The Rifleman
"Welcome to the McCain Ranch"

Trail of Hate
Episode 77

A person can teach his son lessons year after year, hoping and praying that the things he teach are becoming permanent memories in their growing heads. But when we are faced with our greatest fears, we find that teaching is easier then doing,
The Rifleman - Trail of Hate - Episode 77as we too mess up. But, if we raise our children right, they will understand that, like them, we are only human. And that is a lesson I learned this time.

One afternoon, Mark and I were working side-by-side like many fathers and sons did after school back then. These were moments that we both cherished, and they are memories that would live on in our minds until we closed our eyes and left this world behind. But today, Mark wasn’t just helping me, he was trying to teach me something – and you know, I really think he seriously thought I was doing it wrong. I was keeping the forge hot while Mark helped me shape horseshoes for one of our horses.

"Well if you didn't pack the coals so tight, we'd get more blue flame in the fire," Mark was telling me.

"Oh, what do you know about it?"

"Well if the coals were looser we'd get more air. Where there's more air there's more oxygen. At least that's what my teacher told me," he explained in that childlike lecture-voice of his. I couldn’t help but to smile at him.

But we both stopped as a stranger on a horse approached us. I watched him closely, always leery of strangers suddenly showing up at our ranch. The man seemed friendly enough and stated he was looking for me. He introduced himself as Benjamin Stark. “My son, Mark,” I introduced him.

“I know,” he stated. That started Mark and me both. We looked at each other, but Mr. Stark started talking again. "Mr. McCain, my business with you is quite simple. This afternoon I'll be involved in a transaction at the North Fork Bank. That…uh…transaction will be conducted more smoothly and certainly more profitably with someone like yourself there to vouch for me."

Hm, now I was a little suspicious, first because he knew my son, and second because he was asking me, a total stranger, to vouch for him at the bank. But I tried to play it cool and act casual. I took the iron from the forge and casually made my way to the water as I spoke. “Mr…uh…Stark, did you say?” He nodded. “Since we’ve never met before, I oughta know a little more about you before I can…well, as you say…” I stuck the horseshoe in the water and it sizzled. “vouch-“ I reached for my rifle at the same time.

Bang! I jerked back my hand in surprise as the shot rang right past it. "I think you know enough about me now Mr. McCain,” Stark commented with a warning. Just then two more riders rode in and came up beside Stark. I looked toward my rifle again, knowing Mark and I were in danger. “I wouldn’t gamble if I were you, McCain. The boy might be in the line of fire,” Stark warned me.

He motioned for Noley to go over to Mark. “the point being that if you introduce me to the bank manager, we can finish our work efficiently and quietly with nobody getting hurt except their feelings.

Suddenly, the other man asked, “You want me to tell you what’ll happen to your kid if you don’t cooperate?” I don’t like anyone threatening my son’s life and his words made me angry. But Stark told Cougar that was enough.

“He put it rather crudely, Mr. McCain. Let me simply say that my brother, Noley, will be keeping your son company while we’re in town.

They made me get on my wagon. As I sat down, I looked toward the porch where Mark was standing, trying to look brave. Noley stood right behind him with his hand on Mark’s shoulder. I didn’t want to leave him here – not for a second! But there was nothing I could do at the moment but cooperate with them. After all, this was my son’s life. “We better get started, Mr. McCain,” Stark suggested as I continued to stare at Mark. But I just sat there looking at my boy – how could I leave him here with an outlaw? Stark tried to assure me that Mark was in good hands because Noley was fond of children. That brought me no comfort since he was holding my son hostage.

I looked angrily at Stark and gave him a fair warning. "If that boy's hurt in any way I'll find you Stark. I'll hunt you down and make it the sorriest day of your life," I warned.

Cougar began laughing and I started to stand up. I won’t tell you what I felt like doing to all of them at that moment! "I give you my word, all goes well in town, your boy won't be hurt in any way," Stark tried to assure me, but I still wasn’t so sure. I looked toward Mark once more then we then headed into town.

After I left, Mark occupied himself by working on polishing his saddle. Noley assumed that Mark was scared of him. “I try not to be scared of anybody,” Mark answered as he continued his work.

“Gosh, that’s the way to grow up, not being scared of anybody. You know me? I’m scared all the time,” Noley stated.

“Well, that’s because you’re an outlaw and always being chased,” Mark stated matter-of-factly.

