The Rifleman
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The Vision
Episode 66

There are times when being a father is the most glorious things in life, but then there are those other times when one feels so inadequate for the job, wondering if what he’s doing is really good enough. Sometimes it’s downright
The Rifleman - The Vision - Episode 66challenging and discouraging. But this time, what started out as a discouraging time ended with a blessing sent straight from Heaven.

Mark and I were getting ready to go out of town, and Mark wasn’t too happy with me at the moment. You see, Mark had seen this saddle in Hattie’s store that he wanted, and he had her place it on order for Mark last winter. Now a saddle is a pretty expensive item, and I wasn’t included in this deal. So when I firmly told Mark he couldn’t have the saddle I was suddenly the bad guy!

And as I was getting the horses ready for travel and Mark was finishing up the laundry, he continued on with the subject that was beginning to upset me. “Mark, I told you we can’t afford it right now. It took every cent we got to buy the bull we’re gonna pick up,” I answered him sternly. Then quickly changing the subject, I stated, “When you finish that washing, make sure your bunk’s made before we pull out, huh?”

Mark turned around. “It’s already made,” he said in a sorrowful voice.

I stopped, fed up with his attitude. He had been this way for the last two days and I didn’t see any reason for it. My voice held warning. He was getting close to my tolerance level! “You wouldn’t understand,” he answered as he suddenly poured the water out – right over his mother’s marigolds.

Now, that made me mad! I yelled at him for that. "Mark! Look what you've done to your mother's flowers," I scolded. 

 "Just hurrying,” he tried to defend his reason. “Besides they’re not hers any how. You planted them.” There was a lonesome tone in his voice, a tone I didn’t understand.

It made me sad to hear him talk this way. "I did, but you remember she liked marigolds along the porch."

"What's the sense of remembering somebody that's left ya'?" Mark asked.

It hurt me to see Mark so indifferent about his mother’s being gone. Something was wrong and I didn’t know how to reach him. That frustrated me. "Now hold on son. Your mother didn't leave you. She died God rest her. You’re not letting yourself forget that are you?"

"I know she died,” Mark said sadly. But then a bit of anger entered his voice…blame…blaming his mother. “But that's not what I mean. It's just that…sometimes it's as though I never had a mother.”

That made me angry. I love my wife very much and couldn’t stand the attitude this boy was having! I hurried into the house and got my wife’s picture. I came back out and practically shoved it right under his nose. "Here, the year she died, you were six. How can you forget?" I suddenly wanted to understand what was going through his head. I’d never heard such things come from his mouth and it was hard for me to know how to reach him this time.

"It's just a picture. I told you, you wouldn't understand,” Mark blurted out at me.

“Forgetting the mother you’ve talked about and loved all your life? No, I can’t understand that at all!” I answered. I felt so horrible at the moment. I didn’t know how to reach him, and for a parent, that can be a terrible feeling! All I knew was that I was very hurt and angry with him.

Mark still had that tone in his voice. He was pouting like a six year old! He usually wanted to be with me, but for some reason this time was different. “Pa, do I have to go with you on this trip?”

“You know I can’t leave you here alone!” I answered him angrily.

 "Well I sure wish I didn't have to go!" he shouted in that childish pout.

"The way your acting, so do I,” I answered honestly and defeatingly.

Mark’s attitude hadn’t gotten any better when we got to the crossing where I was to meet Andrews. I decided we’d camp out by the Wagon Train tonight. “Pa, Why don’t I just turn around and go home?” he suddenly asked.

Oh boy, this boy was really trying my patience! I stayed calmed, preoccupied with more important things then rewarding a twelve year old with an attitude with my attention – kind or unkind. He had asked a ridiculous question, and the answer was obvious. “Because it’s too far for you to ride
The Rifleman - The Vision - Episode 66 by yourself and I’m not rich enough to miss delivery on an already paid for $200 seed bull.” I answered his question without looking at him.

We ate supper before I went looking for Andrews with the bull. Before I left, I gave Mark an order. “You stay close here. Some of these pioneers aren’t exactly westbound pilgrim fathers.” I heard the woman singing and didn’t like the words she was singing or the way she was singing them, so I added, “or mothers.” I picked up my rifle to leave, but I didn’t even get an acknowledgment for my order. “Do you hear me?” I raised my voice at Mark for what seemed the hundredth time that day.

“Yeah,” Mark answered shortly, but I wasn’t so sure he did. I gave him a frustrated look, then left.

