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On the set of Tension
Episode #45

Hollywood, July 15--Another "Rifleman is Offing"--Jeff Connors, seven year old son of Chuck Connors, star of television's The Rifleman, makes like a cowboy on his dad's shoulders today after getting a state work permit allowing him to make his acting debut. He's got a two-line part in a coming episode which he been rehearsing with his dad for the past month. The job will pay him about $300/  (AP Wirephoto) 1959

Toby Halpern was played by Jeff Connors, son of Chuck Connors

Tension on the set of The Rifleman

Tension on the set of The Rifleman

Chuck Connors, star of ABC - TV's The Rifleman makes a last minute check on the costume of his real-life son Jeffrey (age seven), Who makes his acting debut as young Toby Halpern in Tension.

Tension on the set

Tension episodes #45

The Schoolmaster episode #86

First Wages episode #112

Chuck's boys on the set

This was taken on the set of The Deadeyed Kid in 1959

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