The Rifleman filming locations
"Welcome to The McCain Ranch"
Part 2

Does the Dunlap Ranch still stand? 
We saw this house burned to the ground along with Lucas & Mark, but did did we?
The Dunlap Ranch/The McCain Ranch Then & Now Photos

You can see The Dunlap Ranch/The McCain Ranch in many of the Zane Grey Theatre episodes
& Four Star Productions.

(This is interesting, take note of the date for this episode) this must be one of many ranches they used for
The Rifleman
& many other shows.  Some of this is different & some is familiar.  Be sure to look at the background in these pictures & the household items.

The McCain Ranch verses The Dunlap Ranch

The McCain Ranch verses The Dunlap Ranch Today

 McCain Ranch Preservation Project

TheDunlap Ranch

This was the Burkett Ranch.  Let's see how many of these stars you know.
Zane Grey Theatre - Cry Hope! Cry Hate!
Season 5 episode #120
October 20th, 1960

Zane Grey Theatre - The Long Road Home
Season 1 episode #3
October 19th, 1956

The Rifleman filming location

How far is it to North Fork?

The McCain Ranch
"Gone But Not Forgotten"
"1958 vs. 2006" "Time Can Stand Still"

The Rifleman
Malibu Creek State Park
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