But he was in a defiant stage. As soon as I left, his curiosity got the best of him and he started for the wagon where the singing was coming from. He quickly looked over his shoulder to make sure I had left for sure, then he started over there. A lady dressed in a skimpy dress and lots of jewelry was singing:

♫ If your alone when nights are long
Lonely nights can be so long.
You’ll look handsome, young, and strong
Am I right (she laughs as she pushes a young man away with her foot) or are you wrong? ♫

She saw Mark as she stopped singing. The men got agitated and asked her, Hazel, to keep singing. “Never mind them Billy goats!” she exclaimed as she smiled at Mark. “Hello there.”

Mark touched his hat to her, then made his way up to her as the men stood and watched. Mark told her his name, then she asked him if he liked her singing. “I sure do,” Mark gave her a big, pleasant smile.

“And what do you think of me?” Hazel asked as she touched Mark’s arm.

Mark looked around. “Well ma’am, I think you’re real pretty,” he answered honestly. The men began gawking and making fun of him. That made Hazel mad, and she quickly silenced them. She turned back to Mark and asked him if he had eaten. “Well not since supper,” Mark answered with another smile for the pretty lady.

“Catch hold,” she held out her hand to him and pulled him up to sit beside her on the wagon. She gave him a cheese sandwich and a blackberry jelly sandwich.

Mark was happy. “You know, I had a little-“ she stopped for a second before continuing, a look of sadness crossed her face, but quickly disappeared. “…little brother who would have been just about your age now,” she said as she put a flower in Mark’s jacket. She grabbed her guitar to sing him a song – just for Mark and him…

Oh! That we are Maying
Down the stream of the soft spring breeze;
Like children with violets playing

“Mark!” I called from the edge of the crowd. “Get down out of there!” I ordered harshly. I was unhappy to see him in such company with a half-dressed woman who was spending her evening flirting with men, rather unmarried or married! I was angry, also, that Mark had deliberately disobeyed me.

He started back-talking me. “But Pa, she’s singing!” he argued.

I walked up to him and stood right in front of him. “Come on, Mark. This is no place for you,” I ordered again, only this time my voice held a warning in it.

And then this woman decided to cut in and complain about the way I was choosing to discipline my son. "Don't be such a bear pop!  I didn't harm the boy."
"Well, that's not the point," I stated. She knew what my problem was.

"He's a sweet friendly boy.” She stood up and stood only an inch from me. In a seductive voice, she said, “I wish I could say the same thing for his Daddy."

The men laughed. My mood wasn’t getting any better. “Mark,” I said in a quieter voice, trying to control my temper.

“Sorry, pop.” She smiled. She knew who had won Mark’s affections. She just smiled at me.

That was it! I’d had it with her and with Mark! I grabbed Mark by the arm and dragged him out of there. I dragged him all the way back to camp and gave him a big tongue lashing, but he wasn’t listening to me.

What was going on with my boy? Why couldn’t I reach him? It made me angry to see him behave in such a defiant manner, and it made me angry knowing that I couldn’t reach him this time. I was searching for an answer. That’s why I reacted so angrily. “Don’t ever let me catch you in that kind of company again, Mark!” I demanded sternly. I didn’t like him hanging around that kind of company – no matter how old he was!
The Rifleman - The Vision - Episode 66

"Pa, she was nice to me," he answered.

I threw down the stick I had and hurried over to him. I roughly grabbed him by the arm and turned him to face me. Angrily, I yelled, "I don’t care how nice she was. I told you to stay here." I never could tolerate flat out disobedience!

Mark was a little surprised at how I was acting. He was going through some sort of inner struggle and I was loosing my patience. "What's the matter with you Pa."
"I'm sorry, I guess it was me I was hollering at,” I stated as I calmed my voice down. I decided that dropping the subject for now was the best thing to do. We both needed to cool off.

I told him it was time to turn in. "If you wake up thirsty, hold off until we leave camp. No tellin' if that water over there in that barrel is safe to drink or not. It could be polluted,” I told Mark. I got no response. “Ya' hear?" I could tell by my voice that I was still angry at him…and at me.

It wasn’t long after I went to sleep when Mark did get up. He went to the canteen and found it empty. Then, almost out of defiance, he went to the barrel to make sure I was asleep. He took a drink of the water, but it didn’t taste good and he spit it out.

Two weeks passed. Mark’s attitude seemed to improve over that time. I still remember the day it happened – the day my whole world crashed and there was only one thing that mattered in my world. I no longer fretted over Mark’s disobeying me. That was trivial compared to what I was facing now. For me, it was the worst fear of my life, and it was something that was completely out of my hands.

