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Russell Collins

Russell Collins also appeared in Eight Hours to Die as ?? He is referred as Willard/Henry Denton/Mr. Denton. While in the General Store, Lucas called him Willard. When Micah goes out to the McCain Ranch to give Lucas his mail - he said that Henry Denton from the post office gave him the letter for Lucas. But yet, the credits at the end of the episode say Mr. Denton?He also played Charlie Willard the father of Dan Willard in The Apprentice Sheriff

Russell first appeared on stage in 1922. He had roles in a few early Group Theatre productions with Success Story being his Broadway debut. Probably his most noted Broadway role was as the star of the 1935 musical play Johnny Johnson. He enjoyed a long career on Broadway, in films and television. By the 1950s he often appeared in many of the television live play-like dramas and was in high demand as a character actor in many TV series to the end of his career. He played Doc in the 1950 London production of Mr. Roberts at the Coliseum Theatre with Tyrone Power as Mr. Roberts and Jackie Cooper as Ensign Pulver. He died of a heart attack on November 14, 1965 in West Hollywood, California.

 During World War II helped entertain troops as part of the U.S.O. 

Russell Collins was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 11, 1897
He died November 14, 1964 in West Hollywood, California of a heart attack.

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