The Rifleman
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On the Rodeo Trail with The Rifleman..... 1959 ― 1960's
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The Rifleman - On the rodeo trail
Mark is really putting his hear into this song.  I wonder what he was singing.

The Rifleman - On the rodeo trail

Chuck doing his trick riding.

Lucas (Chuck Connors) was know to be able to handle his rifle with either his right or his left hand. But how about two rifle with 2 hands?

A special thank you to Archie's daughters Roberta & Ann Butler and Eric & Rita, Joe's (Benson) children for all their help in bringing these pictures & information to The McCain Ranch!

On the Rodeo Trail..... 1962 at the Rodeo of Champions in Edmonton, Alberta Canada

On the Trail of The Rifleman
Edmonton Rodeo 1962

On the trail to Walla Walla, Washington
Walla Walla on April 2, 1960

On the set with Archie Butler

On the set with Joe Benson

Horse Sense w/Johnny

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