Nils had stopped by the ranch to look at our new bull. I invited him and Pedro to stay for supper. Because I was busy with company, I didn’t notice that Mark wasn’t feeling well. While we were out in the yard, Mark had fallen to the ground and dumped the water out but I never noticed. Later when he was getting cleaned up he felt faint, but for some reason Mark didn’t tell me.

While we were eating, Nils and I were making conversation, and I hadn’t even noticed that Mark’s eating habits weren’t like they normally were. He had hardly touched his supper and he was being quiet. But then Nils put some more food on his plate to encourage him to eat.

Mark stood up suddenly, refusing to eat the food offered to him. I was immediately concerned about his manners and lightly scolded him for refusing a guest. But then I took a closer look at him. Something was wrong – very wrong!

 I suddenly touched him. He was very warm – hot actually. I worriedly asked him if he’d been outside with his shirt off. Mark was gasping and suddenly acting very strange. I touched him in different places on his chest. “I can feel the heat pouring right through you, boy.” I was suddenly very worried.
“My head hurts, Pa,” Mark cried suddenly.

I knew he was sick. “The place for you is in bed,” I declared as I picked him up into my arms and carried him into the bedroom. He began gasping as I took his boots off. I immediately laid him down and tucked the covers up and around him. He was gasping and shaking as I put his night shirt on him. “Nels!” I desperately reached for someone else because I didn’t know what to do.

Nils place his hand on Mark’s forehead. Mark was becoming delirious. He started talking about a canyon. I looked at Nils. “Mark, listen to me son!” I exclaimed.
“No, we need to fence it in. Someone could fall!” he suddenly gasped. He was out of his head.

Nils walked away. I was terribly worried. So was Nils. “The fever, it could scorch your hand, it must be 105!” Nils exclaimed.

Fear gripped me as I watched my son gasp from delirium. What was going on? What was wrong with my boy? Nils said this was something for a medical doctor, not him. I told Nils to do what he could. Nils just stared at me. “Well you know that Doc Burrage is back East!” I reminded him. I was desperate – fear gripped my very being.

But Nils continued to refuse. I ran to the door and grabbed my rifle out of desperation. My rifle had gotten me out of so many fearful situations before. It was my security, and right now I didn’t feel secure in my future at all. I rushed back into the room and pointed it at Nils, jabbing it into his stomach. "Nils, I said do your best, I'll be responsible!”

"This won't help your boy any," he stated calmly. He knew I was doing it out of pure desperation. I had absolutely no idea what to do at this point! He suggested I send for Dr. Hennekin.

“Hennekin?” I didn’t know the name. Nils stated that he was the best medical man in the territory. He was from Canada and pretty old. Nils warned me that he may not feel like coming. I felt a ray of hope, and I knew that I would move heaven and earth to get this doctor to my house. I started to leave, stating that he would feel up to it alright.

But suddenly, Mark called out to me. "Pa, I'm cold."

My child – my precious child needed me! I was torn between staying with him and going for help, but I knew where my place was – I had to be there with him. If he woke up and found me gone- Well, I just had to be here for him. I couldn’t leave him. I had to take care of him. I turned and told Nils to go. “No!”
“I’ll make it worth your while!” I assured him.

But I had gotten Nils refusal all wrong. He would send his assistant, Pedro because he was lighter. Nils hurriedly wrote a letter and ordered Pedro to go to Roswell. I went to my desk and took out my money folder. I was desperate to buy this doctor – to make sure there was no excuse for him not to come. I asked Nils how much money he had. I took his $200, no questions asked. I couldn’t think about anything right now but saving my boy. “Look Pedro, you take my blackie, he’s out in the barn. Ride him right in the ground if you have to. Then buy the best fresh ones you can pick up.” I handed him the money folder. “What’s left is Doc Hennekin’s down payment and you tell him for me he can name his final figure.” I grabbed Pedro by the shirt. “And Pedro, don’t show up in North Fork if he’s not with you!”

I knew I was yelling, but I had to make myself clear! My son’s life was at stake! Suddenly, Mark yelled for me again. “Watch out Pa!”

My heart sunk as the fearThe Rifleman - The Vision - Episode 66 inside me grew. I hurried into my son and sat down at his bedside. “What is it, son?” I asked gently.

 “A big white runaway horse knocked you in the canyon, Pa. Better keep your rifle handy, Pa!” I didn’t know what to say, so I assured him I had it right with me.
Suddenly, Mark cried out in pain. “My insides…they hurt something awful, Pa."  Pain filled me as I looked down at my boy in so much pain. I was at a loss as I just kept my hands on him and watched him suffer.

