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William Bryant
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William Bryant appeared in four episodes of The Rifleman ― The Apprentice Sheriff as Sandy Dixon, the cowboy who Dan shot and killed ― Jerry in Shivaree one of the rowdy cowboys.

Gun Fire as Karl Hollis one of Gordo's gang pretending to be a cattle buyer ― The Assailants as Trooper Coley, he was the trooper who had his eye on Lou.

 He appeared in Branded eight times as President Ulysses S. Grant.  He also appeared with Chuck in Ride Beyond Vengeance (1966) as the Bartender ― Arrest and Trial (1963).

 Loved him in Hardcastle & McCormick (1983) the pilot - 2 parter called Rolling Thunder as Flip Johnson.
Old Hardcastle knew the code of the west....."hunt 'em, hear 'em and hang 'em!"  Loved Hardcastle and McCormick!  To me this was a modern day western. Hardcastle's favorite Cowboy was the Duke and he read The Lone Ranger comics.

Bryant worked most of his career in television with He is one of the more recognizable television character actors of the 1960s and 1970s.

He appeared in many of the same TV Series over and over again ― Simon & Simon (1981 - 1989) ― The Fall Guy (1983 -1983) ― CBS Afternoon Playhouse (1980) ― Switch (1976 - 1978) ― Emergency! (1972 -1978) ― Gunsmoke (1957 -(1974) ― McCloud (1970 - 1973) ― Bonanza (1967 - 1972) ― Lancer (1968 - 1969) ― Hondo (1967) ― Combat (1962 - 1967) ― Laramie (1959 - 1963) ― The Rebel (1959 -1961)
The list goes on and on. I tip my Cowgirl hat to you Cowboy!

William Bryant was born  January 31, 1924 in Detroit, Michigan
He died June 26, 2001 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California of cancer
Birth Name: William Robert Klein

*Thanks to Phillip Arnold for giving this Cowboy his credit due!

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