Speed. I tied my horse to a tree and started to sneak up on them.

They led Speed over to the noose. He was still trying to talk his way out of this. He even offered to give them a gold mine he had. The brothers just laughed at him. “A gold mine, aye?” Cleek stated.

“It would be a shame to let the old man get that sick for nothing,” Marsh commented.

“If he does die, he’d sure be proud to know his boys was took good care of!” Cleek commented with a smile.

They wanted proof about the mine. They looked at the contract I had signed, but they had no way of knowing if it was the right kind of minerals. He told them to look in his shirt pocket. Cleek pulled out the gold nugget. They both stared at it then burst out laughing as Cleek threw it down on the ground. “Cat gold!”

But then I was there. “Alirght, hold it!” I ordered as I held my rifle on them. They walked away from Speed and stood beside each other, but a ways apart. “Cut him loose,” I ordered.

"You'd be a fool to jump two men standing this far apart. You'd never swing that rifle in time to get both of us, at least one of us would get you," Marsh warned me.

But I wasn’t scared. "You just take one more step apart and we'll find out," I challenged them.

“Get yourself a gun belt and a sporting gun!” Cleek laughed at me.

“I don’t use a gun for sport. Now somebody better start moving real slow and cut him loose!”

Suddenly, Marsh went for his gun. I fired my rifle at him – two quick shots. He fell to the ground. “You boys should’ve stayed in the county with your cousin sheriff! Now help him up and get off my property! I see you around here again, they’ll be nobody left to cart you off!”

They started to slowly walk away, but they weren’t fast enough. “Move!” I shouted as I fired another shot in the air. That got them to moving right on out of there!

Even though Speed was in the noose I still went to free my son first. After untying him and making sure he was alright I went to rescue Speed again. It seemed that this was beginning to be a bad habit – me saving his life like this. He told me I got there just in time. “Better late then never, Mr. Sullivan,” I declared as I untied him.

The minute he was untied he picked up the nugget. "Why did they throw this nugget away, it's worth sixty or seventy dollars pure gold."

"Iron pyrite, fools gold. It's good for a flint for starting a fire, but that's about all. My property's…full of it." I stated as I handed him the nugget and quickly walked away.

Now, I must admit that I wasn’t sad to see those two go! Maybe now things could get back to normal around here!

"You know, I've taken a few in my time and I've been taken by a few. But you two are without pier," Speedy complained.

"I'll tell you Speedy, a good salesman is the easiest man in the world to sell something to.”

What could he say? “You got all my money now! I wanta wish you all the luck in the world!” I wasn’t quite done with him yet. I still had one last trick up my sleeve. I asked him what he was going to do. “Oh I don’t know. I guess I’ll roll across these prairies until I wear down like tumbleweed. You know, it took me six years to save that $500.00. I was gonna use it for my son’s education. Now all I got to pass along to him is a sales pitch, a formula for Sullivan’s panacea and a pile of lightning rods that never gets delivered.” I couldn’t believe he was at it again!

He started to leave but I stopped him. "Speed, I don't really want a partner in my land. Tell you what. Would you like to sell me back those mineral rights?"

He suddenly had a hopeful look in his eyes. "You mean it?"

"For two hundred and fifty dollars," I said.

"Oh now wait a minute,
The Rifleman - The Pitchman - Episode 80I paid you five hundred dollars for those…those rights are worth at least..."

"Course if you don't want 'em. You know you didn't come into this with clean hands. You were trying to cheat me out of a gold mine."

“Well, I…I guess when you’ve plucked as many pigeons as I have, you shouldn’t complain when you loose a few feathers yourself, huh?” He smiled in agreement, knowing he had learned a lesson.

We traded the money for the contract and he immediately counted the money. "Now wait a minute," he started. “There’s more then two-hundred-“ He stopped as he realized what I had done.

“There’s four hundred and ninety-eight dollars. I didn't want to keep your money. I just wanted to teach you a lesson.”

"Where is the other two dollars?”

"That two dollars is a refund. I'm canceling out that lightening rod that doesn't get delivered." We laughed as we shook hands and said good-bye.

As they rode away, Mark and I looked at each other and smiled. They were finally gone! We looked at the contract, then I happily tore it to shreds as Mark and I laughed about the whole situation!

piddlin' stuff.....Bob Sweeney appeared in two episodes as Speed Sullivan ― The PitchmanAssault.
Bob Sweeney (Speed) and Danny Richards Jr.(Swifty) play father & son in both episodes.

Danny Richards Jr. appeared in two episodes as Swifty Sullivan ― The Pitchman and Assault.
  Danny Richards Jr. (Swifty) and Bob Sweeney (Speed) play father & son in both episodes.

John Milford appeared in eleven episodes ― (Hmmmmm.....does this set any record or maybe there's a tie or maybe someone did more then John? Who could the other Cowboy be?) ― The Blowout as Ross Porter, one of the Porter brothers who was after Al Walker ― The Coward as Dub, he was the one who was reading from George's Journal and making fun ― The Horse Traders as Jonah Winters, he was the dude with the knife ― A Time for Singing as Bro Hadley, he dude who was a bit slow ― Meeting at Midnight as Morgan ― The Pitchman as Marsh Watson, he was the one who tied Mark up ― Baranca as Hadley, he was the one who killed Sanchez ― Dark Day at North Fork as Jack Solby, he tried to kill Lucas when he was blind ― The Clarence Bibs Story as Reade, he was one of the cowboys edging Clarence on to kill Tanner ― The Journey Back as Jess Grady, as one of the squatters, he was the one who held the rifle on Will Temple ― The Assailants as Lt. Price, the soldier in charge.

Paul Wexler appeared in four episodes The Pitchman as Cleek Watson, he was one of the brothers looking to kill Swifty for selling his Pa bad medicine Sheer Terror as Harris the buffalo hunter The Queue as Les Foster, Vince's drinkin' buddy Outlaw's Shoes as Joe Weiden, he brought a mob to the Sheriff's office.

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