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Sean McClory appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman Knight Errant as Colonel Black, an old friend of Lucas', the union officer ― I Take This Woman as Dennis O'Flarrety, the Irish man came to claim what he was promised, Lou Mallory.

I know you've seen him in many of things.  You Know the Face, But What's the Name?

Sean McClory was born in Ireland and started out in the Abbey Theatre in Dublin.

RKO Pictures put him to work playing various Irish policemen in a series of Dick Tracy B-pictures.

Remember him in The Quiet Man Swamp Fox The Californians?

Remember him in Bonanza as Professor McCarthy in the episode 'Hoss and the Leprechauns?'

In addition to his many TV guest spots, he has played the regular roles of vigilante Jack McGivern on The Californians, private investigator Pat McShane ― Kate McShane and hotelier Miles Delaney in Bring 'Em Back Alive.

Birth Name: Séan Joseph McClory
Sean McClory was born in Dublin, Ireland on March 8, 1924
He died December 10, 2003 in Hollywood Hills, California of a heart condition.

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