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On the Rodeo Trail with The Rifleman..... 1959 ― 1960's
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The Rifleman - Edmonton Rodeo 1962
Edmonton Rodeo 1962

The Rifleman - On the rodeo trail

Jill Sines, Archie's wife holding the horses before they are saddled up for their appearances.

Jill and Archie holding the horse while waiting for the signal for the show to start.

The Rifleman - On the rodeo trail

Here you can see Archie and Joe relaxing after the rodeo.  You can see some of his makeup still on his face.

Betty Crawford and son Johnny Crawford while he was appearing with Chuck Connors at the annual AK-SAR-BEN World Championship Rodeo in Omaha, Nebraska 1959

On the Trail of The Rifleman
Edmonton Rodeo 1962

On the trail to Walla Walla, Washington
Walla Walla on April 2, 1960

On the set with Archie Butler

On the set with Joe Benson

Horse Sense w/Johnny

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