Hattie arrived the next day after hearing about Mark. She was there to help me through one of the worst ordeals of my life. Micah came by that afternoon to find out how Mark was doing. “In the morning a little better, in the evening…much worse,” Hattie answered sadly.

I couldn’t leave his bedside for a second. I just sat there and watched him suffer. He had finally seemed to calm down. At least he was quiet now. I asked Hattie if that was a good sign. “I wish I knew, Lucas,” she simply answered.

But suddenly, he was screaming again. “Shoot him Pa! Shoot him!” He screamed loudly. I simply tucked the blankets around him tighter and listened to him scream.
Suddenly, Pedro was yelling that he had returned with the doctor. I rushed out of the room and outside. I was no longer helpless. Now I could get some answers and find out just what I was up against.

I helped him from the horse. I started to open the door, but he ordered me not to as he blew his nose. The moment he walked in he took a great big sniff of the air and let it out slowly. “You know, Mr. McCain, nearly every disease has it’s characteristic odor,” he stated as he took off his hat. “I have to inform you that your son has contracted typhoid fever.”
I had to allow the words to sink in. I suddenly felt like I was in another world – another family – someone else’s life. “Typhoid?” I couldn’t believe it was that bad. I tried to keep my voice steady, but it was hard. “Are you sure doctor?”

He didn’t answer me but turned to Hattie. "Do you know anything about nursing?"

"No, but I'm a woman," she answered in a broken, yet determined voice. She then took him in to Mark. I took a few moments to compose my emotions before following them inside.

I cannot even describe the emotions I was feeling at that moment – it was total hopelessness. I wished I didn’t know how deadly typhoid fever was. Maybe then I wouldn’t have been so terribly frightened.

I waited silently as he examined Mark. “I need ice. Tubs of it, day and night,” he announced.

I stared at him worriedly. “Ice? We’re not in Canada now, Doctor.”

The doc said we’d try wet compresses. Mark cried out in pain again. Dr. Hennekin introduced himself to Mark.

He had a vision: Dr. Hennekin was at the top of a huge canyon, and Mark was at the bottom. There was a rope there. The doctor was telling Mark to reach for the rope. But Mark just sat there on the green grass, surrounded by his mother’s flowers. He stood half way up then to reach for the rope.

Suddenly, a woman all dressed in white with her head covered said, “You’re not really trying, Mark.” Mark turned and stared. She was walking by a pool of water. He was immediately mesmerized by her. “Who are you?” he moaned to himself.

While he was dreaming, the doctor, Hattie, and I were busy applying the wet compresses on him. “His skin drinks the cool out of him so quick,” Hattie stated worriedly.

“If we don’t get this fever down, it’ll burn him out before his body gets organized enough to fight back.” The doctor’s news didn’t sound to promising. That hopeless feeling crept back in. I was worried that my boy would die.

 Nils and his wife stopped by the next morning to check on Mark. Micah had come to check on him as well. “Doc says Mark needs ice pronto if he’s gonna live,” Micah answered worriedly. Suddenly, Mark looked up towards the hills. “I remember reading someplace where the Roman Emperors used to send their runners clear up into the mountains for snow to chill their liquor. Well, there’s snow.”

I was frustrated. Here I was faced with the biggest crises of my life and there wasn’t a thing I could do to stop it! My boy was in there suffering needlessly. He wasn’t getting better. I banged my hand on the lamp stand in frustration.

Suddenly, Mark started yelling again. "Pa, the box canyon!” I just couldn’t take anymore! He had to get better! He just had to. It was time for me to use my authoritative voice and order him to get better. It’s all I had left.

So as I walked in there, I grew angry and desperate. I went to the bed, but my voice was broken. "Now you listen to me, Mark. It's your father speaking. You have to quit this. You can't keep on this way, you hear me?” My voice was broken. I needed him…I needed him so bad! He was my world. Suddenly, I begged and pleaded with my boy. “Please don't die son! Please don't die!" I couldn’t take it anymore – it was too much.  I laid my head down onto his sick body and sobbed, begging God to spare my boy’s life. I couldn't bear the thought of loosing him.

Suddenly, Mark was dreaming again. The woman in white was calling his name. I turned and watched her. She had walked all around the pond. Marigolds were everywhere. “How come you knew my name?” Mark asked.

“Why shouldn’t I?” the woman answered. She bent down and touched his face.