“Look son, let’s understand one thing, then you and me can wait more comfortably,” Noley stated. “I ain’t gonna hurt a hair on your head. If Ben and Cougar don’t come back, meaning they got into trouble, there ain’t gonna be anybody to harm you. I’ll sure ride out in a hurry, but nobody’s gonna hurt you. Feel better?” Noley asked. Mark said he guess so. “No cause hurting you just cause things don’t go right,” Noley stated. “Me and Ben figured this out long ago.”

Suddenly, Mark turned and looked at him as he held his saddle. “You’ve done this before?” Mark asked.

“Yeah, we take over a farm just outside town. I stay with somebody acting real mean. Ben and Cougar with the farm owner go into town. They talk over matters with the man in the bank, all Calm and peaceful-like, nobody getting excited until the bank’s ready to close. Then they take the money and nobody get’s shot. Ben’s smart.”

“I don’t think he’s so smar
The Rifleman - Trail of Hate - Episode 77t,” Mark stated as he started to throw his saddle onto the fence. He meant Ben was smarter then him.

“Come on boy, I’ll help you do your chores,” he said kindly to Mark.

We rode into the bank. I sat calmly on the seat trying to think of some way to stop this from happening, but Stark turned to me and just looked at me. I jumped down from the wagon and slowly started inside, still trying to think of a play. “You’re acting like you got something fancy on your mind,” Stark commented. “Keep remembering one thing, Mr. McCain – your son. If anything goes wrong, Noley has his orders.”

When John saw us walk in, he stood up and gave me a friendly greeting. I introduced him to Benjamin Stark.

Meanwhile, Mark and Noley were at home working on Mark’s chores. At the moment they were working loading the wagon with hay. Noley was telling Mark about his life. “I’m not saying Ben’s an angel. I’m just saying he does some good things, like raising me when our folks died, and sending me money when he was in those schools back East. He could ship for hisself now, do a lot better without me, but no, Ben likes to keep me right along with him.”

“I don’t think he’s so good, making you into a bank robber,” Mark stated.

“Oh, it wasn’t Ben’s idea, not at first. I had me a farm. One Ben bought for me. I had me a farm and a woman and a boy,” he said proudly. Mark was surprised that he was married. “Sure admired that woman. Admired the boy too – loved him, you might say. She took off with him, up one night. Took him away. I guess I’m the kind that can’t hold on to anything.”

“I’m sorry,” Mark said sincerely.

He said he had nobody to blame but himself. “Not being able to hold on to anybody. That’s why I’m so appreciative of Ben. He’s the only real thing I got.” Suddenly, Mark saw something in the hay. "He knows I'm not smart, but he likes me anyway."

As he kept talking about nobody liking him, Mark pulled a sack out of the hay and prepared to throw it at Noley. He wanted to escape, probably to come into town to help me stop the robbery. Suddenly, when Noley turned around to face him, Mark threw the sack at him, knocking him to the ground. Mark jumped off the wagon and ran as fast as he could off the ranch. Noley took off after, Mark, warning him to stop running.

But Mark was running so fast and he was so scared that he didn’t see the rock in his path. He tripped and fell, hitting his head on another rock, which knocked him out cold. Noley bent down beside him. “Hey you went and fell. No cause for you to do that.” Noley took his hat off and realized that Mark was no longer awake.

Noley was suddenly fearful. “Boy? Boy?” he called as he placed a hand on Mark’s head. But Mark didn’t move. “I wouldn’t have hurt you! Honest! Boy? Boy?” Noley picked him up. “You needn’t have run. He carried him back to the ranch.

While my boy was lying in his bed unconscious, I was quietly sitting in the bank while John and Stark discussed his getting a loan. John was telling him that he would be unable to give him the loan while the clerk was closing up. “However, Mr. Hamilton, I have another proposition for you. It goes this way,” Stark was saying as the Clerk started to close up the vault for the night. “Leave it open!” The clerk turned and looked at him. “You heard me,” Stark stated gruffly.

“Better do as he says,” I stated. Naturally, John wanted to know what was going on. “He’s holding Mark hostage,” I stated plainly. Then without another word, Stark demanded that John put all the money in the briefcase he had brought along.

When Stark was done putting the money in the bag, he asked for the keys to the door. He walked over and peaked under the blinds to make sure the coast was clear. Then he turned back toward us. “Now, it’s understood that you gentlemen will stay here for one hour quietly. And I promise you that I’ll release your boy.”

