The Rifleman
When the West Was Fun!

To quote Glenn Ford..... "Alright you've been asking for I'm gonna make it official.....televisions 1st TV Western reunion....." is available on DVD Courtesy of Brad Marks Productions!
 This is the real thing all you Cowboys and Cowgals!

When the West Was Fun: A Western Reunion, this ABC special event was the highest rated special for the network in 1979.  Let's pay tribute to the greatest Cowboys and their shows!

1979 TV Guide Ad

Here is a poster from the TV Special from 1979 - a friend of mine gave it to me sometime ago!




Johnny Crawford
Linda Cristal
Henry Darrow
James Drury
Darby Hinton
Will Hutchins
Dewey Martin
Fred Putman 
Mark Slade
Larry Storch

Rex Allen
Joe Bowman
Neville Brand
X Brands
John Bromfield
Peter Brown
Pat Buttram
Rod Cameron
Chuck Connors
Iron Eyes Cody
Jackie Coogan
Ken Curtis
Don Diamond
Glenn Ford
Alan Hale Jr.
Ty Hardin
Dan Haggerty
John Ireland
Dick Jones

Jack Kelly
Harry Lauter
Michael Ansara
Jeanette Nolan
Guy Madison
Jock Mahoney
Doug McClure
John McIntire
George Montgomery
Clayton Moore
Slim Pickens
Denver Pyle
John Russell
Milburn Stone
Lee Van Cleef
Bill Williams
Terry Wilson
Keenan Wynn
Tony Young


All those old faces and names and now so many are dead.
With them goes my childhood heart and my heroes! 
But then again, they never die,  for they are always in our hearts and the shows still come on and you can pretend you are young once more watching your hero!
I couldn't have said it any better.....thanks David!              

"My heroes have always been Cowboys!"
Thanks oldbluejacket! This is great!

Cowgirl got her own personal copy of When the West Was Fun,
 signed by Brad Marks!!!!! 

Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway.....

John Wayne
US movie actor & director (1907 - 1979)

Chuck Connors....."The Western is an escape from reality and you have to accept certain things in them. A Western may excite or bore you, but it's always relaxing. There's value in that."


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