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The RiflemanThe Fifth Season

143. Waste - part 1.....Lucas, Mark and Marshal Torrance stumble into an old ghost town and are taken prisoners by a group of bandits.  Vito Scotti - Pepe Hern - Tony Rosa - Alex Montoya - Sara Taft - Enid Janes/Jaynes (10/1/62)
Writer: Robert Culp ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

144. Waste - part 2.....Lucas, Mark and Micah escape their captivity, to the desert where they have a gunfight with the group of bandits.  Vito Scotti - Pepe Hern - Tony Rosa - Alex Montoya - Sara Taft - Enid Janes/Jaynes (10/8/62)
Writer: Robert Culp ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

145. Lou Mallory.....At first Lucas dislikes the new, beautiful hotel owner, but when he saves her from trouble, the two quickly become friends.  Patricia Blair - Peter Whitney - Conlan Carter - Mel Carter - Bill Quinn - Thomas Carney - Charles La Franchise - Michael Jeffers - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? (10/15/62) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Arnold Laven

146. Quiet Night, Deadly Night.....Lucas and Lou are trapped in a hotel with an outlaw when it is quarantined for a possible small pox outbreak.  Ed Ames - Patricia Blair - Maureen Dawson - Carol Leigh - Ralph Moody - Charles Harrison - Joe Higgins - Buddy Roosevelt - Joe E. Benson - Jack Tornek - Joe Phillips - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? (10/22/62) 
Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Arnold Laven

147. Death Never Rides Alone.....A former outlaw comes to North Fork to settle down, but a group of other outlaws come to town start trouble with him.  Lee Van Cleef - Rex Holman - Joe Higgins - Bill Quinn - Mel Carter - John Rayborn - Tom Kennedy - Patricia Blair - Archie Butler - Buddy Roosevelt - Joe E. Benson - "Ernie" Who? (10/29/62) Writer: David P. Harmon ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

148. I Take This Woman.....Lucas has trouble when Lou announces she’s marrying a man her father promised in marriage before his death years earlier.  Sean McClory - Patricia Blair - Charles Cooper - Joe Higgins - Bill Quinn - Archie Butler - George Robotham - Fritz Ford - "Ernie" Who? (11/5/62)
Writer: David P. Harmon ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

149. The Assailants.....A group of assassins, disguised as cavalry soldiers, try to murder an influential senator who comes to visit North Fork.  Edward Platt - John Milford - Steve Marlo - Noam Pitlik - William Bryant - Benny Carle - Henry Allin - Tom Kennedy - Patricia Blair - Jimmy Noel - Joe Higgins - Archie Butler  - "Ernie" Who? (11/12/62) Writer: Herman Groves ~ Arthur H. Nadel

150. Mark’s Rifle.....Mark finally gets his rifle. He befriends a man claiming to be working for the circus, but he and his father disagree on his innocence after the hotel is robbed and Mark’s friend is shot.  Mark Goddard - Patricia Blair - Eddie Quillan - Ralph Moody - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? (11/19/62)
Writer: Oliver Crawford ~ Director: Arnold Laven

151. The Most Amazing Man.....A man with elaborate gun-fighting stories comes to tell and tells one story too man. He soon finds himself challenged to avenge a friend’s murder.  Sammy Davis Jr. - Richard Devon - Pat Henry - Patricia Blair - Joe E. Benson - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? (11/26/62) Writer: Robert Lewin ~ Director: Arthur H. Nadel

152. Squeeze Play.....A man buying land for the railroad goes to extremes to try to push Lucas into selling. Nobody understands why Lucas continues to hold off – including his own son.  Gerald Mohr - Chris Alcaide - Dean Fredericks - Henry Madden - Patricia Blair - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? - Tom Smith (12/3/62) Writer: Ed Adamson ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

153. Gun Shy.....Responsible for a friend’s death, killed by his father’s rifle, Mark develops a fear of the rifle, blaming it instead of himself.  Peter Whitney - Pat Goldin - Jimmy Carter - Jay Nelson - Bob Hall - Darryl Richards - Tom Kennedy - Bill Quinn - Patricia Blair - Fred Carson - Archie Butler (12/10/62)
Writers: Cyril Hume & Lois Myers ~ Director: Arthur H. Nadel

154. The Anvil Chorus.....Micah is forced to leave Nils in charge when he has to leave town. Nils lets all the power go to his head and finds himself and Mark in grave danger.  Joe Higgins - Adam Williams - Norman Alden - Steven Marlo - William "Bill" Megis - Michael Harris - Olan Soule - Cap Somers - John Rice - Joe E. Benson - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? (12/17/62)
Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Arnold Laven

155. Conflict.....When Lucas misses a cougar about to attack Mark, he begins doubting his shooting ability and behaves irrationally – almost shooting a man for no apparent purpose.  Rhodes Reason - Eddie Quillan - Patricia Blair - Ralph Moody - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? - Tom Smith (stock footage) (12/24/62) Writer: Ed Adamson ~ Director: Arthur H. Nadel

156. Incident at Line Shack Six.....A murder occurs at a railroad camp near North Fork, and a young Indian friend of Lucas is accused of the killing.  John AndersonPaul Mantee - Raymond Guth - Ray Kellogg - Dale Wright - Claude Hall - Patricia Blair (1/7/63) Writer: Calvin J. Clements ~ Director: Arnold Laven

157. Suspicion.....Lucas and Mark help a stranded traveler back to town that turns out be a murder suspect.  Kevin McCarthy - Patricia Blair - Joe Higgins - Bill Quinn - William Fawcett - Robert H. Robinson - Tom Smith - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? (1/14/63) Writer: Jay Simms ~ Joseph H. Lewis

