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The RiflemanThe Second Season

41. The Patsy…..Two gunfighters use a cowardess barber and his son to talk Lucas into a gunfight so they can kill Lucas and take over the town.  Whit Bissell - John Anderson - Steve Marlo - Don Grady - Dennis Cross - Robert H. Robinson (9/29/59) Writer: Harry Kronman ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

42. Bloodlines…..After Lucas kills a young man in the saloon, an outlaw father and his two outlaw sons attempt to kill Lucas.  Denver Pyle - Warren Oates - Christopher Dark - Buddy Hackett - John Durren - Rhys Williams - Bill Quinn - Whitey Hughes - Chet Brandenburg (10/6/59) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Arthur Hiller

43. The Blowout…..Problems arise when an ailing gunfighter comes to North Fork to die under a doctor’s care in order to spare his family. But the gunfighter is being pursued by bank robbers whom he stole the robbery money from.  John Dehner - Hugh Sanders - Howard Ledig - John Milford - Bill Quinn - Glenn Strange - George Brenlin - James Parnell - Michael Jeffers - Archie Butler (10/13/59) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: James Neilson

44. Obituary…..After Lucas accuses a newspaper writer’s misleading articles of causing an innocent man’s death, the writer begins writing articles about the Rifleman.  Alexander Scourby - Joanna Moore - Brian D. Hutton - Chris Alcaide - Steve Darnell - Ian Murray - Whitey Hughes - Archie Butler - Fritz Ford - King Mojave (10/20/59)
Writers: Teddi ShermanWard Wood ~ Director: Don Medford

45. Tension…..After a Bounty hunter wanna be kills a man who was wanted for a crime he committed a long time ago, Lucas and Mark try to protect a widow from learning about her husband's criminal past.  Harry Dean Stanton - Robert H. Harris - Gregory Walcott - Jack Elam - Sydna Scott - Jeff Connors - Ted Stanhope - Whitey Hughes (10/27/59) 
Writer: David Lang ~ Director: Ted Post
On the set of Tension

46. Eddie's Daughter…..Eddie’s daughter, who is withholding criminal information and stolen money, comes to meet her father and causes trouble for Lucas McCain.  Gloria DeHaven - John Harmon - Bill Quinn - Peter Whitney - Ray Teal - Jeff Daley - Kathleen Mulqueen - John Baron (11/3/59) Writer: William F. Leicester ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis
"What five stars from Bonanza appeared on The Rifleman?"

47. Panic…..Lucas discovers a young married couple with Yellow Fever and cares for them at his house, but Mark lets out the secret which causes panic in the town of North Fork.  Enid Janes/Jaynes - Dabbs Greer - Bill Joyce - Fay Roope - Bill Quinn - Hope Summers - Charles Watts - Lynn Cartier - Bert Stevens - Paul Kruger - Rudy Bowman - Whitey Hughes (11/10/59)
Writer: Albert Aley ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

48. Ordeal…..A series of events leads to Lucas and Mark being stranded in the middle of a dessert with very little food or water, and after Lucas is injured, Mark becomes the only hope for their survival.  Hank Stohl - Fritz Ford (11/17/59)
Writer: Palmer Thompson ~ Director: Paul Landres  ―  Pardon Our Dust
..... 1959 October TV Guide Article

49. Spiked Rifle…..An unarmed outlaw robs the stage of a lot of money after the outlaw informs Lucas that his son, Mark, is being held hostage at the McCain Ranch and will be killed within the hour unless Lucas cooperates.  Harlan Warde - Richard Devon - Jack Lambert - Baynes Barron - Virginia Christine - Glenn Strange - Charles Conrad - Fay Roope - John Harmon - Robert H. Robinson - Archie Butler - Rod McGaughy - Maurice "Morry" Ogden (11/24/59)
Writer: Palmer Thompson ~ Director: John English

50. Letter of the Law....Lucas makes a life-and-death decision when Micah is held hostage and the kidnappers demand the release of a notorious outlaw.  Rhys Williams - Vic Morrow - Milton Parsons - Ken Lynch - Michael Fox - Paul Carr - John Goddard - Harlan Warde - Archie Butler (12/1/59) Writers: Judy & George W. George ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

