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The RiflemanThe Third Season

77. Trail of Hate…..Lucas goes on a hunt for bank robbers after Mark is badly hurt while being held hostage.  
Marc Lawrence - Harold J. Stone - Jack Kruschen - Harlan Warde - Harvey Johnson (9/27/60)
Writer: Calvin J. Clements ~ Director: Arnold Laven

78. Woman from Hog Ridge…..The town is invaded by a family from the High Country seeking revenge on the man who killed the woman’s son.  Jim Hurst - Lane Bradford - Robert F. Hoy - Dee J. Thompson - Jan Stine - Charles Tannen - Bill Quinn - Ian Murray - Jack Kenney - Archie Butler - James W. Horan - Daniel Borzage - Ford Raymond - Joe E. Benson - Cap Somers (10/4/60) Writer: Calvin J. Clements ~ Director: William F. Claxton

79. Seven…..While being transported from Yuma Prison, seven desperate men on their way to the gallows escape the prison wagon in North Fork, and one is seeking revenge on Lucas McCain after Lucas hits him for grabbing Mark.
 Bing Russell - Don Megowan - Hal Jon Norman - Paul Sorenson - Bill Quinn - Hope Summers - Helen Beverly - Robert Bice - Joe E. Benson - Archie Butler - Max Wagner - John Cliff - Bob Whitney - George Bruggeman (10/11/60)
Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Ted Post ~ Assistant Director: Donald Torpin
The '7' Prisoners ― "What five stars from Bonanza appeared on The Rifleman?"

80. The Pitchman…..A fast talking con-man and his teenage son try to deal Lucas out of the mineral rights to his ranch.
Bob Sweeney - Danny Richards Jr. - John Milford - Paul Wexler (10/18/60) Writer: Jay Simms - John Rich

81. Strange Town…..After Micah is severely beaten by a prisoner, Lucas goes on the trail for a bandit who is notorious for shooting people in the back.  Claude Akins - Peter Whitney - William Schallert - Milton Parsons - Jack Stoney - Joe Phillips - Joe Higgins - Joe E. Benson - Ethan Laidlaw (10/25/60) Writer: Jack Curtis ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

82. Baranca…..A Mexican bandit comes to North Fork for reason of revenge but Lucas must convince him that, no matter what, the law will win.  John Milford - Larry Perron - Jack Kruschen - Cesare Danova - Linda Dangcil - Henry Amargo - Alberto Monte - Jack Tornek - John Michael Quijada - Gordon Armitage - Bill Quinn - Brad Brown - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? - Joe Garcio (11/1/60) Writers: Mike Mamakos & Peter Mamakos  ~ Directed by Joseph H. Lewis 
Baranca Angels & Stuntmen ― Do you know who the stunt doubles were for Lucas and for Baranca?

 83. The Martinet.....A militaristic father is out to punish the man who killed his son. Lucas must teach the man the difference between discipline and cruelty, and what better way than through his own son’s misbehavior?   Don Dubbins - Richard Alexander - John HoytCap Somers - John Breen - "Ernie" Who? -
George Tracy (11/8/60) Writer: Philip Saltzman ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

 84. Miss Milly.....A new store owner upsets the town when she demands they pay off all their accounts before she sells them anymore goods. Warren Oates - Richard Devon - Michael Fox - Joan Taylor - Bert Freed - Charles Tannen - Joe E. Benson - Archie Butler  (11/15/60) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Joan Taylor Brings Romantic Interest to 'The Rifleman' Series by Pat Morrison
The Modesto Bee, Sunday December 25, 1960

85. Dead Cold Cash.....The widow of a bank robber whom Lucas previously killed has plotted grotesque revenge against him from her death bed.  Ed Nelson - Chris Alcaide - Steven Darrell - Sara Taft - Joan Taylor - Harlan Warde - Archie Butler - Joe E. Benson - Gordon Armitage - Les Raymaster - "Ernie" Who? (11/22/60) Writers: Arthur Browne Jr. & Irving Elman ~ Director: Dick Moder

86. The Schoolmaster.....A new school teacher has arrived in North Fork and Lucas expects Mark to respect him, but Mark and Mr. Griswald don’t get along.  Arnold Moss - Jimmy Fields - Pamela Cole - Forrest Burns - Chuck's boys - Jo Carol Nadel - "Ernie" Who? (on the set only) (11/29/60) Writer: Margaret Armen ~ Director: Arthur Hiller
On the set of The Schoolmaster

87. The Promoter.....A con man arrives in town looking to win some easy money. What better way than using his gun-fighting sidekick to kill Lucas so he can collect the bets.  Denny Miller - Dabbs Greer - Ollie O’Toole - Robert F. Hoy - Jack Lester - Phil Schumacher - George Bruggeman -
John Rice - Clint Sharp - Archie Butler - Joe E. Benson - "Ernie" Who? (12/6/60) Writer: Philip Saltzman ~ Director: Dick Moder

