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Steven Marlo
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Steven Marlo appeared in four episodes of The Rifleman The Patsy as Doke Marvin, one of Sully Hobbs' gang ― The Hero as The Domino Kid, he was the one that Colly Vane shot in the back.

The Assailants as Sgt. Will is the one who confronted Micah in the telegraph office ― The Anvil Chorus as Stagg the cowboy who said he wouldn't give his guns to nobody.

Steve Marlo - Branded
He also was in Branded a three part-er  with Chuck
 The Mission 1 - 2 & 3 as Private Tyler.

Steven Marlo was born Morris Miller on July 13, 1927.  His friends called him "Mo". Jack Kruschen helped him pick the name Steven Marlo while having lunch. Steve and Jack were supporting actors in the movie The Buccaneer (They both were pirates). There they sat with their make-up and beards on when Jack came up with the name Steven Marlo.
 Jack Kruschen also appeared  in The Rifleman  The Retired Gun and One Went to Denver.  He also was one of the many actors to play Doc Burrage. He played the Doc in Trail of Hate & Baranca.

Steve was three years old when his father died.  His Mother put him and his brother in an orphanage in San Francisco. They were in the orphanage for ten years. When their mother remarried she took them out of the orphanage. Their step-father was cruel. When Steve turned sixteen he ran away from home and went to his uncle's in Atlantic City. Another uncle of Steve's came after him and took him back home. Steve then finished school and quickly enlisted in the Air Core to be a fighter pilot. He was sent to Texas but with World War II coming to an end, they didn't need fighter pilots, so Steve was then stationed in the Philippines Island.   

  On a G. I. bill, Steve studied Drama at Los Angeles City College. He later went to study Drama at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute―Actors Studio―he then went to New York. Steve's first play was a comedy called The Royal Family at City Center New York.  That was January 10, 1951. This was a story about John Barrymore. Steve landed the part because he was the only one who knew how to fence.  He taught John Emery, who played the part of Anthony, how to fence. Steve's part was a forty-four year old man. Steve was twenty-two at the time, so they changed his character to fit him. On opening night Peggy Ann Gardner forgot her lines. John Emery thought he heard his cue and came out on the balcony fifteen minutes too early. He had to stand there and wait for fifteen minutes for his cue. When he finally heard his cue he fell down the stairs and broke his leg, but he still went on with his part. When the first act was over and the curtain went down the Stage Manager rushed over to see how he was. The Stage Manager then sent Ethel Griffith out on the stage to ask if there was a doctor in the house.  Three doctors rushed back stage. After checking him out they told him he couldn't finish the show, but he insisted and so they rushed out to get Novocain to numb his leg. In the second act Emery and Steve was to have a fencing scene down the steps, but they had to do this scene slowly instead of fast. By the third act the Novocain wore off. For the next several weeks the understudy had to do Emery's part, but had to read it from a book. 

Steve got his first big break in William Inge's Broadway play, Picnic. The play won a Pulitzer Prize, the Drama Critic's Award and best play of the year. This also starred Paul Newman and Joanna Woodward. This is where Newman and Woodward met and fell in love. 
Steve then went on to star in The Best House of Naples with Yale Wexler. Yale Wexler played Steve's brother in this play. Yale told Steve that if the played closed he was going to Hollywood and make movies. The play opened on a Thursday and closed on Saturday. Steve had no choice but to go back to driving cab. One morning after he got home from work, around four a.m. Steve got a call from Yale. He asked Steve how would he like to go out to California and star in a movie. Steve didn't have the money for a plane ticket. Yale gave Steve the number of his lawyer. His lawyer wrote out a check for $120.00 for his plane ticket and within four hours he was on a plane for California.

Steve appeared  in Studio One (1956). His first movie was Stakeout on Dope Street (1958). After his appearance in this movie William Morris Agency signed him to a contract. He then went on to study with Anthony Quinn for the movie The Buccaneer (1958). He later went on to be an "act-in" in One-Eyed Jacks (1961). Stanley Cooper was hired as the director but when he and Marlon Brando didn't get along, Brando fired him and directed the movie himself. That is where Steve came in, he was hired as an "act-in" for Brando so Brando could be free to direct.  Steve had to memorize Brando's lines, play his parts, wear his clothes and step in whenever needed. He was paid $800 for his part in this movie. When you watch this movie, be sure to look for Steve, if you see a man standing on top of a sand dune that looks like Brando, that's Steve. The Lucy Show/Desilu Company were looking to hire young actors to do comedy, but Steve ended up with the choice of starring in One-Eyed Jacks or The Untouchables. 

 Steve has appeared in quite a bit TV shows ― The Bob Cummings Show ― Johnny Staccato ― The Rebel ― Law of the Plainsman ― Johnny Ringo ― Hong Kong ― Wanted: Dead or Alive ― Alcoa Premiere ― The Lieutenant ― The Great Adventure ― Ben Casey ― Death Valley Days ― Combat! ― Bonanza ― Felony Squad ― Mission: Impossible ― Hondo ― Garrison's Gorillas ― Star Trek ― The F.B.I. ― Land of the Giants ― Emergency ― Eight Is Enough ― Falcon Crest

 Besides the movies already mentioned, Steve has appeared in several movies ― The Young Captives ― The Slender Thread ― W.I.A. Wounded In Action ― Hondo and the Apaches ― The Voyage of the Yes ― The Stranger ― Terror in the Wax Museum as Karkov the monster ― Arnold ― The Hanged Man ― Adventures of the Queen ― Columbo: Playback ― Sky Heist ― Mayday at 40,000 Feet! ― The Hostage Heart ― The Swarm ― When Time Ran Out..... ― The Night the Bridge Fell Down ― Outrage! ― Jake Spanner, Private Eye

Steve also was a dialog coach for Land of the Giants ― The Towering Inferno ― The Swarm ― Beyond the Poseidon Adventure ― When Time Ran Out ― which he had small parts in too.

Steve is retired and living in Marysville, Washington, near his 2 children. He plans to open up an acting school in Seattle. The name of his company will be "The Seattle Actors Company."  No date has been set as of yet, but will keep you posted on any new developments.  He already has fifty kids lined up.  

Steve Marlo - The Rifleman

Steven Marlo / Morris Miller today

I really enjoyed my conversations with Steve. He is such a nice man and I enjoyed listening to him. He has such great stories to tell. I am going to check with Steve later and see how his company is coming along.  

I would like to thank Robert Strickland for getting me in touch with Steve. Bob and Steve met about a year ago at the screening of a movie called Broadway.  At that time, Steve told Bob about his wanting to start an acting school in Seattle. They exchanged phone numbers and have seen each other about a dozen times since then, Steve goes to hear Bob play his trumpet in various contexts, and they had Steve sing one evening. Thanks Bob!
A special thanks to Steve Marlo for his years of entertainment he has given us and for taking the time to talk with me and for helping me with his page.

  I tip my Cowgirl hat to both of you!

Steve Marlo ― HeraldNet
 Steve Marlo, once a Hollywood actor, now leads quiet life in Marysville

Benny Carle also appeared in this episode The Assailants with Steve, Benny was the Telegraph Clerk, please check out Benny's page

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