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"I owe baseball all that I have and much of what I hope to have," Connors said in 1953 when he retired as a ballplayer.

Chuck's true love in life was sports, particularly baseball, and in his own words, "I was an athlete from the day I could walk!"  He didn't say he was a great athlete, and he also admitted that at age thirteen he was the "lousiest first baseman to ever hit a sandlot."  Growing up in Brooklyn, he was naturally a big fan of the Dodgers, who were affectionately know as the "Bums."

TV Guide 2/7/59 After 2 days of acting (playing a policeman in Pat & Mike) Chuck was quoted as saying "Baseball just lost a first baseman," because they paid him $500 for each day.

In the 1985 Dodgers playoffs, Chuck would write Poems. 
He would put them on his telephone answering machine.

New York News 5/1/60 "I've always been a fan of  the Los Angeles Dodgers and recently I talked my brother into rooting for them too." Reported Johnny Crawford.

Bobby Crawford laughingly retorted "The only reason I did this was because Chuck Connors (former first sacker with the Bums) - held a gun on me."


Chuck giving Johnny baseball tips while taking a break on the set of The Rifleman.

Enjoy!  If you click on this picture of Chuck showing Johnny how to hold a baseball, it is yours to download - Free!

An avid baseball fan, Johnny didn't miss a chance to root for the Los Angles Dodgers at the ballpark.  He particularly relishes working in THE RIFLEMAN with Chuck Connors, who formerly played with the Brooklyn Dodgers and Los Angles Angels.

Chuck Connors & 1951 Chicago Cubs
Hoping for the best! Chicago Cubs Baseball History
Chuck Connors & Chicago Cubs practice. Chuck Connors -- best known as the star of the TV show "The Rifleman" -- played 66 games for the 1951 Cubs, hitting .239 with two homers and 18 RBIs. Veterans and rookies tuned up for the up-and-coming season at Catalina Island off the coast of California.

The Dugout 2

The Dugout 3

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Chuck Connors:
A Man for all Seasons

Sports & the Sporting Life in
New York City by David Hinckley

Almendares Scorpions
in Havana, Cuba in the early 1950's

Babe Herman & Chuck Connors are giving Chuck Stevens a hard time

Sports heroes/stars that appeared with Chuck on The Rifleman

Don Drysdale

Sid Gillman

Walter O'Malley

Duke Snider
'The Retired Gun'

The Basketball Court
Chuck played for the Boston Celtics
See a picture of Chuck teaching his boys basketball

Chuck Connors Star
 on the Hollywood Walk of fame

Chuck Connors

Chuck Connors
In Memory of The Rifleman
1921 - 1992
1992 David Fury

The Golf Course

Golf Hall of Fame

Charitable Invitational
Golf Tournaments

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