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Steve Darrell

Steve Darrell played Eli Benson in Dead Cold Cash, he was the cousin of Stacey Beldon, the gunslinger Sarah Caruthers hired to kill Lucas ― Obituary as Ben Russell, he was the man who was killed by Panama Billings (Chris Alcaide).

His film credits begin around 1938 and his movie and television career spanned about thirty years, through the mid 1960s.

He appeared in Winchester '73 as Bat Masterson. He was cast as a regular in Tales of Wells Fargo as Sheriff Hal Humphrey.

 He was in many of the oldies such as The Gene Autry ShowAnnie Oakley The Lone Ranger.

He has appeared in many of our western TV Classis along with many detective, thrillers and adventure shows.

Birth Name: Darryl Eugene Horsfall
Steve Darrell was born November 19, 1904 Osage, Iowa
He died August 14, 1970 Hollywood, California of a brain tumor

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