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On the set of Tension
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Tension on the set of The Rifleman

Tension on the set of The Rifleman

While filming Tension they used what they called shiny boards instead of lights back then.  When it came time for Jeff to say his lines, the shiny boards kept shinning in his eyes.  Jeff told his Dad that the lights were really bright and Chuck said....."Just do your lines son, say it, it's hot out here."
*Reflectors, Mirrors, Shiny boards.....A reflector is designed to redirect or bounce light. The reflector has a hard side (sometimes called a lead side) with a smooth surface that gives a hard, bright light. The other side, called the soft side, gives a diffused pattern.

Jeff would like to thank Cowgirl/Margie for her love of The Rifleman.
Especially her website and for all her time & devotion to The Rifleman.  
Chuck would be proud!

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Chuck's boys on the set

This was taken on the set of The Deadeyed Kid in 1959

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