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The RiflemanThe Fourth Season

111. Vaqueros…..While on a trip to Mexico, Lucas and Mark are attacked by a group of banditos who steal their horses, take Mark as a prisoner, and leave Lucas to die.  Ziva Rodann - Martin Landau - Pepe Hern - Than Wyenn - Vladimir Sokoloff - Roberto Contreras - Jack Tornek - Al Haskell - Daniel Núñez - John Michael Quijada  - Maria Haro - Tina Menard (10/2/61) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis
112. First Wages…..The warm relationship between Lucas and Mark undergoes some troubled times when Mark takes a job against his father’s wishes.  Ed Nelson -  Troy Melton - Joe Higgins - David M. Rodman - Glenn Ryle - Jeff & Mike Connors (10/9/61) Writer: Ed Adamson ~ Director: Gene Nelson
113. Sheer Terror…..The McCain’s good friend Milly is held prisoner along with Mark, in her own general store when two gunmen attempt a daring robbery.  Charles MacCauley - Tommy Cook - Joan Taylor - Harlan Warde - Paul Wexler - Bruce Hayward - Betty Lou McVay/Varnum (10/16/61) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis
114. The Stand-In…..Lucas is taken hostage by two prison wagon drivers who are angered because he won’t give them more whiskey.  Richard Devon - Dabbs Greer - Charles Cooper (10/23/61) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

115. The Journey Back…..Lucas and Mark’s new neighbor appears to be an army deserter.  John Anderson - John Milford - Chris Alcaide - Harry Carey Jr. - Mel Carter (10/30/61) Writer: Herman Groves ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis
116. The Decision…..After witnessing a murder committed by a wealthy man’s son, Lucas is asked by his father to lie in court.  Denver Pyle - Hampton Fancher - Kevin Hagen - Richard Kiel - Henry Norell - Arlyne Varden (Lampshire) - Tom Kennedy - Joe E. Benson - Jim Stewart - Cap Somers - Bill Borzage - "Ernie" Who? (11/6/61) Writer: Ed Adamson ~ Director: Gene Nelson
117. Knight Errant…..Two old, eccentric friends of Lucas McCain’s show up at his ranch one day so he can witness a chess game between the two men.  Sean McClory - Lawrence Dobkin - Jack Elam - Charles Reade (11/13/61)
Writer: Jay Simms ~ Director: Gene Nelson
118.  Honest Abe ♫…..Lucas’s neighbor has suffered a mental shock during the civil war and as a result believes he is Abraham Lincoln.  Royal Dano - Charles Cooper - K.T. Stevens - Steve Warren - Rex Morgan - Pam Smith - Pick Temple - Joe Higgins - Joe E. Benson - Ethan Laidlaw - Rudy Bowman - Les Raymaster - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? (11/20/61)Writer: Michael Morris ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Jimmy Crack Corn
119. The Long Goodbye.....As head of the town council, Lucas is asked to remove a young boy from the custody of an older man, who many people believe to be incapable of raising the boy.  Edgar Buchanan - Teddy Rooney - Joan Taylor - Virginia Christine - Bill Zuckert - Tom Smith - "Ernie" Who? (11/27/61) Writers: Jack Curtis & Marian Carpenter ~ Director: Gene Nelson
120. The Shattered Idol.....When a stagecoach breaks down on the McCain ranch, Mark becomes thrilled to learn that Mark Twain is on the coach.  Kevin McCarthy - Jack Elam - John Harmon - Bud Osborne - Mary Jo Tierney - Archie Butler (12/4/61) Writer: Margaret Armen ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis
121. Long Gun from Tucson…..A killer and his three cohorts want revenge for being kicked out of North Fork years earlier. Lucas, standing in as Marshal, gets no support from the scared town.  Peter Whitney - Whit Bissell - William "Billy" Hughes Jr. - John Harmon - Joe Higgins - Brian G. Hutton - Archie Butler (12/11/61) Writer: Calvin J. Clements ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis
122. The High Country.....After an accidental shooting at his ranch, Lucas is held responsible by the mountain folks and forced into hard labor.  James Coburn - Booth Colman - Ellen Corby - Jan Stine - Valora Noland - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? (12/18/61)
Writer: Calvin J. Clements Director: Gene Nelson