But before he left, I reminded him of my promise. “I’ll say it again, Stark. If I find that boy hurt in any way-“

But he assured me I was cooperative, and he would be in return. Then he unlocked the door, threw the keys to me, and walked out as if he was doing nothing out of the ordinary. I threw the keys down on the desk and went over to the window. I lifted the blind and watched the two bank robbers ride out of town, back toward my ranch. Staying here while my son could be in trouble was the last thing I wanted to do, but I had no choice. I had to make sure my boy was safe.

John could tell I was worried and upset. He came over to try to calm me down. "I'm sure it will be alright. We'll wait the hour. Make sure Marks in no jeopardy. They'll have no reason to harm him."

"God help them if they do." I don’t think I need to mention that I said this with muc
The Rifleman - Trail of Hate - Episode 77h anger in my voice.

Of course, while we waited the bank robbers came back to the ranch. Noley hurried out to meet them, and at first they thought everything went as smoothly as usual. But they’d never run up against a McCain – and McCain’s fought back! “He runned, Benny. He tried to run away! It was an accident! I yelled to him and he fell!” Noley started in a panic.

Stark demanded to know what he was talking about. Stark didn’t wait for an explanation but ran inside to check on “the boy.” Cougar grabbed Noley by the shirt. “Are you trying to say the boy’s dead?” he demanded angrily.

“Breathing, just breathing!” Noley answered as they ran into the house after Stark.

Stark was checking Mark. “He’s in a bad way,” he announced. They were very worried now. Cougar called Noley a fool. He knew I’d be following him to the end of the world. Cougar reached out to grab Noley, but Stark grabbed his arm. “Cougar, anytime you want we can ride out in different directions,” he stated.

Noley was upset. He wanted to stay with Mark and get the doctor, but Stark announced they couldn’t do that. If Mark died, no one would believe his story.

I must admit that waiting that hour was the hardest thing I ever did! That hour dragged by, and I could no longer watch the clock. But the moment John announced an hour had lapsed, I ran out and grabbed the first horse I could find – it just happened to belong to someone else. I could only think of one thing – getting home to my boy and taking him in my arms when I discovered he was alright.

But as I rode off, the man grew angry. John told him they needed to find Micah as the man grumbled that you just couldn’t trust anyone these days.

I raced that horse home as fast as I could – he couldn’t go fast enough, as far as I was concerned! As soon as I got to the ranch and jumped off the horse, I looked around for him. “Mark!” I called, desperately needing to see my boy. “Mark!” I called again as I looked over the yard. But he was no where in sight. Something was wrong. He should have been anxiously waiting for my return.

I called his name again as I ran into the house. I looked around, but didn’t see him. I was growing more worried. I suddenly turned toward the bedroom and hurried inside. I stopped just inside the door as I saw his motionless body lying on the bed. I think my heart stopped too!

“Mark!” I cried, suddenly frightened. I hurried over to the bed and laid my hands on him. “Mark!” I touched his forehead and saw the blood from his head wound. That’s when I knew something terrible had happened. I stared at the blood on my hand then looked at him. “What did they do to you son?” I asked, desperately needing answers.

It was dark by the time the doctor tucked the covers around Mark and came into the living room. I had been sitting at the table, keeping myself occupied by readying my gun for the hunt that was about to come. But the most important thing was knowing my son was going to be okay. I breathed a deep sigh of relief when the doc told me that there was no skull fracture – I was so scared there had been! Doc told me I could go in and see my son – his permission didn’t mean much, I would have gone in either way! Doc told me Mark’s mind may be a little cloudy.

I couldn’t quite believe he would be okay. After all, he had been knocked unconscious for so long and I was so worried! “Are you sure he’ll be alright, doc?” I asked desperately.

“With proper rest and care, I’m sure.” I thanked the doc as I got up to go see my boy.

I walked to his bed and bent down to talk softly to him. He was awake looking at me. “Hello son,” I greeted him with a relived look on my face. “How are you feeling?” Mark couldn’t answer. Suddenly, I needed to know the answer to an important question. He had to tell me this one thing. “Mark, who did it, son? Which one?” Mark couldn’t speak. “Try to answer me, Mark,” I begged gently.

But doc was standing inside the door. He stopped me, telling me he needed to sleep – it was the best thing for him.