He took her hand and looked at it. She had a wedding ring on. “Pa’s got one just like that!” Mark
The Rifleman - The Vision - Episode 66exclaimed as he looked at the ring. “He and Ma had a two ring wedding.”

“He still wears it?” the woman asked suddenly.

“Oh, even when he’s working!” Mark declared.  “And sometimes if I wake up later in the night, he’s sitting at the table where her picture is reading the Bible or…maybe just smoking his pipe looking at her.” Mark looked up towards the top of the ravine. Suddenly, the woman cried. Mark turned back towards her. “We planted marigolds around the porch too. He did anyways.”

“How dear and gentle of him,” the woman stated.

“Him? Gentle? Oh ma’am, you oughta see him handle a rifle! Why I bet there isn’t any dozen desperados in the territory would stand up to him in a bunch. Well, I bet there aren’t any fourteen dozen!”

Suddenly, the woman started laughing. “You’ve grown to be so like him!” she declared proudly. “But Mark, there are books too, you know.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mark groaned. “We get them in the sixth grade.” He turned and looked up to the top of the ravine again. “Why is it so hot all of a sudden?”

I was standing in the bedroom just watching Mark. “It’s so hot! Please, it’s so hot!” he moaned. I slowly walked over to the bed and bent down toward him. I was worried and so spent. I just watched him suffer, wishing I could do more.

I waited for that ice for a long time. I hurried in when I saw the riders coming back with it. Pedro and Micah brought in the big basket of ice. “Thanks, Micah!” I said as I picked it up. But as I took the lid off, I stared in horror.

“Melts awful fast,” Micah apologized. “Riders are bringing more in a couple hours.” It was slush. The doc ordered me to bring it in and we’d use what we had.
I began dumping the slush on the bed while the doctor and Hattie spread it over Mark. Suddenly, the doctor announced that the decision to live or die laid in Mark. I knew Mark had been moping for his mother the last few weeks and suddenly worried that he wouldn’t want to come back to me.

Mark was having the last part of his dream. He was playing in the water and declared that the brook was cold. He commented that he’d never seen such a beautiful place before. “Ma’am, I’m awful glad that I came down here and met you,” he stated.

She suddenly hugged him tight and cried. “Are you my darling? My own boy! My little Mark. My baby.” She suddenly pulled her veil back to reveal her face. It was the woman in the picture on my desk. Mark stared blissfully at his mother as she sang to him:

♫ Oh! That we are Maying
Down the stream of the soft spring breeze;
Like children with violets playing
In the shade of the whispering trees. ♫

He stared at her, completely mesmerized! But suddenly the spell was broken as Dr. Hennekin called his name. Mark looked back towards the ravine – the ravine that would bring him back to me. “I want to stay down here with you,” Mark cried.

“No, Mark. You must go back to him.” She held up a flower. “Give him this…until we can all be together again.”

Mark suddenly began crying. “Yes, ma!” He threw his arms around her and cried. He had to live…for me.

I was tired…so very tired, but I couldn’t leave my son’s side. I sat in the chair at his bedside watching him struggle with his choice to live or die. I felt his body.  "Ice, he needs more ice,” I begged tiredly. Suddenly, I stood from the chair and stared at my son. He was pouring in sweat. “Hennekin, bring something to wipe off this sweat. He's melting like a wax doll." I cried.

Suddenly, Hennekin came rushing in. "Sweat, blessed sweat. It dropith as the gentle rain from heaven," he said. I stared at him, not quite understanding what he meant. Suddenly, he pointed to Mark. I sat down as I watched his face. He was almost smiling – finally at peace. He was no longer in pain or struggling with some unspoken decision.

My boy was back.

I was suddenly happy…so very happy! My boy was going to live!

He walked out of the bedroom to leave us alone. Micah and Nils suddenly walked in the front door with more ice. He suddenly yelled at them, demanding them to get that ice out of there. “What are you trying to do? Murder my patient?” Hattie stood up from where she was sleeping at the table and stared at him in shock. “Bring my horse around here! There’s other customers, you know!”

Hattie suddenly looked at the door
The Rifleman - The Vision - Episode 66and started to ask if Mark would live. “He’ll do,” Dr. Hennekin answered. He wrote something on a piece of paper and threw it down on the table. “Just keep the young jack of apes on this diet until round about Thanksgiving Day!” He started toward the door. “Next time they ask you, tell them you’re a nurse!” he declared. Hattie cried tears of joy as she walked to the door and waved her thanks to the doctor.