158. The Sidewinder.....Grid Maule, a boy not much older than Mark, confronts Lucas with the announcement that he intends to kill him to avenge the death of his father.  William "Billy" Hughes Jr. - Patricia Blair - Joe Higgins - Archie Butler (1/21/63) Writer: Robert Lewin ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

159. The Sixteenth Cousin.....When the first train comes through town, the local bullies pick on the foreign visitors but are then taught a lesson in manners by the foreign visitors.  John Fujioka/John Mamo - Vito Scotti - Charles Maxwell - Paul Sorensen - Patricia Blair - Archie Butler - "Ernie" Who? (1/28/63) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Arthur H. Nadel

160. Hostages to Fortune.....Lucas finds his faith in his son put to the test when evidence points to Mark participating in cattle rustling.  Maurice Dallimore - Tony Haig - Paul Mazursky - I. Stanford Jolley - Andy Marten - Rusty Stevens - Daniel White - Robert H. Robinson (2/4/63) Writer: Cyril Hume ~ Director: Arthur H. Nadel

161. And the Devil Makes Five.....Lucas and Mark find themselves helping Micah after a prisoner harms him. But soon, it’s a race against time to save Lucas’s life from a deadly rattle snake.  Lonny Chapman (2/11/63)
Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

162. End of the Hunt.....Lucas is filled with rage when he learns the man he hates most is in town.  Jeff Morrow - K.T. Stevens - Joe Higgins - John Gilbert - Harry Finley - Patricia Blair - Tom Kennedy - Tom Smith (stock footage) - Frank Ellis - "Ernie" Who (2/18/63) Writer: Jay Simms ~ Director: Arthur H. Nadel

163. The Bullet.....While investigating the where abouts of a missing friend, Lucas finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation with a marshal who has some new ideas on solving crimes.  Harold J. Stone - Asa Maynor - Richard Anderson - Harry Lauter - Gene Tyburn - Norman Leavitt - Reg Pardon (2/25/63) Writer: Lowell Barrington ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

164. Requiem at Mission Springs.....After a fall from a horse leaves Mark’s legs paralyzed, Lucas travels to the border of Mexico to try Mineral Baths. But he must also contend with some escaped convicts.  Patricia Blair - Dean Fredericks - George Lindsey - Dal Jenkins - Joe E. Benson - Ralph Moody (3/4/63) Writer: Margaret Armen ~ Director: Arthur H. Nadel

165. The Guest…..Lucas and Mark take in a man who claims to be an old friend of an old acquaintance, but is really hired to kill Lucas.  Cesare Danova - Walter Sande (3/11/63) Writer: Ed Adamson ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

166. Old Man Running aka The Wanted Man.....Lucas must deal with his past when his father-in-law, the man Lucas blames for his wife’s death, shows up in North Fork asking for help.  
Adam Williams - John Anderson - Rex Holman - Arthur Batanides - Patricia Blair - Joe Higgins - Archie Butler (3/18/63)
Writer: A.M. Zwieback ~ Director: Arthur H. Nadel

167. Which Way'd They Go?…..The Jackman’s are always looking for easy money. And they think they found it when a sleepy town hires the whole family as law enforcement officers.  Peter Whitney - Vito Scotti - Conlan Carter - Mickey Manners - John Craig - Leo Gordon - Dal McKennon - Beatrice Kay - Tom Kennedy - Archie Butler - Cap Somers -
John Bose - George Sowards (4/1/63) Writer: Arthur Browne Jr. ~ Director: Arnold Laven

168. Old Tony ♫…..Mark and his friend, Lorrie warms the cold heart of a lonely old man, who then helps search for them when they come up missing.  Stefan Schnabel - Karen Sue Trent - Martin Kosleck - Archie Butler (4/8/63) Writer: Thomas Thompson ~ Director: Joseph H. Lewis

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This is a list of character actors whose has appeared on The Rifleman — One Time Only. Whether they have appeared one time only or 168 times, they are just as important as the main characters and/or anyone else involved in The Rifleman.

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There were a number of reasons why the show ended after a successful five-year run, including the undeniable fact that Chuck felt it was clearly time for a change. Times also had changed as far as viewer interest, in contrast to the glory years for the westerns of the 1950s to the early 1960s. For the 1958-59 season, twelve of the top 21 television programs were westerns, including The Rifleman in the number four spot. By the end of the 1962-63 season, there were only two of the top 21 spots filled by westerns. The always popular Bonanza was number four and "Gunsmoke" was number ten, as viewers were now watching comedies and panel shows.

There were goodbyes to be said to the cast and crew, but one of the toughest goodbyes for Chuck was to his horse, Razor, who he loved dearly. Razor was given by Chuck to the president of the Houston Livestock Show, Neill Masterson, to be auctioned off, with the proceeds going into a scholarship fund. Chuck was in Houston that first week in March, 1963, as the celebrity guest of the rodeo, and he made all the scheduled shows despite having the flu the whole week. Appearing with Chuck was Johnny Crawford, who came into his dressing room and asked of his famous TV-dad, "Well Chuck, is this the end? What are we going to do now?"

Chuck replied, "I'll tell you what we're going to do. In a week or ten days I'll be back in Los Angeles. We're going to have a man-to-man talk. I'm going to try to impart a few of my ideas."

Chuck wanted Johnny to cut back on his show business activities somewhat and go on to college. Johnny went on to pursue a career as a musician, and today he is the leader of the "Johnny Crawford 1928 Society Dance Band."
Taken from Chuck Connors.....The Man Behind the Rifle, written by David Fury

Now available on Kindle..... Chuck Connors.....The Man Behind the Rifle by David Fury
Edited version of the 1997 book, with lots of new photos, and also a complete Rifleman episode/plot synopsis guide.

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