51. Legacy…..Lucas respects a dying man’s wishes and tells the son that his father is a partner in the McCain ranch in order to get him to North Fork, but Lucas finds trouble when the man dies before telling his son the truth.  James Franciscus - James Barton - Jack Grinnage - Paul Jasmin - Denver Pyle - Fay Roope - Bill Quinn - Robert Bice - Donald Elson - Lillian Bronson - John Harmon - Harry Harvey Sr. - Jack Tornek - Don Kennedy - Robert H. Robinson  - Jack Stoney - Ethan Laidlaw - Whitey Hughes (12/8/59) Writer: Edmund Morris ~ Director: Bernard L. Kowalski

52. The Baby Sitter ♫…..A dance hall singer ask Lucas to care for her daughter in an effort to hide a baby from her bigoted father. Phyllis Avery - John Dehner - Lillian Bronson - Henry Rowland - Bill Quinn - Robert Anacher - Whitey Hughes - Robert H. Robinson - Bert Stevens - Rod McGaughy - George Bell -
Spec O'Donnell - Mike Morelli (12/15/59)
Writers: Sam Peckinpah & Jack Curtis ~ Director: Sam Peckinpah
Cowboy LullabyDance with a Dolly

53. The Coward ♫ …..Lucas becomes involved in a battle between an aspiring writer recently fired as cook for a trail outfit and a cocky, bragging trail hand who finds it fun to whip up on those weaker then himself.  Carleton Carpenter - Steve Rowland - John Milford - Robert Bice - Don Elson - Bill Quinn - Sailor Vincent - Archie Butler - Jimmie Booth - Michael Jeffers - Dee Cooper - George Bruggeman - Les Raymaster (12/22/59) Writers: Philip Saltzman & Clair Huffaker ~ Director: James Neilson
Red River ValleyHome on the Range

54. The Surveyors…..Mark tries to convince his father that something bad is about to happen after he overhears two surveyors arguing and his surveying friend suddenly disappears; but Lucas won’t believe him because Mark has a history of dreaming these things, so Mark runs away from home.  Mike Kellin - Lin McCarthy - Ted Otis - Harlan Warde (12/29/59)
Writers: Dale Eunson & Katherine Albert Eunson ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

55. Day of the Hunter…..When Lucas refuses a shooting competition with a wandering buffalo hunter; he becomes the new target for the hunter.  John Anderson - Dick Elliott - Earl Spainard - Taylor Curtis 'Cactus Mack' McPeters - Whitey Hughes - Cap Somers -
John Rice - Brandon Beach (1/5/60) Writer: John Dunkel ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

56. Mail Order Groom…..Shortly after his arrival to marry Isabelle, John Jupiter is taunted and beaten.  Peter Whitney - Alice Backes - John Anderson - Sandy Kenyon - Montie Montana - Michael Jeffers - Les Raymaster - Archie Butler (1/12/60)
Writer: Gene Olson ~ Director: Arthur Hiller

57. A Case of Identity…..When a man and his hired detectives inform Lucas they think Mark is the man’s long-lost son, Lucas finds himself and Mark in grave danger.  Royal Dano - Herbert Rudley - Chris Alcaide - Jim Breneman - Rhys Williams - Michael Jeffers -
John Rice - Whitey Hughes (1/19/60) Writers: Philip Saltzman - Luci Ward ~ Director: John Peyser

58. The Visitor…..Ann Dodd was Margaret McCain’s dearest friend and lost her husband and son to the same fever. She now stops in North Fork for a visit and Lucas finds himself attracted to her.  
Christine White - Michael Pate - June Vincent - John Harmon - Ralph Moody - Archie Butler (1/26/60)
Writers: William F. Leicester - Chuck Connors & Wally Bennett ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

59. The Hero…..A young stable hand becomes upset when the town people won’t give him the reward money he deserves for killing a notorious outlaw - because he was shot in the back.  Robert Culp - Frank Ferguson - Lynn Cartier - Dick Keene - Dennis Cross - Steve Marlo - Whitey Hughes - Archie Butler (2/2/60) Writer: Albert Aley ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