I didn’t leave my boy’s bedside – I wanted to be there when he opened his eyes so he would know just how much I loved him. When he woke up, I was sitting beside him on his bed brushing his hair back and staring down at him. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at me as he smiled a weak smile. “Well, hello Pa,” he greeted me.

 I gave him a smile. “Hello,” I answered simply.

“I guess I've been a lot of trouble to you, huh?"

"No son, no trouble,” I assured him.

Suddenly, Mark touched my prickly face. "Loose your razor?"

"Well son, you see-“ I started, but I suddenly couldn’t talk anymore. I was filled with joy that my son was gonna be alright! I suddenly began crying again, but this time tears of joy. I lifted my boy from the bed into my arms and hugged him tight.

I silently thanked God for giving me my son. No words could express the joy I had in my heart at that very moment. I was surely happy to be a father!

Piddlin' stuff.....I remember reading somewhere that Johnny Crawford was really sick when he did this part. They had to shut down production until he got better.

Marian Seldes played Margaret McCain/The Vision/Hazel.

Karl Swenson appeared in two episodes ― The Jailbird as Chris Manse, the stepfather of Eli. Karl — The Vision as Nils Svensen the Blacksmith.
How many actors played Nils or was it Niles or Nels? Was it Swenson or was it Svensen?

Natividad Vacio as Pedro, he's the one that Lucas threaten if he didn't bring the doctor to take care of Mark.  

Dennis Cross appeared in six episodes ― The Safe Guard as Witcherly ― The Gaucho as Ned Dunnell, he was killed by Manolo for like his sister - The Hero as Dorn, the gunslinger in charge ― The Vision as Fance Degnan. He was the cowboy by the wagon that laughed when Mark told Hazel he thought she was pretty ― Martin in The Quiet Fear.  He was the cowboy who attacked Abby Striker in the barn ― The Patsy as Lafe Oberly, a member of Doke's gang.

John Abbott as Dr. Hennekin.

Jeanne Wood played Mrs. Nils Svensen. Yes, believe it or not, Nils had a Misses.

Hope Summers appeared in sixteen episodes as Hattie Denton, owner of The General Store.  Hattie was first introduced to The Rifleman in Eight Hours to Die

Chuck Hicks as one of the cowboys listening to Hazel singing.

Cap Somers/Frederick "Cap / Fimp" Somers appeared in eight episodes of The RiflemanDay of the Hunter as one of the townsmen ― The Deserter as a card player ― The Vision as a cowhand ― Woman from Hog Ridge as a townsmen ― The Martinet as one of the townsmen ― The Decision as one of the townsmen  ― Which Way'd They Go as the bartender ― The Anvil Chorus as one of the townsmen.

Russell Custer appeared seven times ― None So Blind as a Townsman ― Woman from Hog Ridge as a Townsman ― The Lariat as a Gambler ― The Vision as a Cowhand  ― Panic as a Townsman ― The Jailbird as a Townsman ― A Case of Identity as a Townsman.

James Dime as Andrew, the man / cowboy who sold Lucas the seed bull.

Art Felix appeared twice in The RiflemanSmoke Screen (1960) as a Townsman and The Vision (1960) as a Cowhand.

TV Viewers to see Dead Wife of The Rifleman
Article for March 19, 1960
Charleroi Mail ― Charleroi, Pennsylvania

*Please note..... when clicking on the link to this sound wav - it will download to your computer.

I wish to thank Nancy from the Yahoo Rifleman group for this piddlin' info on the two songs sang in this episode. Thanks Nancy!

Marian Seldes played Margaret/The Vision. She also played Hazel, the lady who sang to Mark in the wagon. She sang two songs in this episode:

One, Careless Love, which was written for this episode.

The main song in the episode is a poem set to music by Herschel Burke Gilbert & Lyrics by Alfred Perry. The song was based on a poem by Charles Kingsley, the same man who wrote Water Babies.
It's called.....
Oh! That we are Maying
Oh! that we two were Maying
Down the stream of the soft spring breeze;
 Like children with violets playing
 In the shade of the whispering trees.

 Oh! that we two sat dreaming
 On the sward of some sheep-trimmed down,
 Watching the white mist steaming
 Over river and mead and town.

 Oh! that we two lay sleeping
 In our nest in the churchyard sod,
 With our limbs at rest on the quiet earth's breast,
 And our souls at home with God! ♫

*Please be patient while this song loads, it may take a few seconds to load but is well worth the wait!
Please note..... when clicking on the link to this sound wav - it will download to your computer.

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