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Steve Rowland
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Steve Rowland appeared in two episodes of The RiflemanHome Ranch as Billy Lehigh, he was one of Jackford's bullies who helped burn down the McCain's home ― The Coward as Buddy Link, he's the one who beat on Georgie Boy Collins in the saloon and Lucas at his ranch.  In both episodes, his initials were B. L. 

When I asked Steve about his experience working on the set of The Rifleman, this was his reply....."My experience when shooting those two episodes was a great deal of fun.  I had met Chuck Connors before at one of the many parties that I attended in Hollywood back there in the 50s.  We hit it off straight away---probably because of our mutual interest in sports. I was into motor racing and he had been a star baseball player. When they started production on The Rifleman I was called by the casting director to read for a part on Home Ranch. I got the part. They must have liked my performance because they cast me in The Coward soon after. Chuck and I had a lot of laughs on the set during the shooting. I really can't remember much more. It was too long ago".
"I do remember, however, that I got the chance to meet one of my heroes, Sam Peckinpah".

Born in Hollywood, actor, singer, columnist, author and record producer Steve Rowland grew up in Beverly Hills during the Golden Age of Hollywood. His father was film director Roy Rowland, his mother Ruth was a scriptwriter and the niece of Louis B. Mayer of MGM fame.

Steve almost "naturally" began an acting career in the 50s, starring in over 35 TV shows like BonanzaWanted Dead Or Alive. His very first film appearance was at 11 year's old in MGM's Boy's Ranch, singing Darling Clementine in the campfire scene. Film appearances included co-starring roles in The Battle of the BulgeGun GloryCrime in the StreetsThe Thin Red Line ― Hold Back the Night with Chuck Connors.

Steve has appeared on many of the TV westerns such as Bonanza ― Wanted: Dead or Alive ― Wagon Train ― Tales of Wells Fargo ― Hopalong Cassidy.

John Milford and Steve Rowland both appeared in The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (TV series) as part of the Clanton Gang. John Milford as Ike Clanton and Steve Rowland as Phin Clanton for two years.  There father, the leader of the gang was Old Man Clanton played by Trevor Bardette.

What does Steve Rowland have in common with The Rifleman, Wanted Dead or Alive and The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp?

Today Steve is a record producer and lives in Southern California.
Check our Steve's website You'll be surprised what all this guy has achieved!

Birth Name: Stephen Jacob Rowland
Birth Date: September 3, 1932 in Los Angeles, California

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