I left the room without another word and started reading myself to go after the men who had caused this. I was angry – rage filled me and I could think of nothing else but teaching those three men a lesson. No one hurt my son and got away with it – no one!

I grabbed my bag of shells and started loading my rifle without a word. Doc spoke to me though. "Lucas, I guess you'll want to catch up to the posse. Micah said he'd be watching for you if the word on Mark was good.” I silently and angrily continued loading my rifle. Doc spoke again. “Luke, I said-"

But I suddenly cut him off. "I heard you doc. But, one man travels faster then a posse does."

"You’re not intending on killing those men?" Doc asked. "Luke!"

"I'm not gonna kill them d
The Rifleman - Trail of Hate - Episode 77oc.” I started loading extra shells in my shirt pockets. Angrily I announced, “But before I'm through they're gonna wish I did. Before I'm through they'll be begging me to kill them."

They were pushing hard, riding all night; but I was pushing harder. They thought they were well ahead of me, but they were wrong. They stopped to rest and get a drink. There was another reason Cougar wanted to stop. He wanted that money counted and divided before they went any further. He was the meanest of the bunch.

Stark climbed off his horse. “I’d feel a lot better if I knew whether the kid was alive or dead!” He exclaimed.

“What’s the difference?” Cougar asked angrily.

“What’s the difference?” Noley said, sticking up for Mark. “That was a fine boy! You wouldn’t want to see him die, would you Cougar? The trouble is, you never had a son of your own.” Noley’s mentioning his son suddenly upset Cougar and he warned Noley to shut up about his son. “You ought not to talk about the boy that way. He’s not stupid!” Noley stated. But Cougar started calling Noley stupid and said he couldn’t even hold on to his own kid. He was really putting Noley down, and Stark didn’t like it one bit. He announced that they would separate. “And you’ll be nothing without Ben! Nothing!” Noley stated.

Noley suddenly needed his brother’s assurance that they’d make it. “Don’t worry, Noley. We’ll make it,” he answered as he stepped ahead of the two and started to take a drink of water. “We got a good start. Nobody could have followed us at the pace we set.”

He was wrong about that! I shot the canteen right out of his thieving hands! The three outlaws suddenly ran to hide behind the rocks. They looked all around for me, but I couldn’t be seen. They knew I was there – no question about it. “Nobody surely means McCain’s here by himself!” Cougar declared.

Bang! Bang! Bang! I fired three more shots, scaring off the horses.

Bang! Bang! Two more shots put hole into the canteens. It was all part of my plan.

Noley ran for the canteen.
Bang! Bang! I shot a hole in the other canteen before he could grab it. There was one more canteen left. Noley reached for it. Bang! Bang! I shot holes in it as well. Noley ran back behind the rocks.

"Alright McCain, what's our next move?" Stark yelled the question to me.

I was more then happy to tell them. "Walkin', back to North Fork,” I answered angrily.

"Walk back, fifty miles of wasteland he’s loco!” Cougar complained to them quietly. “Without horses or water, we'd never make it. We'd die half way."

Noley was afraid Mark must have died since I was so filled with anger, but Stark disagreed. If Mark had died, he figured I would have just killed them outright. He figured I wanted to make it legal – that’s why I let them keep their guns.

They knew I had an advantage over them. Stark wanted to get closer to me. “I want the first shot,” Cougar declared. “Get movin’!” I ordered.

They obeyed. I stuffed my rifle back in the boot and mounted my horse. It sure was hot and the sun was beating down on them. After a while of walking, they stopped to rest…and to come up with a plan. They were going to take cover up ahead at some rocks. Noley would act like he was falling behind. “You’ll fool him, Ben! I know you will!” he declared.

When I saw them resting, I ordered, “Keep walking! You heard me – keep walking!” Again they obeyed. I sat in the shade of the rocks and watched them start back up again. They were hot, tired, and thirsty. I had my horse and
The Rifleman - Trail of Hate - Episode 77 plenty of water, and I poured some water in my hat to keep my head cool. I stood there and watched them suffer, enjoying every minute of it!

They thought they were outsmarting me when they jumped up behind some rocks. But I sure surprised them! Bang! Bang! Bang! I fired three shots just over Stark and Cougar’s head, letting them know I was onto them. “Keep going!” I demanded. Cougar couldn’t believe I had gotten ahead of them.

