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Ralph Moratz
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Ralph Moratz - The Rifleman

 A Walk Down Memory Lane with Ralph Moratz

Ralph was accepted by Central Casting in November 1953 and was a very active background actor/extra for the next 10 years. His growing family forced him to seek more reliable work and went to work for Pacific Airmotive Corp in Burbank in 1963. Even though he flourished as a computer programmer analyst, his connection with the studios did not weaken; on every vacation he'd stole back on the sets to reconnect with his fellow extras bathing in the ambience of a major studio stage.  When he retired in the mid 1990s He returned to his first love and was instantly re-welcomed by the Hollywood community.

Ralph Moratz - The Rifleman
The Fourflushers
Ralph did appear on The Rifleman several times, but this is the only episode he remembers by name.
You might be able to spot him as one of the cowboys crossing the street or walking
along the wooden sidewalk at the far end of the street from the camera.

Another Time The Rifleman

Ralph's Photo Shoot

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His current passion is Bon dancing which you can see in Ralph's blog:
Cherry Blossom Festival Little Tokyo in September 2011

Thank you Ralph for sharing a piece of your 'Walk Down Memory Lane' and all of these great photos!

Sadly, Ralph passed away on March 10, 2016, he was 84. You will be missed here at the ranch!

Born: October 10, 1931 in Berlin, Germany
Died: March 10, 2016 in Hermiston, Oregon

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