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Chuck Connors - Kamala Devi
April 10th 1963 1972
AP Wire Press Release

HCP040207-4/2/63-HOLLYWOOD:Actor Chuck Connors and Kamala Devi, an actress of Indian-English parentage whom he will marry 41/ are shown here 4/2.  The couple met when they appeared together in the film "Geronimo," at Universal Studio.  Her parents live in Bombay, India.  UPI TELEPHOTO hg/bf

HCP040206-4/2/63-HOLLYWOOD: Actor Chuck Connors and his bride-to-be, actress Kamala Devi, relax with a cup of coffee on the floor here 4/2 as they work out plan to furnish their new home prior to their mmarriage here 4/10.  The couple met when they appeared together in the film "Geronimo."  Miss Devi is of Indian-English parentage and her parents live in Bombay, India.  Connors is working on a new TV show, "Arrest and Trial," for ABC-TV. 

(LA7)LOS ANGELES, April 1--CHUCK CONNORS AND BRIDE-TO-BE--Actor Chuck Connors is met at the airport in Los Angeles today by Kamala Devi, an actress of Indian-English parentage, who Connors announced yesterday he will marry April 10.  They met when they played together in the film "Geronimo."  Connors, a former professional baseball player, has been in a TV series "The Rifleman" for five years.  The wedding will be the first for Miss Devi and the second for Connors.  They plan to go to India when Connors can get away from a new TV series he is making to visit her parents who live in Bombay.  (APWirephoto) (ew21830stf-dfs) 1963

HCP041010:4/11/63-HOLLYWOOD:  Actor Chuck Connors, television's "Rifleman" and his bride the former Kamala Devi cut their wedding cake at the reception after they were married 4/10.  The couple met while working together on the film "Geronimo."  This is the first marriage for Kamala, Chuck had been married once before.  UPI  TELEPHOTO  ees/ees

*Not sure how many of you know this, but Kamala & Chuck were married on his birthday!

HCP120202-12/2/66-Los Angeles: Actor Chuck Connors, who was very active in the recent campaign for Governor-elect Ronald Reagan, leaves the Federal Building with his Indian-born wife Kamala Devi after she was sworn in as a U.S. Citizen 12/2.  The dark eyed beauty was born in Bombay and has lived in this country for the past six years.  UPI TELEPHOTO  gw/bf

This is from my collection and is an original press photo..
I will be posting several of my AP Wire Press Releases  from "The Rifleman" throughout the ranch.

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