88. The Illustrator.....When a drunken artist gets charged with murder, Lucas uses the man’s creative abilities to sketch the true criminal.  Richard Whorf - Midge Ware - Dayton Lummis - Ed Nelson - Joe Perry - Bill Quinn - Ian Murray - Archie Butler - King Mojave - Gordon Armitage (12/13/60) Writer: Robert Mark ~ Director: Don Medford

89. The Silent Knife.....Mark befriends a young mute, and Lucas tries to help him understand the realities of life.  Brad Weston - Richard Devon - Robert B. Williams - Eileen Harley/Amanda Ames - James Chandler - Ethan Laidlaw - Earl Spainard - Bill Quinn - Archie Butler - Duane Grey - Earl Spainard - "Ernie" Who? (12/20/60)
Writer: Douglas Stevens & John Wilder ~ Director: Don Medford

90. Miss Bertie.....A lively old lady arrives in North Fork to capture a notorious criminal and collect the reward which she desperately needs.  Agnes Moorehead - Richard Anderson - Joan Taylor - Bill Quinn - Glenn Strange - Melvin F. Allen - Leonard Stone - Ethan Laidlaw -
John Rice - George Bruggeman - Archie Butler - Joe E. Benson - "Ernie" Who? (12/27/60)
Writer: Margaret Armen ~ Director: James Clavell

91. Six Years and A Day.....When a doctor and his hired gun invade the McCain ranch where they are keeping a sick pregnant woman and her husband, Lucas must dissuade them from seeking revenge on Dr. Burrage, whom he believes destroyed his practice.  John Larch - James Gavin - Regina Gleason - Hal K. Dawson - Ron Hayes - Ralph Moody (1/3/61) 
Writer: Peter Arends ~ Director: Paul Wendkos

92. Flowers by the Door.....A book salesman visits Mark at the McCain Ranch and leaves a clue that he may be the woman killer on the loose. It’s a race against time for Lucas to save his next victim while also saving his son.  Richard Anderson - Patricia Breslin - Jean Allison (1/10/61) Writer: Harry Kronman ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

93. The Long Trek…..While transporting a killer across “Dead Man’s Crossing,” Lucas, Micah, and the prisoner find themselves without horses and water after the prisoner chases off the horses.  Lonny Chapman (1/17/61)
Writer: Calvin J. Clements ~ Director: Lamont Johnson

94. The Actress ♫…..On his deathbed, a friend of Lucas asks him to go to a neighboring town to bring back his wife so he can say goodbye, but she isn’t what Lucas expected.  Diana Millay - Morris Ankrum - Herb Armstrong - Charles Tannen - Kathleen Mulqueen - Joe E. Benson - James Gonzalez - Joe Phillips - Ralph Moody - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? - Joe Polski (1/24/61)
Writers: Lawrence Dobkin & Chuck Connors ~ Director Joseph H. Lewis

95. Face of Yesterday…..Lucas is faced with yet another inward battle when he comes face-to-face with a young man whose father was the first man he killed during the Civil War.  Ben Cooper - John Anderson - K.T. Stevens - Joan Taylor - Bill Quinn - John Rice - Joe E. Benson - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? (1/31/61) Writer: Palmer Thompson ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

96. The Wyoming Story - part 1…..When a cattle disease wipes out most of the cattle in North Fork, Lucas must leave to work a job that would get him started again, but he must leave Mark behind.  Dabbs Greer - Kent Taylor - Russell Thorson - Enid Janes/Jaynes - Chris Alcaide - Joan Taylor - John Rice -
Augie Gomez - Joe E. Benson (2/7/61) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Perils of a Producer's wife.....

97. The Wyoming Story - part 2…..While Mark struggles with the fact that his father is gone and doesn’t know when he’ll return, Lucas struggles with the case that will bring him home. But an unexpected turn of events could make his return impossible.  Dabbs Greer - Kent Taylor - Russell Thorson - Enid Janes/Jaynes - Chris Alcaide - Joan Taylor - Joe Higgins - Joe E. Benson - "Ernie" Who? (2/14/61) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Perils of a Producer's wife.....

98. Closer than a Brother…..An old enemy from the past terrorizes Marshal Torrance to the point that he resigns his job and begins drinking heavily, and must come face to face with the man to gain back his self respect.  Berry Kroeger - Kelly Thordsen - Rex Ingram - Jack Wells - Bill Quinn - Earl Spainard - Archie Butler - Joe E. Benson - Fritz Ford - "Ernie" Who?  - Richard LaMarr (2/21/61) Writer: Cyril Hume ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

99. The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town…..When Lucas, Mark and Micah visit Micah’s old home, now a ghost town, they learn the secret of the town’s 20 year old mystery of a lost gold mine.  William Fawcett - Robert Foulk - Mickey Finn (2/28/61) Writer: Calvin J. Clements ~ Director: Don Taylor