60. The Horse Traders…..Lucas and Mark travel to North Fork after they hear a horse trader is in town, and Mark learns a few things about horse trading.  Jack Kirkwood - John Milford - Clegg Hoyt - Chubby Johnson - Fern Barry - Jack Stoney - Whitey Hughes (2/9/60) Writer: Jack Curtis ~ Director:  William F. Claxton

61. The Spoiler…..A good friend of Mark’s is murdered by an escaped murderer. Mark discovers the man at the home of an elderly couple and is forced to keep the secret from his father.  Malcolm Cassell - Ralph Moody - Skip Homeier - Chubby Johnson - Ellen Corby - Max Wagner - Earl Spainard - Jack Stoney - Nick Borgani - Hans Moebus (2/16/60)
Writer: Harry Kronman ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

62. Heller…..Lucas helps a family who are suffering abuse from the drunken step-father/husband after he catches the girl robbing the General Store.  Gigi Perreau - K. T. Stevens - Peter Whitney - Don Grady - John Barton - Sid Gilman - Hope Summers (2/23/60) Writer: Christopher Knopf  ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis 
The Star Stands In - Article from Look Magazine June 21, 1960

63. The Grasshopper…..While traveling by train to visit family, men overtake a car to help an outlaw being transported for execution. But Lucas and Mark are separated, and Mark is in the same car as the outlaws.  Richard Devon - Arthur Hunnicutt - Stuart Randall - James Anderson - Arthur Space - Joe Bassett - Renny McEvoy - Joe Haworth - Ethan Laidlaw - King Mojave (3/1/60) Writer: Pat Fielder ~ Director: Lewis Allen

64. A Time for Singing ♫…..The town is excited with the arrival of a new preacher, but Mark discovers that the preacher is a fake and intends to rob the bank.  Chris Alcaide - Robert Knapp - Patricia Barry - John Milford - Robert Osterloh - Hope Summers - "Ernie" Who? - Jack Stoney - Richard LaMarr -
George Tracy (3/8/60) Writer: Harry Kronman ~ Director: John Rich
Battle Hymn of the Republic

65. The Deserter…..When a boy attempts to rob one of Lucas’s horses at gunpoint, he discovers that an army Captain in town has gone loco, and he finds himself and the boy in grave trouble when he wires the army to tell them.  Robert Hagerthy - Robert Cornthwaite - Harry Carey Jr. - Baynes Barron - Bill Quinn - Richard Alexander - Archie Butler - Daniel Borzage - Jack Stoney - Cap Somers - Richard LaMarr - Joe Garcio (3/15/60) Writer: Albert Aley ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

66. The Vision ♫…..Mark comes down with typhoid after disobeying his father and drinking some polluted water. Lucas fears that his son may die, and a visitor in Mark’s dreams may be the only hope to save him.  Marian Seldes - Milton Parsons - Karl Swenson - Hope Summers - Natividad Vacio - Jeanne Wood - Dennis Cross - John Abbott - Chuck Hicks - Cap Somers - "Ernie" Who? - James Dime (3/22/60) Writer: Cyril Hume ~ Director: Don Medford
Careless LoveOh That We Two Were Maying

67. Lariat…..Lucas’s friend comes to town to open a casino, but Lucas fears a well-known gambler will make the casino crooked, suddenly putting a strain on the friendship.  Richard Anderson - Steve Conte - Dayton Lummis - George Macready - James Flavin -Garry Walberg - Bill Quinn - Harlan Warde - Whitey Hughes - Jack Tornek - Archie Butler - Rod McGaughy - Snub Pollard - Nick Borgani - "Ernie" Who? - John Breen - Frank Baker - Fred Coby - Jack Clinton - Les Raymaster (3/29/60)
Writer: Pat Fielder ~ Director: Don Medford

68. Smokescreen…..Lucas solves the murder of a young girl by using a half smoked cigar at the scene.  Paul Carr - Jenifer Lea - Douglas Kennedy - Warner Jones - George N. Neise - William 'Billy' Benedict - Richard Alexander - Johnny Collier - Chet Brandenburg - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? (4/5/60) Writer: Palmer Thompson ~ Director: Murray Golden

69. Shotgun Man…..When Lucas begins receiving unsigned threats, he must find the source and discovers it is an ex-con with a grudge.  John Anderson - John Harmon - Bill Quinn - Jack Elam - Archie Butler - Robert H. Robinson - "Ernie" Who? (4/12/60) Writer: Jack Curtis - Paul Mazursky ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis ~ Assistant Director: Donald Torpin

