The Rifleman

Holt Coyle Welcomes you to The Skull Ranch

The Skull Ranch - The Rifleman

The Rifleman #124 Skull

After being separated while hunting, Lucas and Mark are taken hostage by the outlaws of Skull Ranch. 
Lucas is forced to kill in order to see his son alive.
Lyle Bettger - Thomas Brown - John Alvin - Lewis Charles - George Willeford - Don Drysdale - Archie Butler - Joe E. Benson - Yuki (1/1/62)
Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~  William F. Claxton ~
Assistant Director: Donald Torpin

The Rifleman - Skull Ranch

The Skull Ranch - The Rifleman

Filming location: Iverson Ranch - 1 Iverson Lane, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California

Skull - Don Drysdale

Skull - George Willeford

Episode #124 Skull

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