100. Dark Day at North Fork…..Lucas is blinded by a gun power blast and must wait a week to see if the blindness is permanent. Meanwhile, an old enemy learns of Lucas’s demise and returns to kill him.  John Milford - Joan Taylor - Ralph Moody - Joe Higgins - Archie Butler - Joe E. Benson (3/7/61) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Paul Landres

101. The Prisoner…..a deranged ex-prisoner takes Lucas hostage in a locked wooden box and promises to make him suffer for his role in the civil war.  John Dehner - Adam Williams - Joan Taylor - Bill Quinn - Archie Butler - Joe E. Benson (3/14/61) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

102. Assault…..A traveling salesman needs the help of Lucas when he is wrongly accused of forcing himself on a woman.  Linda Lawson - Bob Sweeney - Danny Richards Jr. - King Calder - Paul Mantee - Meredith 'Med' Flory - Bill Quinn - Earl Spainard - Archie Butler - Joe E. Benson - Jack Perrin - "Ernie" Who?
- George Tracy (3/21/61) Writer: Jay Simms ~ Director: Ida Lupino

103. Short Rope for a Tall Man…..Lucas is threatened with hanging by a lynch party when some horses he has purchased in another town turn out to be stolen.  Bert Freed - Hal Baylor - William Schallert - Eileen Harley/Amanda Ames - Joe Higgins - Charlie Biggs - Norman Leavitt - Rod McGaughy - Earl Spainard - Rod McGaughy - Jimmy Noel - Frank Ellis - Milan Smith - Forrest Burns (3/28/61) Writer: Tom Gries ~ Director: Paul Landres
Who played Joe Lovering's wife in Short Rope for a Tallman?
Was it Amanda Ames or was it Eileen Harley?

104. The Clarence Bibs Story…..A slow witted handy man gets himself into trouble when he accidentally kills a skilled gunfighter. Buddy Hackett - Lee Van Cleef - John Milford - Denver Pyle - Joan Taylor - X Brands - Joe E. Benson - Archie Butler - Tom Smith - Ray Jones - John Breen - "Ernie" Who? (4/4/61) Writer: Calvin J. Clements ~ Director: David Friedkin

105. The Score is Even…..Lucas and Mark stumble across a robbery in progress while out on a hunting trip. Although they are too late to save the victim, they still must subdue the robbers.  Adam Williams - Kelly Thordsen - Joe E. Benson (4/11/61)
Writer: Fanya Lawrence ~ Director: William F. Claxton

106. The Mescalero Curse…..After Lucas receives a curse while attending the hanging of a murdering Indian, Mark frets the curses are real, but Lucas goes on a hunt to find out who…or what…is behind the so-called curse.  Michael Pate - Charles Watts - Larry Chance - Jack Searl - Joe Brown - George Bruggeman - Ralph Moody - Brad Burns - "Ernie" Who? (4/18/61)
Writer: Margaret Armen ~ Director: Jesse Hibbs

107. Stopover…..Trouble occurs at that ranch when Lucas allows snowed in stagecoach passengers to stay with him until the roads are passable.  Bethel Leslie - Adam West - Gordon Jones - Joe Higgins (4/25/61)
Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Budd Boetticher

108. The Lonesome Bride…..Lucas almost finds himself at the altar when two drunken Cowboys play a joke on him.  
Joan Shawlee - Kay E. Kuter - Lincoln Demyan - Joe Polski - Joan Taylor - Bill Quinn - John Barton - Gordon Armitage - Archie Butler (5/2/61)
Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Otto Lang

109. Death Trap…..An ex-gunfighter from Lucas’s past, now a doctor, comes to Lucas’s aid when a dying man is brought into doc’s office; but Lucas and the new doctor have unresolved anger toward each other.  James Drury - Philip Carey - Gigi Perreau - Jack Pickard - Larry Perron - Steven Pendleton - Hank Stohl - Bill Kendis (5/9/61)
Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Arnold Laven

110. The Queue…..Lucas helps a Chinese man settle into town after townspeople try to force him out because of his race.
Victor Sen Yung - Peter Whitney - Paul Wexler - Dick Kay Hong - Joan Taylor - Pat Close - Tom Smith - Taylor Curtis 'Cactus Mack' McPeters - Edward Biery (5/16/61)
Writers: Arthur Browne Jr., Beverly Fix & Frank Ebey ~ Director: James Clavell
"What five stars from Bonanza appeared on The Rifleman?"

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*Taken from the book - Chuck Connors....."Man behind the Rifle"
The Rifleman was a smash success in its first season of the1958-59, grabbing the number four spot in the Nielsen ratings, and Connors was chosen "Most Promising Male Star" by Quigley Publications prestigious Television Champion Awards. Perhaps the crowning glory for the initial season was when The Rifleman was nominated for an Emmy as Best western Series for the 1958-59 season. Although fellow ABC western Maverick won the award, the Emmy nomination itself was a tremendous honor for Chuck and the cast and crew of the show.

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