70. Sins of the Father…..A man and his son take refuge at the McCain ranch, but the father holds a secret as to why they are really on the run.  Richard Evans - George Wallace - Eugene Martin Mazzola - Kay E. Kuter - Kelton Garwood - Dick Wilson - Rhys Williams - Charles Tannen - Archie Butler - Snub Pollard (4/19/60) Writers: Philip Saltzman & Lewis Meltzer ~ Director: Ted Post ~ Assistant  Director: Donald Torpin

71. The Prodigal…..A bank robber forces Mark and Lucas in his scheme after he tells his mother he has an eleven year old son and she comes for a surprise visit, but the robber’s ex-partners are after him.  Kevin Hagen - Josephine Hutchinson - Warren Oates - Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. - Rhys Williams - Lee Van Cleef - Hope Summers - Joe E. Benson - "Ernie" Who? (4/26/60)
Writer: Robert Sherman ~ Director: Donald McDougall

72. The Fourflushers…..Lucas gives Mark permission to enter Blue Boy in a horse race, but changes his mind when he discovers there is gambling, which could hurt a very good friend of his.  Whit Bissell - James Westerfield - K.T. Stevens - Hope Summers - Archie Butler - Joe E. Benson - Ralph Moratz  - "Ernie" Who?
- John Rice - John Bose - Tipp McClure (5/3/60)
Writer: Thomas Thompson ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis ~ Assistant Director: Donald Torpin

73. The Jailbird…..Lucas hires a released prisoner to help with the spring planting, but soon discovers that the man is once again accused of murder; but Lucas goes hunting for the real killer.  Dabbs Greer - Karl Swenson - Bill Quinn - Molly Dodd - Charles Briggs - Charles Tannen - Archie Butler - Joe E. Benson - John Breen - "Ernie" Who? (5/10/60)
Writer: Frederic Conrad ~ Director: Don Taylor ~ Assistant Director: Donald Torpin

74. Meeting at Midnight ♫.....Lucas helps an old friend, now an undercover federal agents keep his secret plan to find stolen money supposedly hidden.  Claude Akins - John Milford - Frank de Kova - Bill Quinn - Ian Murray - Richard Alexander - Duke Fishman - John Barton - Archie Butler - Fritz Ford - "Ernie" Who? (5/17/60)
Writers: Pat Fielder & Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Don Medford
75. Nora…..When an old flame of Lucas’s arrives in North Fork, he finds himself once again falling for her, but she has a scheme which involves his rifle.  Julie Adams - Murvyn Vye - Michael Fox - Michael Stefani - John Carpenter - Whitey Hughes - Archie Butler - Joe E. Benson - Nick Borgani - Les Raymaster - "Ernie" Who? (5/24/60)
Writers: David Victor & Herbert Little ~ Director: Ted Post ~ Assistant Director: Donald Torpin

76. The Hangman…..An ex-convict is blamed for a brutal crime despite his claims of rehabilitation.  Denver Pyle - Whit Bissell - Richard Deacon - Michael Fox - Ralph Moody - Betty Lou Gerson - Ian Murray - Eileen Harley/Amanda Ames - Gordon Armitage - Joe E. Benson - Archie Butler - Jack Stoney - "Ernie" Who? (5/31/60)
Writers: Teddi Sherman & Ward Wood ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis ~ Assistant Director: Donald Torpin

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*Taken from the book - Chuck Connors.....Man behind the Rifle ~ The Rifleman was a smash success in its first season of the1958-59, grabbing the number four spot in the Nielsen ratings, and Connors was chosen "Most Promising Male Star" by Quigley Publications prestigious Television Champion Awards. Perhaps the crowning glory for the initial season was when The Rifleman was nominated for an Emmy as Best western Series for the 1958-59 season. Although fellow ABC western Maverick won the award, the Emmy nomination itself was a tremendous honor for Chuck and the cast and crew of the show.

Just think.....if Chuck had signed up for another season of
The Rifleman, if would have been an hour long, and in color. Darn! Wouldn't that had been great? Do you know what the first one hour long, colored, TV Western was?

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