123. A Friend In Need.....Mark is kidnapped and held for a $5,000.00 ransom – more money than Lucas can get his hands on…or is it?  Parley Baer - Lee Farr - Harlan Warde - Tom Snyder - Joan Taylor - Earl Spainard - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? (12/25/61)Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Gene Nelson
124. Skull.....After being separated while hunting, Lucas and Mark are taken hostage by the outlaws of Skull Ranch. Lucas is forced to kill in order to see his son alive.  Lyle Bettger - Thomas Brown - John Alvin - Lewis Charles - George Willeford - Don Drysdale - Archie Butler - Joe E. Benson - Yuki (1/1/62) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ William F. Claxton ~ Assistant Director: Donald Torpin
Holt Coyle welcomes you to the "Skull Ranch"
125. The Princess.....The McCain’s take in a young girl and her brother who claim to be on their way to California, but soon suspect she may actually be a European princess.  Annie Farge - Michael Petit - Robert Burton - Stephen Bekassy - Ron Penfound - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? (1/8/62) Writer: Pat Fielder ~ Director: Robert Butler

126. Gun Fire.....Lucas, Micah and Nils are left by themselves to face an outlaw's gang who are coming to break their leader, Charlie Gordo, out of jail.  Lon Chaney Jr. - Ross Elliott - William Bryant - Grant Richards - Preston Price - Joe Higgins - Bill Quinn - "Ernie" Who? (1/15/62) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Richard Donner
127. The Quiet Fear.....An old friend of Lucas’s arrives in town with his deaf, mute daughter and soon hires the young, cocky man whose ranch he bought. The young man discovers he’s attracted to the young woman.  Patrick McVey - Richard Rust - Enid Janes/Jaynes - Dennis Cross - "Ernie" Who? (1/22/62) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Gene Nelson

128. Sporting Chance.....A dapper young man arrives in town wanting to gain a reputation, and what better way than by killing Lucas. James Luisi - Arthur Malet - Al Collins - Joan Taylor - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? (1/29/62)
Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Gene Nelson
129. A Young Man’s Fancy ♫.....Mark falls in love for the first time when Milly’s niece comes to visit.  Cheryl Holdridge - Richard Evans - Joan Taylor - Tom Kennedy - "Ernie" Who? (2/5/62)Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis
130. Man from Salinas.....A young man comes to town to collect the body of his dead brother, but Lucas suspects the man isn’t who he says he is.  Robert Culp - Jack Hogan - Ralph Moody - Harlan Warde - Joe Higgins - Fred Sherman - "Ernie" Who? (2/12/62) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Lawrence Dobkin  ~ Assistant Director: Donald Torpin
131. Two Ounces of Tin.....A young gunman with a killer’s reputation threatens to kill Marshal Torrance unless he dishonors his badge by throwing it on the ground.  After Micah leaves town to attend a trial, the gunman announces the same challenge to Lucas.  Sammy Davis Jr. - Johnny Ginger - Ethan Laidlaw - Kermit Maynard - Buddy Roosevelt - Earl Spainard - Joe E. Benson - Archie Butler - Jack Gordon - Minta Durfee - "Ernie" Who? (2/19/62) Writer: Calvin J. Clements ~ Director: Arnold Laven
132. The Deadly Image.....Lucas and Mark are tormented by a man, who looks a lot like Lucas, after he commits murder.  Leonard Stone - Robert Bice - Gloria Moreland - Bill Quinn - Troy Melton - Joe E. Benson - "Ernie" Who? (2/26/62)
Writer: Philip Saltzman ~ Director: Richard Donner
133. The Debt.....Mark helps a prisoner who once saved his life escape, only angering his father and causing his own kidnapping later.  Keith Andes - Hank Patterson (3/5/62) Writer: Calvin J. Clements ~ Director: Richard Donner
134. Tinhorn.....When Lucas agrees to help a man prove a gambler is crooked after the friend loses his farm to him, Milly and Mark both fear he’s turning into an obsessed gambler.  Joan Taylor - Grant Richards - Grace Lee Whitney - Larry Thor - Barbara Eiler - Jim Hayward - Gary Gadson - Fats - Stephen Wootton - William Boyett - Gordon Armitage - Archie Butler - Joe E. Benson (3/12/62) Writers: Paul Mazursky & Julius "Skippy" Adelman ~ Director: Lawrence Dobkin