Bang! Bang! I fired two more shots above their heads when they didn’t obey my order to keep going.

“How do you expect us to reach North Fork without any water?” Stark suddenly yelled out.

Bang! Bang! That was my answer. He should of thought of that before he decided to mess with my son! “You can forget about anymore tricks!” I announced.

They traveled for awhile as the sun beat down on them. They were getting so tired, though, that they could hardly move anymore. The sun was giving them no mercy, and neither was I. Stark laughed sarcastically. “Right now, I’d settle for that jail in North Fork!” he told the other two.

Suddenly, Cougar came up with a plan to offer me some money. They figured they could buy my forgiveness. Cougar ran away from the other two and held the briefcase over his head. “McCain,” he yelled to me. “I’ve got $20,000.00 here, if you want it! Just leave us enough for a stake in Mexico! You can have the rest! No one would know! You never caught up with us, that’s all! Look, you can have a real…a real big herd!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! That was my answer to their proposition.

But Cougar wasn’t ready to give up yet. He told me I could have all the money.
Bang! Bang! I shot at his feet.

Cougar dropped the briefcase and ran back to the others by the rocks. “Ben, I think maybe…maybe we’re gonna die,” Noley stated.

I re-loaded my rifle. Suddenly, Cougar yelled again. "The one who stayed behind, he hurt the kid. It was Noley! He hurt the kid!”

I couldn’t help but give a vengeful smile. Noley started begging Cougar to tell me it was an accident. Cougar grabbed Noley and offered to let me take him if I let them go. I was enjoying watching them breaking apart like this. Cougar’s treatment of Noley irked Stark. He told him he had no right to offer Noley to save his own skin. “He wants blood for blood!” Cougar declared. “That means Noley!”

Noley begged Stark to help him. Finally, Stark acted like he would go along with Cougar’s plan. But first, he had one more plan to try. He started drawing in the dirt, pretending that he was setting up a plan. Then suddenly he flung dirt in Cougar’s face which distracted him.
Bang! Bang! Two shots rang out. One hit Noley, wounding him pretty badly. The other one killed Cougar.

Star and Noley gave up. They said they would go back peaceful. I was pleased with myself. All this Vengeance was paying off.

Stark knew that their only hope was to reach North Fork. I watched the two of them move on as I smiled. I think they were finally getting my message. As sweat poured down my face, I went to my horse and climbed on so I could continue following them.

They traveled on. Noley had a bad wound along his rib cage and it was becoming harder for him to travel. He needed water desperately bad if he was going to reach North Fork alive. Stark was no longer thinking about himself, but about his brother. The fact that he was going to jail for bank robbery was no longer a worry – only his brother’s life. So when he saw the water hole, he rejoiced, believing that he had finally found some relief for his brother. They bent down to take a drink, but I was right behind them.

Bang! Bang! I fired to shots in the water just in front of them. I grinned as they fearfully turned to me. I swung my rifle around for good measure – just so they’d know I was still boss.

Noley was really hurting though. “I’m bleeding again, Ben,” he cried. “I think I’m bleeding inside now.”

Stark was desperate. He loved his brother. "McCain, he's dying,” he cried. “He's my brother. He'll die if he don't get help. He's my brother, don't you understand? My brother! Who are you, the almighty? You got no right to play God."

At the beginning of his speech, I was smiling, pretty proud of what I’d done. But by the end, I was angry. But I wasn’t angry at them – I was angry at me. I had snapped and forgotten that they were still human beings. Judgment wasn’t mine – it was God’s. Stark was right. I had no right to do what I had done. I had put all three of them through needless pain and suffering because I had allowed my anger to take over. I would have to deal with my guilt later – right now I had to take care of them.

I slowly rode toward them as they laid by the water hole. “Noley, forgive me. I got you into this,” Stark said quietly to his brother. “You shouldn’t have to die this way. You never meant to harm anybody.

I slowly stepped off my horse and walked towards them, still keeping my rifle trained on them just in case Stark tried anything. As I stood there, I looked down at them. Pity for them suddenly filled my heart. That was good – it meant my heart was back where it should be. "He's dying like an animal, you got what you wanted McCain."

I stared at them as I uncocked my rifle. Sorrow was on my face as I looked at what I had done them. “I came to help,” I stated in a humble voice. I sat my rifle down, got my kerchief out, and dipped it in the water. They had suffered enough at my hand.

