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Robert Culp
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Robert Culp appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman ― The Hero as Colly Vane, he played the town hero until the town folks found out the outlaw was shot in the back ― The Man from Salinas as Dave Foley, the bounty hunter who claimed to be Rudy Gray's brother so he could get the $2,000 bounty on Gray.

He wrote for The Rifleman ― Waste 1 & 2.

  Robert Culp starred in the CBS/Four Star western series, Trackdown as Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman from 1957-1959.
Johnny Crawford appeared with Robert Culp in Trackdown twice, really good episodes.

He was an actor, screenwriter, voice actor and director, widely known for his work in television.  He earned an international reputation for his role as Kelly Robinson on I Spy (19651968), the espionage series in which he and co-star Bill Cosby were secret agents.

He starred as FBI Agent Bill Maxwell on The Greatest American Hero and also had a recurring role as Warren Whelan on Everybody Loves Raymond.

Robert Culp gave hundreds of performances in a career spanning more than 50 years.

Robert Culp was a close friend of Sam Peckinpah.

Robert Culp was born August 16, 1930, Oakland, California
Birth Name: Robert Martin Culp
He died March 2, 2010 in Los Angeles, California
He collapsed from an apparent heart attack while walking near the lower entrance to Runyon Canyon Park, a popular hiking area in the Hollywood Hills. Found by a hiker, Culp was transported to a nearby hospital where he died from the head injuries he sustained in the fall.

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Robert Culp - The Man from Salinas
Robert Culp had one of the fastest draws in Hollywood and did his own gun tricks.

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