135. None So Blind ♫.....Mark agrees to help a blinded wonderer find the man who blinded him. He finds himself wanting to seek some revenge of his own for what the accused has done to his own father.  Cliff Osmond - Jeff York - Archie Butler - Earl Spainard - Tom Kennedy - Bert Stevens - Russell Custer (3/19/62) Writers: Cyril Hume & Lois Myers ~ Director: Paul Wendkos
SpringtimeLong Long AgoBattle Hymn of The Republic
136. The Jealous Man.....A retired lawman's irrational jealousy regarding his wife threatens to not only destroy his marriage, but also makes him an easy target for a man who wants to see him dead.  Mort Mills - Diane Brewster - Richard Garland - Rex Holman (3/26/62) Writers: Peter B. Germano & Calvin J. Clements ~ Director: Lawrence Dobkin
137. Guilty Conscience.....A woman arrives in North Fork and announces that Micah is her long lost husband, and the father of her teenage son.  Lee Patrick - Tommy Nolan - Argentina Brunetti - Chubby Johnson - Bill Cerone - Tom Kennedy - Earl Spainard - "Ernie" Who? (4/2/62) Writer: Cyril Hume ~ Director: Richard Donner
138. Day of Reckoning.....Lucas finds himself in conflict with himself when an ex-outlaw responsible for burning his parents’ farm in Oklahoma becomes North Fork’s new preacher.  Royal Dano - Warren Oates - L.Q. Jones - William "Billy" Hughes Jr. - Tom Kennedy - Al Haskell - Robert H. Robinson - "Ernie" Who? (4/9/62) 
Writer: Calvin J. Clements ~ Director: Lawrence Dobkin

139. The Day a Town Slept.....When Lucas and Mark return home from a vacation they learn that Micah has been voted out of his Marshal position and a new man with criminal friends has taken control.  Lawrence Dobkin - James Best - John Harmon - Joe Higgins - Archie Butler - Ethan Laidlaw - "Ernie" Who? (4/16/62) Writer: Calvin J. Clements ~ Director: Richard Donner

140. Millie’s Brother.....Millie becomes interested in a man who claims to have known her brother during the civil war, but Lucas doesn’t believe his story.  Joan Taylor - Richard Anderson - Joe Higgins - Archie Butler - Tom Smith - "Ernie" Who? (4/23/62) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Richard Donner

141. Outlaw's Shoes.....After developing amnesia while out of town, Lucas is mistaken for an outlaw and accused of horse stealing and murder.  Michael Greene - Paul Wexler - Tom Gilson - Roy Barcroft - William Woodson - Mel Carter - Stanley Adams - Jim Galante - Donald Elson - Tom Kennedy - Joe E. Benson - Archie Butler - Tom Smith - Earl Spainard - Jimmy Noel - Joe Phillips (4/30/62) 
Writer: Calvin J. Clements ~ Director: Richard Donner

142. The Executioner.....A former friend of the McCain’s, just released from jail, comes to the ranch to look for money he had hidden there long ago.  Adam Williams - Michael Pate - John Davis Chandler - Eileen Harley/Amanda Ames - Tom Kennedy - "Ernie" Who?  (5/7/62) Writers: Adam Williams & Lawrence Dobkin ~ Director: Lawrence Dobkin

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