The guilt of what I had done was still eating away at me a few evenings later while I was helping Mark with his school work. Mark could hear it in my voice. When I spoke, my voice was mournful, full of regret.

"Alright son,” I started as I opened the book. “Now, a ranch has got 800 head of cattle. Each one weighs 700 pounds; On the way to market, half the herd loses 50 pounds, the other half loses 20 pounds. How much does the herd weigh when it gets to market?"

But Mark wasn’t really listening to me. He just watched me. He could see the guilt all over my face and knew that it was his turn to help me through a painful lesson I had learned. As he spoke to me, he looked straight at me and spoke softly and gently as if I were the boy and he was the father. "I'm glad those two robbers are still alive Pa.”

“Hm?” His words started me.

But he continued on with his fatherly lecture. “I don't think that the one that stayed with me was too bad. It wasn't his fault that I hit my head on that rock."
The Rifleman - Trail of Hate - Episode 77
"I know son,” I answered, not really wanting to talk about it. "Now back to this problem."

But Mark wasn’t going to let me off that easily. I guess I’ve taught my boy well! "Pa, it wasn't your fault that the one called Cougar died."

I knew he was trying to justify my actions to make me feel better, but I had some hard facts I had to live with. "I could have taken him prisoner Mark." That was the hardest part of the whole thing – knowing that my vengeful actions had taken another man’s life. He would still be alive today if it hadn’t been for me."

"Remember how you’ve always told me that when I make a mistake, a bad mistake, I shouldn't go on grieving about it. I guess you can make a mistake too,” Mark stated. He recognized the fact that I was just a mere mortal like him.

"I sure did,” I stated regretfully.

“Well, then you oughta do like you told me to do. You said that if I admit to myself that I was wrong and tell myself that I won't make the same mistake again, well, then the best thing to do is just put it aside and not think about it anymore.” I knew my son had a point. I did need to practice what I preached. “Well?" Mark waited for my answer.

"Mark, I'll try,” I promised. We looked at each other and smile. That’s my boy! The next words I spoke were lighter, and some of the anger I was holding against myself had faded. "Now let's get back to the herd." I was proud of my son at that moment. He knew that what I had done was wrong, and he knew I felt that. But just like I would lecture him for allowing it to continue bothering him, he did the same to me. We both knew I would soon be better as I slowly dealt with the trail of hate I had left behind me.

piddlin' stuff.....Harold J. Stone appeared in three episodes Home Ranch as Oat Jackford he was the wealthy cattle baron, who had been using the Dunlap Ranch for grazing his cattle, and demanded that Lucas move out ― Trail of Hate as Ben Stark, the older brother and brains of the gang who used Mark as a pawn in a bank robbery scheme ― The Bullet as the Marshal who tried to use ballistics to hold a gambler for attempted murder.

Marc Lawrence appeared in two episodes The Safe Guard as Gavin, one of the crooks ― Trail of Hate as Cougar, he was the third member of the gang and the one who shot Noley.

Harvey Johnson as Noley Stark, the brother of Ben. He was the not so smart brother, so he says.

Jack Kruschen appeared in four episodes.  Two episodes as Doc Burrage ― Baranca and Trail of Hate.  He appeared in One Went to Denver as Sammy an outlaw that was a member of Tom Birch's gang and The Retired Gun as Clyde Bailey who harassed Wes Carney.
There were two doctors before Doc Burrage although neither of them were ever named or given credit.  Those two episodes were The Sharpshooter and The Marshal.  In End of a Young Gun Lucas told Hank he should go get Doc Sedley?  Doc Burrage was first introduced to The Rifleman in The Pet.
Doc Burrage was a regular character ~ how many different actors played Doc Burrage?  Can you name them?

Harlan Warde appeared in eighteen episodes as John Maysfield Hamilton, President of the North Fork Bank.  He was first introduced in The Safe Guard. In this episode North Fork's Bank was first established and John Hamilton was new to North Fork.

Joe E. Benson appeared in The Rifleman many times, probably more times than listed. Sometimes credited & sometimes not.
*Please note: In Dark Day at North Fork he appeared as two different characters - as one of the townsmen & the bartender.
Joe was a good friend & a neighbor of Chuck's. He helped Chuck build a tree house for the boys and also help build the addition onto the house which was later called the den. (One of the several
tree house pictures)

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