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Snub Pollard
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Snub Pollard appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman Lariat as a card player ― Sins of the Father as the Drunk in the Saloon who witnessed the of killing Shep Coleman. 

November 9th, 1889, he joined a vaudeville troupe which toured the United States circa 1910. The troupe broke up and Harry decided to stay, calling himself Snub Pollard as a stage name.

He started off at the Essenay Film Studios in 1911 and briefly worked with the Keystone Kops. Hal Roach took an interest in him and in 1915, he had Snub co-starring with Harold Lloyd and Bebe Daniels in the highly successful Lonesome Luke series, which ran for years (86 films in all). 

In 1926 his own film production company closed, and he was back supporting other top comedians again, most notably Laurel & Hardy and Andy Clyde.

Snub had no problems appearing in sound films. During the 1930's and 1940's he played many small character roles in talking pictures

He was injured and hospitalized many times while filming slapstick stunts.

 He was known as Pee Wee, side kick to Tex Ritter.

Born: Harold Hopetown Fraser
November 9, 1889 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Died: January 19, 1962 (age 72) in Burbank, California
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