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Richard Evans
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Richard Evans appeared twice in The Rifleman Sins of the Father as Shep Coleman, the arrogant young punk who pushed Andy Moon into killing him ― A Young Man's Fancy as Bruce Henry, again he plays a arrogant young punk, this time he liked Sally and pushed Mark around. He sure did a good job in both of these parts!

He appeared with Chuck in Synanon in 1965.

Richard Evans is best known for his work in television, here is a small list of TV shows he has done.....Wagon Train ― Alfred Hitchcock Presents ― Sea Hunt ― Cheyenne ― The Fugitive ― Perry Mason ― Gunsmoke ― The Iron Horse ― The Men from Shiloh ― Star Trek ― Bonanza. ― Dr. Kildare ― Checkmate ― Ripcord ― Zane Grey Theater ― Laramie Outlaws ― The Detectives ― The Rebel ― Bourbon Street Beat ― The Alaskans

Richard Evans also played secondary roles in several B-films.

He is best remembered for his portrayal of high school teacher Paul Hanley in the ABC soap opera Peyton Place (1965).

His most current role is in The Emperor of Time (Short) 2015.  

Richard Evans was born January 23, 1935

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